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So I'm reading this new book called The Iron Trial. It is book 1 of 5 in a new series by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black called the Magisterium. I love the book! I do, seriously. It's just like Harry Potter meets THe Hunger Games, and it's thrilling. But the reason I am bringing it up is because it follows the same pattern as all my other fandoms: Me falling for the best friend/secondary characters. Aaron Stewart first reminded me of Jace, with his blonde hair, and sort of holier than thou attitutde, but as the story progressed, his real personality came out, and he's your classic best friend/secondary character. Or rather, my classic. Everyone probably has their own standards! (or I'm just a weird-o...) He sticks up for Call and stand by him, even when things get harder for him for reasons I will not divulge just in case anyone wants to read the book. I may be in the minority here though..

For a twist in the norm... I have a very strong Scott McCall muse from Teen Wolf. Yes, I'm only four episodes in, but can we take a minute to recognize the fact that for the first time in a very l very long time that I have a main character as a muse? Scott was the adorkable sidekick character to Stiles Stilinski for all of five minutes. (I'm being sarcastic... it ws more like for 20 minutes of the first episode). He was your classic you're-killing-my-image best friend. I think Stiles even says something of that effect, too, actually. Complete with inhaler and zero confidence. 20 minutes and a werewolf bite later, Scott goes from wheezing sidekick to sizzling sexy main character. That, my friends, is the real transformation. Forget the wolf bite for a minute there.

That's not to say that he is the first one. He cropped at the same time as Day Wing did. I didn't count Day because I am not sure if he, or June were the main character of the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu. In the end I decided that he didn't count because he and June were co-main characters. So it could go either way. So Scott wins for being the first Main character in a long time. I think the last time this happened it was probably Tris. (So I guess in retrospect it wasn't that long ago, but it just doesn't happen that often, so I guess that's why it always feels like its a while between them.

I'm trying to decide if Simon would be a side character or not in the Mortal Instruments. Either way, he fell into the "best friend" category so he still counts as being a best friend/secondary muse. I think from City of Ashes on he was a part of the ensemble cast. But yeah. My statement stands as he was always Clary's best friend first. That's what he was known for in the books, aside from his and Jace's sniping at each other.

None of my more recent muses besides Scott falls into the main character category. Isaac was even a secondary character in The Fault in Our Stars. So I do find this to be an interesting part of how I choose my muses. Of course, I also believe muses choose you, just as much. If Scott becomes more of a bond than a muse, that will be even more true.

Want more proof? Let's look at one of my oldest fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My first muse for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, even though I didn't call them that at the time, was Xander Harris. My second muse was Oz. My third muse was Willow, my fourth was Spike, my final muse for that fandom was Dawn Summers. Not once did I develop a Buffy muse.

Charmed was a bit of a tie. I got a muse for Leo Wyatt and Piper Halliwell at the same time. Leo came just a bit before Piper though so in that respect my experiment stands true.

I'm not complaining about the lack of main character muses. It actually works in my favor when it comes to RPing. So many people have main character muses that they need either their best friends or supporting characters. I can usually deliver, even if it takes me a little time to warm up to RPing as said muse.
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First an explanation to those on Live Journal. I've been cross posting from Dreamwidth. The Dreamwidth site does this automatically when you have your LJ linked to it. A few weeks ago, I changed my password on LJ and forgot to update that on DW, so you guys missed the last few entries I wrote. I just got done copy/pasting those into my LJ directly so you could catch up if you so chose. I still have to go back and tag them, but at least the entries are there. Sorry about that!!

Okay, so I started watching Teen Wolf in hopes of getting some insight into Dylan O'Brien's action acting skills for The Maze Runner. No such luck, but I am in love with the show after only four episodes. And after episode 1, I already had a muse! Of course. My brain is always on overdrive.

So that leads me to topic number two. I have developed 3 muses in the last week. One has become a soul bond already. So. They are: Daniel "Day" Altan Wing from the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu, Isaac from The Fault in Our Stars (more on that later), and now I have Scott McCall from Teen Wolf. The soul bond that developed? Day Wing.

So with Isaac, I was a little surprised because the majority of muses and bonds have been from fantasy novels. I never thought I'd develop a muse from something so dramatic and realistic as The Fault in Our Stars. Moreover, if I was going to develop one, shouldn't it have been Augustus as much as I talked about him? No problem. I love Isaac as a character. Thought he was a great comic relief in the book, and Nat Woolf totally brought him to life in the movie and made me love him more. "Stop interrupting me, you interrupting asshole. You're supposed to be dead." << Isaac to Augustus during his eulogy reading at Augustus' pre-funeral. Anyway, yeah. So having an Isaac muse is kinda weird for me, but not.

Yesterday marked the release of The Maze Runner!! It is holding steady at number 1 at the box office, and I am excited!! Even though Fox has already bought the rights for The Scorch Trials, the better the movie does the more likely we are to get the entire series made. (I still have to read the book 3 and then the prequel novel, but I'm taking a break cause the end of The Scorch Trials totally irked me).

I should have written about the release, but I am waiting patiently for tomorrow so I can go see it!! I will probably be writing about the movie in every journal/blog site I have including Bubblews. <3 (I get paid 50.00 on that site every few weeks if I write religiously which I plan to start doing again this weeks.)

But yes, I am so excited to see how close to the book this movie was. My friend Jason thinks it will actually be better than the book. I think I disagree with him. I mean, the book was written in such a way that you got frustrated reading it, but that echoes in Thomas' frustration when no one would give him answers to his questions, or that they had no answers. So in a way, it was a brilliant way to handle it. I don't think Jason understand that from a literary stance. I could try and explain it, but I am no English professor, and I don't know how to really explain it to him.

Anyway, gonna go, and make fishcakes, and then probably lay down before I set to work watching Once Upon A Time and making my Glader merchandise for tomorrow. <3

Trivia: The Robas' middles names are as follows: Espa Lawrence Roba, Espa Jacob Roba, Christien Thomas Roba, Jonathan Scott Roba, and Andrew Lee Roba. (Andrew and Espa's names were actually swapped until I remembered about the actor Andrew Lawrence. LOL)
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The Good:

Finished Into the Lion's Den save an epilogue that I am going to write tomorrow. I decided tonight that it needed one to wrap it up a bit, and segway into Part 2 which will be written December.

Finished the first book in the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu. A full review to be written on Bubblews tomorrow I will link it here. I ended up with a Day muse from that novel... lol. Day is a vigilante who is wanted by the Republic... blah blah blah... you'll have to wait for the review.

Started Magisterium #1: The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black! (That right there is the best part of my day as these two, as anyone who knows me will know, are my favorite authors! And they finally collaborated on a series. My dynamic duo!) These are geared towards children 8-12, but the length is like 300+ pages. Plus, that's not really justifying anything. I read all the Potters and have read my share of Percy Jackson novels. LOL. I never really cared for the division of book appropriateness by age anyway, except maybe things that contain a large amount of sex or cursing in them. THOSE should be kept away from younger readers, definitely.

I got a Maze Runner book called The Guide to the Glade. I think this book will help me with my writing of the fanfiction plot bunny I'm dealing with. But it also has *very* sexy picutres of Minho, Thomas, and Newt. So....BONUS

The Bad:

Got home to the power being out. Seemed to have been a tripped breaker. Mom fixed it.

Daddy C and Mom are fighting again, mostly over stupid klunk. I am really sick of this crap. I don't care anymore that he's having pain. He's made me NOT care by the way he's been acting. Been treating me and Mom like klunk since he's been in pain. That's ridiculous.

SO this has whole thing has ruined my entire day. Despite all the good things that happened today, I'm still on edge, I feel like klunk, and I'm tired of his jacked ways.

Trivia: Jonathan, Christien and Andrew were named after various people. Jonathan was named after my Chris' imaginary friend. Christien was named after Christian Kane. Andrew was named after the Voice actor Andrew Ranells who did several voices for Yu gi oh including Mako Tsunami, Noa Kaiba and Leon Von Schroeder. Espa Jacob was named as such because I couldn't think of oanything else, and I decided that in the history, that Marcia Roba told Espa he could name his baby brother since he was upset cause he'd ewanted a sister. So Espa named the baby after himself. He goes by Ej, the nickname given to him by the foster home he and his brothers Jonathan, Christien and Andrew were placed in. (Reference: Brothers's Keeper, written by me!)


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