Oct. 25th, 2014

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I should be asleep, but I am not, so I will update with what I did earlier in the day (as in yesterday, technically, but I don't feel like backdating)

Woke up feeling pretty good. No coughing or stuffy nose. I did the kitchen, cleaned out the fridge, and the vacuuming. We're having a Halloween party tonight so I wanted to help out as much as I could.

Then I spent the rest of the day tagging with my new friend, Kay, and Lexi over at this RPG, Grande Latte. I love it! I am as I have mentioned, playing just Farkle Minkus, and it really is fun!


The other half of the day I spent working on "Into the Fire" and this some of the stuff that's happened:

Spencer and Cale have convinced Espa to turn over training Victoria to them. They are certain that it is the fact that Espa and his brothers are too emotionally invested to really train her properly.

Victoria woke up in one of her "trance" states, and tried to go and find Wyatt who was supposedly calling her. When Griffon and Christien try and stop her, Espa gets involved, and ends up hurting her in the process.

Christien acknowledges taht while it's weird, Victoria being comforted by his elder brother Jonathan isn't uncommon and is actually a welcome change considering how clingy Tori had been to him before.


Now let me try and sleep. I doubt I will but I can try!

Trivia: I once performed as "Christine Daae" for a talent show, performing "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again". This happened around the time i was writing the first draft of "Into the Lion's Den".


Oct. 25th, 2014 01:14 pm
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So I woke up in a pretty good mood despite the lack of sleep. WOke up with "Girl Meets Crazy Hat" episode stuck in my head, and Farkle's diabolical, "SUGAR!" pronouncement ringing in my ears. LOL. I love that little guy a bit too much.

Did some cleaning early on, and now I am devoting the rest of the day to writing and working on "Into the Fire". Victoria's about to start training with the triplet uncles, and its not going to be pleasant, and may even cause problems with Espa and his uncles.

I really need to get as much of it done as possible today because the next week is going to go by so fast, it will be ridiculous! Saturday is The Day. That's right, NaNo is coming, and I'm not going to lie. I'm scared to death I am going to fail this year. Not because I won't write, but because of WHAT I will write.

It's just a fun challenge. I keep trying to tell myself that. But anyone who's known me at least one full year knows that I take National Novel Writing Month very seriously. It's a no holds barred writing marathon that allows me to stay up all hours of the night, pouring my heart and soul into whatever the current project is, and it gives me back my social life if even only for a month.

But this year things are different. Something happened between Otakon and September, and I really just don't feel any connection to my original work anymore. This is a bad thing, guys, beecuase I really need to get more work done on my dystopian.

I was supposed to be done with Fanfiction, you know. This wasn't supposed to be a long drawn out thing. But my Robas, and now Farkle, and yeah.... just everoyne is demanding my attention except for my own novels. >.< What should I do?

Before anyone asks: Yes. The fanfics are amazing, and I'm having SO much fun with them, and plotting for the others, but I'm also aware of how they're overtaking my life again. Here are some of things I haven't really talked about much in any of my fanfics.

Most of the cast from the series that are adults now have jobs, such as:

Rex: Social Services

Weevil: Biology teacher (both regular and AP)

Espa: First as a bookstore employee, now he owns Pryce's Carnival of Wonders

Bakura: Page Turner Book store down the street from Duke's Dice Emporium

Ishizu: curator of the Ancient Egyptian exhibits at the museum/Egyptologist

Rishid and Marik: Own a mechanic shop specializing in Motorcycles and scooters
Joey: Is currently in school for psychology

Meghan and Kendra work behind the scenes and as understudies in community theatre during the spring and summer months

Mokuba spends his free time helping over at KaibaCorp (often more than Seto would like because he wants his little brother to be a kid)

Victoria and the younger Robas help Espa at the carnival at every spare opportunity. They also do community theatre there in Skyesville, and ahve done so for 3 seasons (as of Into the Lion's Den) (PS: TOri's favorite carnival job is cleaning up)

Victoria's other, unofficial title is "Neighborhood babysitter", as she often can be found watching over Monica Raptor and Joey's cousin, Lacey when she's in Domino, and she is the unofficial standing sitter for Andrew and Ej Roba at the carnival. She can often be found running a playgroup when the Robas are in Domino for special events.

No trivia today. I just wanted to get some things out! See you guys next entry!


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