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So the last entry I wrote I talked about how much I loved Alvin and the Chipmunks. Tonight I want to talk about another part of my childhood. This time we're going back to the 90s when Nickelodeon catered to the Teen crowd in a unique way. That's right. I am talking about
Snick Logo !!

Snick aired in the 90s and was a 2 hour programming block. Now this block changed up every so often, but a few of the TV shows have remained close to my heart years later. These shows included: Space Cases, Roundhouse, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Clarissa Explains It All, and my personal favorite, Are You AFraid of the Dark. Every Saturday, my younger brother and I would settle down in the basement of our first real house, and watch. Mom never let Chris watch Are You Afraid of the Dark after catching one episode that gave him nightmares.

What triggered THIS particular bit of nostalgia? Well, just recently on Facebook Are You Afraid of the Dark? was trending because it has legally been put on Youtube in it's entirety!! Personally, I think I'll start saving for the DVDs, but it is nice to see that people are thinking outside the box about how they can give nostalgic fans what they really want. I just wish Teen Nick would run some of the OTHER great SNICK shows once in a while.


I finished Into the Lion's Den (complete with additions) this morning. Sent it to Lexi because she was curious to see if I still had it in me to write the Robas. Here's my answer. I have NO clue if I still did them justice. Christien felt right, Espa felt right... Jonathan was a bit different. More...Espa-ish. But I always imagined Jonathan taking after Espa and Ej taking after Christien, as the youngest Roba is just as quiet as his middle brother.

Started Into the Fire, the sequel. Well, sort of. It was actually the Epilogue for Into the Lion's Den. Well, the original epilogue. I am probably going to scrap it and start it over again, but we'll see. I'll be working that out tomorrow while I'm at Barnes and Noble. I figured while the juices are flowing, I had better take advantage of it.

I have other fics planned for AFTER NaNoWriMo. A prequel exploring how Marcia and Julius Roba met, and a string stories that will focus solely on Victoria's time actually living with the Robas after High School, leading up to Espa's departure from the Carnival to pursue a degree in Parapsychology, and handing the reigns to Jonathan. There will also be a wedding short written for Victoria and Christien, since I'm pretty sure I won't rest easy till I see that done.

I'm trying to figure out if Victoria will eventually get to college herself. I am certain she will be a music major. But we'll have to see if something comes up where I'd be able to explore that a bit more. I don't want ot be stuck on Fanfic forever because I fought it for a long time to quit writing.But when the muses are hot... lol. I always said that I would write fanfic until it was no longer fun. Maybe when I quit before, it had become less fun for me. Now I'm having fun again, so maybe I'll just ride this out. I like this idea. Yeah.

Trivia: Sykesville is named after a small town here in Maryland where I live. The town is known for small carnivals in the Fall and Spring.
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The Good:

Finished Into the Lion's Den save an epilogue that I am going to write tomorrow. I decided tonight that it needed one to wrap it up a bit, and segway into Part 2 which will be written December.

Finished the first book in the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu. A full review to be written on Bubblews tomorrow I will link it here. I ended up with a Day muse from that novel... lol. Day is a vigilante who is wanted by the Republic... blah blah blah... you'll have to wait for the review.

Started Magisterium #1: The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black! (That right there is the best part of my day as these two, as anyone who knows me will know, are my favorite authors! And they finally collaborated on a series. My dynamic duo!) These are geared towards children 8-12, but the length is like 300+ pages. Plus, that's not really justifying anything. I read all the Potters and have read my share of Percy Jackson novels. LOL. I never really cared for the division of book appropriateness by age anyway, except maybe things that contain a large amount of sex or cursing in them. THOSE should be kept away from younger readers, definitely.

I got a Maze Runner book called The Guide to the Glade. I think this book will help me with my writing of the fanfiction plot bunny I'm dealing with. But it also has *very* sexy picutres of Minho, Thomas, and Newt. So....BONUS

The Bad:

Got home to the power being out. Seemed to have been a tripped breaker. Mom fixed it.

Daddy C and Mom are fighting again, mostly over stupid klunk. I am really sick of this crap. I don't care anymore that he's having pain. He's made me NOT care by the way he's been acting. Been treating me and Mom like klunk since he's been in pain. That's ridiculous.

SO this has whole thing has ruined my entire day. Despite all the good things that happened today, I'm still on edge, I feel like klunk, and I'm tired of his jacked ways.

Trivia: Jonathan, Christien and Andrew were named after various people. Jonathan was named after my Chris' imaginary friend. Christien was named after Christian Kane. Andrew was named after the Voice actor Andrew Ranells who did several voices for Yu gi oh including Mako Tsunami, Noa Kaiba and Leon Von Schroeder. Espa Jacob was named as such because I couldn't think of oanything else, and I decided that in the history, that Marcia Roba told Espa he could name his baby brother since he was upset cause he'd ewanted a sister. So Espa named the baby after himself. He goes by Ej, the nickname given to him by the foster home he and his brothers Jonathan, Christien and Andrew were placed in. (Reference: Brothers's Keeper, written by me!)


Aug. 28th, 2014 07:33 pm
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Today I went to the library to get my copy of what I thought would the ORiginal Cast Recording of the Phantom of the Opera Highlights CD, and it turns out I ordered the wrong one. So I will have to re-order. If not, I will just order it from Itunes when my bank card comes in. It doesn't really matter, I guess. I was just trying to save myself some money. I just really miss Michael's "Music of the Night" and actually being able to put it on repeat. I can't do that with the libretto of the cast recording I currently have. (I like to fall asleep to the song.... and Victoria likes to pretend it's Christien! <3 )

I really hate that I've been feeling so yucky. I haven't even felt like RPing for the last couple of days which sucks becuase in the RP with Valerie I am so close to this scene where my OCs Eric and Tara are going to finally admit their "in love" feelings to each other. Or rather, Tara is going to admit to it. We've been working on it for almost 3 weeks, off and on, but with me not feeling well, and then when I am on, all the damn miscommunication and shit, we just haven't done much. It's frustrating, to say the least!

Yet, I have an overabundance of energy for this darn fan novel I'm writing. I really am enjoying it. Every time I work on it, I get new ideas on how to progress the story farther. I am looking at what I"m writing, and what I Wrote back then, and OMG. It's a world of difference! Both in quality, and story. I like how I've actually dragged out the process of Victoria entering into Wyatt's school, and shutting out the outside world.

I think I'm actually quite nervous to get into the school, and really into Wyatt's head where Victoria gets played around with mentally. I know in order for the story to happen, I must do it eventually. That is the whole point, after all. But I think in Chapter 9 I may have her go and visit Marik and her friends in Domino prior to her official entrance. I can't see bringing EVERYONE to Sykesville, you know. She'll even go visit Duke. Maybe. She's really not supposed to go anywhere near Duke anymore, but they've talked in passing since Entrapment I believe.

There is going to be one important scene in Domino (well, two) that I will be writing, for sure. The first takes place in "Egypt" at Seth's temple with Yami Bakura. The second is one between Marik and Victoria. I think he's going to be giving her some big brother advice, because I'm convinced Espa has already called Marik to tell him everything (even if I didn't write it out like I'd done before). He may even try and convince her one more time to reconsider her choice.

Man, I am almost not looking forward to Fred coming over tomorrow because I know I will be very busy being involved in fan novel, and really not interested in Disc Wars: Avengers, even though I really do love that show too! Speaking of that... Cal has been watching this AVengers cartoon on Cartoon NEtwork, and Hawkeye has blonde hair in that show, too. So was the original Hawkeye in the comics a blonde? I've never read the comics, so I'm confused!! Hmm. Oh well.

Trivia: One of the first "Fanfics" I ever wrote was a very long, and mixed up version of The Boxcar Children's "The Amusement Park Mystery". No reason for it, no plot. I just wanted to write about the Aldens, I guess... I was about 10. I didn't even CALL it Fanfic.


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