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Hello, lovlies! I am so sorry I haven't updated in a few days. There have been quite a few reasons why this is. The first is the most annoying of all. For whatever reason I've had to reset my Dreamwidth password four times in the last week because 1)My tablet locked me out of my account because it refused to type my password correctly 2) When I was finally able to get on here, my account was locked out again because it refused to log me in with the NEW password. 3) And THEN I had to reset it again tonight because THAT password refused to work. It's like, really? What The Hell?

Anyway. My elbow/cubital tunnel syndrome shit hit a new painful level yesterday. It was terrible. I was on ice and codeine Tylenol Which made me sleep randomly. Yet, I did have a good time with Patrick. Yes, *that* Patrick. He and I are slowly starting to be able to be friends without him getting too touchy feely. That is definitely progress.

He showed me this web series called Adult Wednesday Addams. It's on Youtube. It is freakin' hilarious. It basically has Wednesday dealing with various every day things in her true Addams fashion. Fans of the show The Addamns Family will chuckle at some of the subtle jokes from the series, and those who aren't familiar with it will undoubtedly chuckle about the sadistic way Wednesday chooses to handle things. All I can say is that is completely awesome.

This coming Saturday I am traveling by train to see my friends in Spencer, NY. I am so excited because some of these people I haven't seen since I moved back home. I know that my girl Marcia is super excited for us to do things together. I am excited to do things with her, too! I am most anxious to see Guy and my kitties though. And to meet my adoptive nephew, Liam. <3 <3 I really want to snuggle this little bug, and give him kisses!

Of course the main reason I am going up there is to be there for the sentencing of that asshole that caused us to lose Mama Kat. But I am counting that as just a piece of my reasoning. This visit to New York is overdue. I am just hoping that it goes well, and that I Can make it a yearly thing. Next year, I want to go with Lexi to ConBust. I miss ConBust. :( ConBust was such a lot of fun for me as a writer and a fan girl, really.

Anyway, I will be gone for a week, and therefore have been working to delete my DVR so that all my shows will be able to be recorded while I'm gone. There is always the chance I won't watch anything while I'm with Lexi and Marcia. They have a way of drag me away from the TV. LOL. (I'm just kidding guys. I love nyou for it, you know. Besides I am going up there to see you guys. My TV obligations can wait!)

So I am getting off here now because before I go to NY, I am going to visit my buddy Jason at BN tomorrow. See you guys in a couple of days if I feel like getting on.

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Aside from being in pain, I am actually in a fairly decent mood. I have been working on a bit of fanfiction since yesterday, I've been playing Hay Day, Clash of Clans, and Boom Beach, and I've been reading. I've been doing a LOT of reading, and it's making me so very happy.

Yesterday after I woke up from my codeine induced sleep, I started watching NCIS. I have been into this show off and on since the first time I ever watched Abby in action. She was just so awesome. But I've grown very fond of Gibbs, and other characters too. It was nice to get back to that show after so long. So I was up until about 1 or so watching the marathon that USA Network was airing.

I found out yesterday, by the way that I am not the only person in the world who fell in love with The Librarians TV show. My BN buddy, Jason is also into this show. Which is very much a relief for me. I'm really annoyed that we just haven't figured out if there is going to be a renewal. It had pretty hig ratings, so the chances of the renewal going by that is good. Yet, I saw on one of the message boards that TNT is under new "management" as it were, and they are wanting to make the channel a bit more dark. The Librarians is a bit campy, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy oriented, so it is possible it will not survive the change the channel is trying ot make for that reason. I am hoping that I am wrong. Given that tehy have started running Grimm on the channel, I think the chances for a renewal is good despite this change, too.

Lately, I've been really wanting to RPG. It's hard to do this on a tablet, though. I have a great many friends who have been so patient with me about typos in chat, but I can't imagine they'd really appreciate said typos in an RPG post, and even though I am very careful, I do have a tendency to miss a typo here and there. >.< I want to play Maya though, and I want to do this thing with Farkle and Riley, and I was supposed be doing this musebox thing with my friends and my Dystopian characters, but haven't done that yet, either. :( It's all coming down to the pain I've been in.

I'm going to regret this, honestly. This posting via the keyboard, but damn it does feel good to not be on a touch keyboard. I mean, I love my tablet. My 10.1 screen makes typing on it so much easier, and I don't have a lot of typos, but there are still a few of them here and there.

Okay, and now I've run out of things to say, but I just wanted to let you guys keep knowing that there have been some good things happen, despite everything that has happened that haven't been so good. I am cautiously counting the day before I get to visit Spencer, and see how things have been. I am just sad that it is happening *after* Mama Kat's passing. But it will be fun, regardless. I will have time with Marcia, I will have time with Paul, hopefully, and definitely with the Gadens. I can't wait.

Trivia: Christien and VIctoria are my oldest OTP.
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So I haven't been updating here a lot, and I apologize. I have been sucked into the world of Tumblr, and also in the world Pokemon Y, which I got from Lexi for Christmas. I love this game so much. It's interesting because I am not used to Pokemon games having such a hold on me.

I've been spending a lot of time with Bandit lately. When Sara and Lexi left, I started playing with him more, and letting him out of his cage while I was in the room. I'm trying to get used to having him around while I have drinks and food around because he needs to learn to co-exist with his mommy. Bandit, in turn, has become so snuggly and kissy. He always gives me kisses, but Bandit has gotten even more affectionate. I am chalking this up to the fact I'm letting him out more, and giving him more attention. He loves his Mommy, that's all I know, and that is really all that matters.

I've been re-energizing myself as a writer, by doing some reading. I want to work on my Dystopian again, and get a full draft finished. I refuse to give up on it, and the characters refuse to leave my head. >.> I wish I could find a way to make myself stick with a single manuscript even when I am getting frustrated with it. I didn't actually have this problem with The Borderling Chronicles books because I always had an ending in mind, so this is so frustrating. I'll probably go into more detail about this on my Tumblr. I am trying to be more author-centric there even through all my ferret postings and things. I really very desperately need to be posting on my Facebook page every day (My author page, not my personal page).

Well, that's all I've really got right now. Sorry this is so short. I'll talk to you guys in a few days if not sooner. You can also check out my Tumblr for many different things.

Trivia: Bandit's original name was Pantalaimon "Pan" Durm, named after Lyra Belacqua's daemon in His Dark Materials book trilogy.
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So as many of you know, yesterday was my birthday, and even though I turned 34, I still celebrated as if I was 21. LOL. I spent my day at Arundel Mills, a mall that is 30 minutes away from the house, and a treat when I go, so I only do it once a year, and usually it falls on my b-day.

So everything went smoothly as far as getting there. There was an air of disappointment once we hit the Disney Store, and things seemed to go downhill from there. The thing is, there was no Big Hero 6 merchandise. I mean, they had Fred in his dragon superhero form as a plushie, and they had a plushie of Baymax in his armor, but I wanted a regular Baymax plushie, and they didn't have any, nor did they have any of the smaller action figures.

The kicker was they had a plethora of Frozen merchandise. Even after Christmas it was fully stocked up. I was really disappointed, and honestly, it's made me kind of bitter towards Frozen for the moment. I'm sure that will pass, becuase I do like the story. (and I can't pass up an opportunity to listen to "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" even I want to!)

I honestly don't understand why Disney isn't giving Big Hero 6 the due attention it deserves. It's crazy, really. I get that Frozen is big. It will probably be big for a long time yet. Just like Hannah Montana and High School Musical were. But I don't think Disney is being fair. Yes, keep selling the Frozen merchandise, but don't snub the movie you worked so hard to produce and bring to the big screen, and don't snub the people who went to see it, either. The people who want to buy the merchandise, and the people who would go more than once to the same movie (which I fully intend to do).

That aside, things continued to go downhill once I go to Dave and Busters. Now, by this point, I was already pretty annoyed, and upset because not only did Disney Store not have Big Hero 6, but FYE was completely sold out of any Baymax plushies and weren't restocking (yes, I asked, just for my own reference). And tons of Frozen merchandise abounded. So when I got to Dave and Busters and found out that instead of the 3 hours I had allotted for dinner and gaming was to be cut down to an hour and a half because, LOL, freakin' winter weather advisory and freezing over!, I was beyond pissed.

To add to my bad mood, there was a mess of confusion about the bill that we did incur, and the staff was way less than courteous to us. They did not get a tip. Period. >.< Screw that. I was pissed.

The day did wind up salvaged; however, by winning over 3k tickets and being able to splurge on Pixie Stix and Sweet Tarts. My two favorite candies in the world. I also got myself a new tumbler to drink out of since Mom had been borrowing my other one. I also got myself a new Grumpy Cat plushie, and Sara bought me some cotton candy. Lexi got me a Mr. Goodbar and a Hershey bar(but that was more for my hellweek than my birthday).

Some other things that I got for my birthday were two wrist bands from Sara from Ouran High School Host Club, a wallpaper from Kay with Baymax and Hiro doing the fist bump (if you haven't seen the movie, that probably isn't going to make any sense to you guys, but it's my favorite part of the movie. Well, one of my favorite scenes at any rate), and 100.00 from Mommy and Daddy to spend anyway I choose. Which is awesome. Cause I can still order from Amazon if today's plans fail.

Even though I didn't end up getting what I went to the mall to get, I am still pretty happy with how yesterday went. I got a bit bratty towards the end, but I'm glad my friends who've known me for a while could understand why I was that way. It was a great b-day, and I am looking forward to a whole new year of life.

Trivia: My favorite animated Disney movie is Lilo and Stitch. My favorite animated movie of all time is The Secret of Nimh.
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So the last couple of days have been decent, minus a few hiccups in communication, but that was mostly minor. I don't really want to talk about it now though because it was resolved. Instead, I'm going to talk about gaming! Yes. Gaming. <3

For Christmas, Sara and Lexi have been fueling me for what I hope is an awesome gaming year. First with Pokemon Y, and then with Sara helping me buy Vanellope and Wreck It Ralph combo pack for my new game obsession, Disney Infinity!

Okay, first. Disney Infinity for the 3DS plays a LOT differently from the other versions. I don't know why, and I don't want to dwell on what it doesn't have. But I will say that i like it a hell of a lot more than I liked Mario Party. I hated that game, although I can't pin point one exact reason why. Lets just say, this game is a lot more fun, and I feel more comfortable with the characters. Though really that's a moot point because I was familiar with the characters in the one Mario Party game I ever played. I don't know why, but I got seriously confused playing it, and it turned me off of party games. But Disney Infinity....it's different, and I love it so much. <3

I also got Pokemon Y from Lexi. Everyone...well, most people, may know my reputation with Pokemon. This game may be changing all of that. I am in love with it. I beat my first Gym Leader EVER . And despite some navigational issues, I am still finding it much more enjoyable than I did previous games. I'm not sure why. But yay! <3

Wednesday we're going to the big mall, Arundel Mills. This mall is huge and has a lot of awesome stores. But we're mainly going for Dave and Busters and (for me) the Disney store. Not sure what else will be there.

Oh, and I also bought a Build-A-Bear. It's birthday tradition now. This one is rainbow colored, and I named her Lisa Frank Riley. I will try and post a picture of her so that you guys can see her! She's soft, and cuddly. Lexi got a Hello Kitty and named her Kathy after her late mother. I had a mini-breakdown over things regarding that. I'm not sure why, exactly because Lexi held it together better than I did. >.> THE HELL, self?

Also, in vein of writing for the Robas so much lately, I had a BAAAAD craving for Cotton Candy, and there happened to be a fresh cotton candy vendor at Towson Mall yesterday so I got some. My Tori muse was a bit indignant, and I explained that while she has a lot of my characteristics, I am not immune to a sweet tooth, and come on, Tori, really? Don't tell me you've never nibbled Andrew's cotton candy. I happen to know better!

Speaking of the Robas... strugglign to focus on the final fic now that Sara and Lexi are here. I will try and finish that after they go home. If I can tear myself away from my 3DS long enough, LOL. I'm kinda really involved in my gaming right now, which is amazing! And I'm not complaining about that! Lexi tends to bring it out of me. >.>

Trivia: While Tori works at the carnival, she actually does not prefer that type of food. The summer before Espa went to college, they finally pooled resources and got a chicken cart and now she is working on even more healthier options for those who want them. (PS: Sometimes she nips off of Andrew's cotton candy just to take the edge off her sweet tooth)


Dec. 23rd, 2014 10:38 am
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So New Year's Eve (aka next Wednesday!) my adoptive sis and my friend Sara are coming to visit in time for my b-day! I have massive plans for that! Like, OMG, we're gonna party like crazy on the anniversary of Mama Kat's death. It will be a celebration of her life, and her legacy. That's what I want it to be, mostly. I have Patrick and April lined up to come down here and party with us!

The following Wednesday is my birthday, and I have plans for that, too. Free Birthday at Medieval Times. Then some Dave and Busters. And I refuse to forget about getting Disney Infinity. That's going to be my big thing that day. I can't wait to have fun with that. I just need to stay out of the Lego Store while I'm there becuase I don't have room for those, even if I wanted one. And currently, I do not.

Oh, and Build a Bear. I am going to Build A Bear. I need to see what new creation I can find to add to my collection. Mimzy and I have had a good run. But now I need a new soft one to sleep with. I am thinking of trying to find a cat that can represent one of the felines I've lost in my life time. I really miss a cat to snuggle with. :(

This reminds me. I need to go out and have a word with Murphy before Christmas. He is probably missing me at his grave site. But I can't do it as much anymore. It's just too cold! And also, I'm pretty sure my brother and his friends have been screwing around back there, and probably have defiled his grave. I need to go and make sure this not the case.

My plans to finish books before people get here is not going over very well. Yay. >.< I'm trying, I just can't find the focus. Which really is irritating. Cause I want to finish the Legend trilogy, and finish The Maze Runner series. >.> I've got The Death Cure, and The Kill Order to read yet for that one. And for The Legend trilogy, i have Prodigy and Champion to read. Ugh. So many. And April is lending me a set of books. >.>

Well. I have cookie batters to make. I'll see you guys later. -hugs-
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So I haven't written a real entry in here in ages, and I'm sorry about that. I mostly don't do writing when all I'm going to do is whine about personal stuff. But I need some where to put some of this pent up stress, so here it goes.

I am greatly worried about my brother Daniel. He has been living with "depression" for almost 2 months. And I put it in quotes because I'm honestly not sure if he's truly depressed or using it as a cover to be allowed to sleep all day knowing that Daddy C won't push him for fear of driving him to suicide. But either way. Things are not right with this boy (yes, boy, even though he is 20). He's staying up all night, sleeping all day, and putting his family second yet again. It's to the point Mom doesn't even want to give him money for Christmas shopping, because she's afraid he'll spend it on Weed.

Yes that is something he does. He has gotten pretty bad about it ever since Cellular Sales let him go over a technicality. He'll be back there again in April, but that's a long time not to do anything. -sigh- I just don't really know what to do, or if I can really do anything, to be honest.

All I know is it is putting a strain on Mom and Cal's marriage, and that's making me feel anxious, and I don't do good with anxiety. And at least I've gotten to the point where I'm not wanting to throw up every time things get tense. (Thank you, Remeron!) But I just... this is the freakin' holidays! Things shouldn't be this intense, and strained right now. Or ever, but especially not right now.

Not to mention, the trial is going on for the accident that took my second mother away from last year, so I'm stressing about that, and trying to hold it together for Lexi, and that family. I can't be strong for both families, though, and eventually, I am expecting a breakdown. If I don't get it, then I will thank my medicine some more, because it really has helped a lot.

The holidays are depressing for me sometimes now because of the losses I've suffered. My grandparents are all gone, I lost my best best friend almost 2 years ago (my cat, Murphy. And yes even though he is "just an animal" he really was my baby, and I loved him dearly. )And now Mama Kat is gone, too, and it just feels like the loss is never ending.

If I could ever figure out how to put pictures in this thing, I would put some of hte ones of Baymax I have been drawing. He just needs to be experienced by anyone who is suffering or in pain. That kind of pain is really hard to come to terms with. Baymax does a great job of healing Hiro in the movie Big Hero 6. I just want to snuggle him dearly.
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For the last two days I haven't done a crap load of writing. Wednesday and Thursday just drained me because I was out and about with Mom and Daddy C. But I can't complain to be honest. Both occasions were nice. Daddy C and I are very close so I've actually really missed the time with him.

Some things were discussed that I haven't really talked about with anyone yet. Like where I am going to go when Mom and Daddy C move to Florida. Originally the plan was for me to live with Daniel here at the house, but that is a very slim possibility at this point because Dan is struggling so hard to find and keep a job. One minute he has one the next he doesn't. It's ridiculous.

My plan is to try and find a friend who would be willing to take me in with all of my limitations, and would be able ot take care of me. (Get me to the doctors, get me out of hte house sometimes, things like that!) Patrick was Cal's first option, but given our history, and his still "pining" for me, that is never going to happen. The boy wears his heart on his sleeve, too. Then we thought about Fred. Well, that's not going ot hapepn cause the boy doesn't know how to save up for an apartment. Ugh. I'm very upset about that.

My ideal solution would be to move back in with Lexi, to be honest. I had a lot of friends up there, and I know that Lexi and I would be okay. We've talked about me coming to visit many times. But given the current situation right now, I'm not sure I'm ready to go up and visit. My plan is to try and visit later in the New Year before Otakon. I want to see everyone. I am missing Liam growing up, and I just...yeah. I am still regretting having never gone back up there before Mama Kat died. -sigh- I know Lexi doesn't blame me, but I still feel bad that I never made it to the funeral, either. I wish I could do so much more for them than I have.

So. Today. I wrote a little over 5k words. I finished "The Main Attraction" and tomorrow I will begin working on the full length sequel to "Into the Fire". I am excited to see another of Victoria's psychic abilities develop. And to see her really have it out with Marcia when she goes to visit the woman in the psych ward after one of her many visions. (Don't worry, she doesn't go alone. The triplets take her so that she's supervised).

Perhaps the one thing I am most excited about are the prom scene, and interlaced story of Tori returning to the stage after taking a year off performing to focus on the carnival and finishing school.

There is also a subplot where she's continued being treated by the triplets, which is even more important with the emergence of the psychometry which they first experienced with Marcia. Whoo! So many plans. I just need to get to bed so I can execute them properly, yeah! Good night all!

Trivia: Marcia states in a later fic that the triplets are her best friends. (In a special deleted scenes edition of Into the Fire, the triplets go to Wyatt and Marcia and plead for them to reconsider. Aaron, espeically takes their refusal hard because he had the closest relationship with Marcia his trapeze partner for years) .
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I've been writing a lot of entries about fandoms, and fanfics, and RPs. But I think it's well overdue to let you guys know what's really going on in my head despite the fact I don't often let that stuff seep into my journals. (That's because I'm either fangirling to escape it, or ranting because people I hang with sometimes annoy the crap out of me).

So here's what's really going on in my head. I am feeling fairly lonely offline. I don't have a lot of social time because I can't get out and about like everyone else. I have to depend on transportation. I have to wait for people to be available. And most of all, my interests aren't waht they used to be. Maybe I'm just too old school or maybe I'm not old school enough. I'm honestly not sure which. Either way, I don't really get to spend time with my closest friends anymore becuase his job is ridiculous and he'd rather spend time with anime than his best friend.

It's too awkward spending time with Patrick because he doesn't know when to draw a damn line. He wears his emotions for me on his sleeve, and thinks I won't pick up on it. Truthfully, it makes things very uncomfortable for me, and despite my telling him that several times, he still wants to be around all the time.

I have so many muses that keep me company every day. But to be honest sometimes I wish I shared the power I gave to Veronica Skylar in "Broken Promises". She, while in Noa's virtual world, can make anything real just by thinking about it. Man, though. If I had that power, the Robas would tear my house to shreds. It's too small for all five of the hyper active boys. But would I want them, or would I insist upon Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments? Tough call!

Maybe instead, I would conjure up present day friends that didn't live so far away? These are days when I regret leaving New York the most. At least with Lexi, I had someone always who was around, and didn't care if my interests shifted at random. >.< Ugh, why isn't it January yet? Sara, Lexi and I are going to have so much fun!

I know that Lexi has some rough stuff happening in the coming months, so I just want to get better and take care of myself so I can help her when the time comes. Ah, why don't I play Riley? I am so much like her, wanting to fix everything and everyone. I can't even fix myself. LOL.

Farkle: You aren't broken. You're just depressed. You'll be okay.

You're too smart, Farkle. I don't deserve you.

Farkle: Hah! Everyone deserves a piece of this! Besides, what would my father say?

...I have no idea. YOur father is still not talking to me, except to taunt me that he "got his revenge". >.> Maybe he'd tell me I'm being irrational?

Yeah, see, I can't really deal with real life. I rely too much on my muses, and the fantasy world yet. >.<

Trivia: Even though it's been said that Jonathan has the same type of relationship with Victoria that Espa does, it is shown in later stories that he, indeed, has developed a close older brother/little sister relationship with her, and is very protective of Tori.

PS: from here on, Stuart Minkus= adult! Minkus from Girl Meets World. Minkus refers to him at Farkle's age. <3 I hope that clarifies. Also, in the case above, we're talking Adult Minkus.
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I should be asleep, but I am not, so I will update with what I did earlier in the day (as in yesterday, technically, but I don't feel like backdating)

Woke up feeling pretty good. No coughing or stuffy nose. I did the kitchen, cleaned out the fridge, and the vacuuming. We're having a Halloween party tonight so I wanted to help out as much as I could.

Then I spent the rest of the day tagging with my new friend, Kay, and Lexi over at this RPG, Grande Latte. I love it! I am as I have mentioned, playing just Farkle Minkus, and it really is fun!


The other half of the day I spent working on "Into the Fire" and this some of the stuff that's happened:

Spencer and Cale have convinced Espa to turn over training Victoria to them. They are certain that it is the fact that Espa and his brothers are too emotionally invested to really train her properly.

Victoria woke up in one of her "trance" states, and tried to go and find Wyatt who was supposedly calling her. When Griffon and Christien try and stop her, Espa gets involved, and ends up hurting her in the process.

Christien acknowledges taht while it's weird, Victoria being comforted by his elder brother Jonathan isn't uncommon and is actually a welcome change considering how clingy Tori had been to him before.


Now let me try and sleep. I doubt I will but I can try!

Trivia: I once performed as "Christine Daae" for a talent show, performing "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again". This happened around the time i was writing the first draft of "Into the Lion's Den".


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