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Zie ([personal profile] faeriewings1781) wrote2015-02-07 04:11 pm

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There hasn't been a whole lot of good things to happen to me lately. I haven't been able to write anything positive. But I also haven't seen fit to tell you guys about all the fun.

First there is Hay Day, which has been eating my soul. I went from a level 5 to a level 21. I am about to finally open my oat delivery service!! I am very eexcited about this! In addition to that I will soon have my own town!

I have also been doing a lot of reading. Last month I finished four books! I am looking to repeat this phenomenon this month. I have plenty of them!! Currently am reading a new series by the co-author of the The Beautiful Creatures <\u> series5. She has an amazing story brewing and I love the characters. I am loving the Supernatural vibe. I can assume that the similarities are completely coincidentAL. Though, I have to wonder if she named one of the brothers after Jared Paadelecki who plays Sam Winchester.I just love this series so much already!

Girl Meets World was back last night with a really sweet episode involving Farkle, Riley, and Maya. There was also a susubplot involving Cory and Topanga meeting Ava's overbearing, controllING mother who has a fake British accent. It was a great episoxe, and made me really want to do a story line with Farkle and Rikey. So Sara and I will be doing that soon ! I'm elated!!

I'm going to head off now, but I just wanted to let you guys know that some things have gone okay. Not everything has been bad. Despite my numerous complaints.

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