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For the last two days I haven't done a crap load of writing. Wednesday and Thursday just drained me because I was out and about with Mom and Daddy C. But I can't complain to be honest. Both occasions were nice. Daddy C and I are very close so I've actually really missed the time with him.

Some things were discussed that I haven't really talked about with anyone yet. Like where I am going to go when Mom and Daddy C move to Florida. Originally the plan was for me to live with Daniel here at the house, but that is a very slim possibility at this point because Dan is struggling so hard to find and keep a job. One minute he has one the next he doesn't. It's ridiculous.

My plan is to try and find a friend who would be willing to take me in with all of my limitations, and would be able ot take care of me. (Get me to the doctors, get me out of hte house sometimes, things like that!) Patrick was Cal's first option, but given our history, and his still "pining" for me, that is never going to happen. The boy wears his heart on his sleeve, too. Then we thought about Fred. Well, that's not going ot hapepn cause the boy doesn't know how to save up for an apartment. Ugh. I'm very upset about that.

My ideal solution would be to move back in with Lexi, to be honest. I had a lot of friends up there, and I know that Lexi and I would be okay. We've talked about me coming to visit many times. But given the current situation right now, I'm not sure I'm ready to go up and visit. My plan is to try and visit later in the New Year before Otakon. I want to see everyone. I am missing Liam growing up, and I just...yeah. I am still regretting having never gone back up there before Mama Kat died. -sigh- I know Lexi doesn't blame me, but I still feel bad that I never made it to the funeral, either. I wish I could do so much more for them than I have.

So. Today. I wrote a little over 5k words. I finished "The Main Attraction" and tomorrow I will begin working on the full length sequel to "Into the Fire". I am excited to see another of Victoria's psychic abilities develop. And to see her really have it out with Marcia when she goes to visit the woman in the psych ward after one of her many visions. (Don't worry, she doesn't go alone. The triplets take her so that she's supervised).

Perhaps the one thing I am most excited about are the prom scene, and interlaced story of Tori returning to the stage after taking a year off performing to focus on the carnival and finishing school.

There is also a subplot where she's continued being treated by the triplets, which is even more important with the emergence of the psychometry which they first experienced with Marcia. Whoo! So many plans. I just need to get to bed so I can execute them properly, yeah! Good night all!

Trivia: Marcia states in a later fic that the triplets are her best friends. (In a special deleted scenes edition of Into the Fire, the triplets go to Wyatt and Marcia and plead for them to reconsider. Aaron, espeically takes their refusal hard because he had the closest relationship with Marcia his trapeze partner for years) .
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I am kinda glad that either Espa doesn't know what really went on between his parents or has chosen to forget/or not tell his youngest brothers. The more I delve into the story behind Marcia and Julius Roba the more freaked out I am getting.

First and foremost, Wyatt *was* partially correct about Julius. But what he doesn't tell Victoria is that it started with his father. Julius and his father together facilitated Marcia's abduction to the carnival. Originally, I didn't know she was technically abducted. In my original draft of that scene, it was merely Julius' power of Suggestion (similar to when Christien did it to Victoria in "No Vacancy". By the way, I am really surprised Wyatt never brought that up. Victoria tends to forget about that moment) . But no. In this version Everything is premeditated, right down to the installation of Wayne Roba's former babysitter into Marcia's household so that the Robas could keep an eye on Marcia's developing abilities.

As bad as Wyatt was towards Victoria, Julius is 1000 times worse towards Marcia. He manipulates her, controls her, and at one point gets physical with her when she doesn't seem to be obeying him. Marcia's only saving grace? His triplet brothers. Spencer takes special interest in her well-being, to his annoyance. (I may be changing the ages cause of gthe relationship that's developing...it's kind awkward!) Perhaps Julius' biggest crime is that he doesn't treat Marcia like a person. To him, she's his protege, his property. Someone he must groom to his expectations.

In this story, Wyatt it is actually good guy! Can you imagine him being the good guy? Because Victoria (in my head) is a little weirded out by him being nice. LOL. THere is definitely a romance (light as it is) developing between Marcia and Wyatt. She is attracted to his kindness as oppposed to Julius' rougher exterior.

Of course everyone who's familiar with my Yu gi oh (more specfically my Roba fics) know where this is headed. But I'm still trying to figure out the in-between stuff. But seriously, some really psychotic stuff is going on!! I'm lucky I haven't had nightmares myself. I feel for Marcia. I truly do. And I've never felt bad for her before. I've been right along with Victoria with despising her for the position she put the Roba brothers in. But I genuinely want to hug her and tell her things get better, and that she does escape. Of course it won't be for years yet. After Julius has died... but...oh yeah! That's what I wanted to tell you guys!

In No Vacancy, she told the Robas she went to California to get help. That was a true statement. But it wasn't because she was sick. Marcia went to find the Munroe twins so that they could explain how she ended up with five kids. She had no conscious memory of consenting to marriage, or...and get this, reproducing anyone. >.< Damn, Julius. But I'm still not sure if that is his doing, or if Wayne Roba eventually got to her when Julius started to fail. We'll find out, I'm sure.

-shudders- I am rightly creeped out along with Victoria! I'm sure my Robas (Espa and company, not Julius and his brothers) are too.

Trivia: Even though he was only eleven at the time of meeting, Spencer developed a very protective side when it came to Marcia. That is why he took it so hard when he heard how damaged Marcia became later in life. :( (As a side note, that is also why the triplets, as adults, are so hard on Victoria about stabilizing her own psychic gifts and being sure no one can use Suggestion on her. They see a LOT of Marcia in her, and it scares them)
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Today's been pretty subpar. I slept through some of it, and everything. I came off my chat hiatus today and started talking to Valerie again. It's been kinda awkward between us. I guess she's upset because I closed my RPG, Fractured Truth. She probably thinks it's because of her. And in a way, it probably was. But I'm not going to talk about that tonight.

Tonight, I'm going to talk about writing plans. Tomorrow I start planning for NaNoWriMo. It would have been today, but my friend Stephanie came over to visit. Tomorrow, I will be spending a little time with Mom, but Daddy C gets off at 1pm, so I won't have a LOT of time with her.

Maybe after my time with Mom, I will work on the details and finer points of the Warlock story. I seriously need to find a name for it. I don't have one.

I also want to write blurbs for the part 2 of my fanfic for Into the Lion's Den. I'm thinking of titling it Into the Fire. What do you guys think? It's going to take place in Vegas, and it will feature Wyatt and Marcia as the villains. I can't wait to do this one. But I am going to. Can't start anything new fanfic wise.

Trivia: One of the first fandoms I ever got into (before I called them fandoms!) was Charmed. Leo Wyatt was my favorite character followed by Piper Halliwell.
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Title:Forever Changed
Fandom:Criminal Minds
Characters:Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid/Morgan
Prompt:47. Defenseless
Word Count:
Warning: (if applicable)

Forever Changed )
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Title:Affected Her
Fandom:Criminal Minds
Prompt:16. Affected
Word Count:462
Warning: (if applicable)
Summary:JJ and Reid play "house" as they start their shift babysitting Elizabeth
Author Notes: I have messed up a bit of canon with this, and I am going to go back and fix it later.

Affected Her )
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Fandom:Criminal Minds
Characters:Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid/JJ
Prompt:34. Promise
Word Count:
Warning: (if applicable)
Summary:JJ and Spencer spend an evening bonding, while guarding Elizabeth

A Promise Worth Keeping )
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And Title:High Stakes
Fandom:Criminal Minds
Characters:Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid/JJ
Prompt:07. Sad
Word Count:914
Warning: (if applicable)Trigger warning: For Kidnapping, swearing
Summary: Spencer and the team receive a threat from Owen, sending the BAU into a panic, and leaving Spencer feeling desperate to protect the little girl he has grown to love

High Stakes )
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Title: Unplanned Parenthood
Fandom:Criminal Minds
Characters:Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid/JJ
Prompt:08. Plan
Word Count:
Warning: (if applicable)
Summary: Spencer takes Lizzie home with him, and cuteness ensues.
unplanned parenthood )
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Title: Permission Granted
Fandom:Criminal Minds
Characters:Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid/JJ
Prompt:02. Bad
Word Count:687
Warning: (if applicable)Kidnapping trigger
Summary:Spencer gets special permission to protect Elizabeth Conners after her mother escapes custody

Permission Granted )
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I am starting this challenge, but I doubt I will finish it anytime soon, since I have to get my surgery on August 2nd. Yes, the wrist surgery has been scheduled. Which means that soon after it, I will NOT be on the computer for probably a month or so. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I fight not to go insane from boredom!!

001.Finger 002.Bad 003.Intelligence 004.Announce 005.Day
006.Murder 007.Sad 008.Plan 009.Ill 010.Secret
011.Behind 012.Want 013.Stranded 014.Wealthy 015.Marriage
016.Affected 017.Long Hours 018.Worthy 019.Sinful 020.Obvious
021.Caught 022.Splatter 023.Flight 024.Slip 025.Escape
026.Honor 027.Ashamed 028.Attentive 029.Motivated 030.Grovel
031.Swear 032.Shoot 033.Switch 034.Promise 035.Crawl
036.Hell 037.Grin 038.Hug 039.Burn 040.Kiss
041.Mute 042.Suffocate 043.Punch 044.Exile 045.Plead
046.Strong 047.Defenseless 048.Discover 049.Action 050.Sport
051.Memorable 052.Die 053.Missing 054.Luck 055.Rescue
056.Abort 057.Possessed 058.Graveyard 059.Trail 060.Walk
061.Plunge 062.Jump 063.Self-conscious 064.Suspicious 065.Mistake
066.Complicated 067.Black Out 068.Reveal 069.Grotesque 070.Swim
071.Resign 072.Nonsense 073.Declare 074.Corrupt 075.Wrong
076.Right 077.Administer 078.Embrace 079.Argue 080.Lose
081.Monster 082.Hit 083.Build 084.Destroy 085.Breathe
086.Assist 087.Stab 088.Bite 089.Hunger 090.Passage
091.Drama 092.Haunted 093.Crisis 094.Dirty 095.Emotional
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.


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