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So I haven't been updating here a lot, and I apologize. I have been sucked into the world of Tumblr, and also in the world Pokemon Y, which I got from Lexi for Christmas. I love this game so much. It's interesting because I am not used to Pokemon games having such a hold on me.

I've been spending a lot of time with Bandit lately. When Sara and Lexi left, I started playing with him more, and letting him out of his cage while I was in the room. I'm trying to get used to having him around while I have drinks and food around because he needs to learn to co-exist with his mommy. Bandit, in turn, has become so snuggly and kissy. He always gives me kisses, but Bandit has gotten even more affectionate. I am chalking this up to the fact I'm letting him out more, and giving him more attention. He loves his Mommy, that's all I know, and that is really all that matters.

I've been re-energizing myself as a writer, by doing some reading. I want to work on my Dystopian again, and get a full draft finished. I refuse to give up on it, and the characters refuse to leave my head. >.> I wish I could find a way to make myself stick with a single manuscript even when I am getting frustrated with it. I didn't actually have this problem with The Borderling Chronicles books because I always had an ending in mind, so this is so frustrating. I'll probably go into more detail about this on my Tumblr. I am trying to be more author-centric there even through all my ferret postings and things. I really very desperately need to be posting on my Facebook page every day (My author page, not my personal page).

Well, that's all I've really got right now. Sorry this is so short. I'll talk to you guys in a few days if not sooner. You can also check out my Tumblr for many different things.

Trivia: Bandit's original name was Pantalaimon "Pan" Durm, named after Lyra Belacqua's daemon in His Dark Materials book trilogy.
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Yesterday went out with a hitch. I helped Mom quite a bit, and because of that, I actually now have a day where I have no work to do in the house. My brother on the other hand... he didn't even get up till a quarter to 2 yesterday. Got well enough to go to his friend's house last night, and then had the audacity to keep me awake off and on all night. Goddamn. He has to do chores between today and tomorrow. Sunday, I will not be here. Hopefully I will be seeing Big Hero 6 before my final write-in for the month.

I can't believe the month is over On Sunday! Wow. What the actual hell? The month just went by SO SO Fast. Like, BOOM! And now December is coming, which means I will definitely be back on to RPG tracks. <3 I have a whole thread that needs wrapping up. I have idea for other threads at GrandeLatte... (I keep wanting to say Green Tea Latte...the actual hell, self?).

I will also begin working once more on my Hunger Games RPG, Panem Prevails, which takes place in District 13. I will be doing all of this without help because I definitely do not want anyone else on board. Fractured Truth was a colossal failure, and I just don't know if I want to have anyone else involved this time.

Fanfiction is sitll growing strong, but believe it or not, I am feeling the urge to work on/start over on my Dystopian series, the Infinites. That is awesome! I haven't felt that kind of inspiration in months. This is good news for my original work load. Whoo! I am excited. I am very happy that my fanfiction is so much fun!!
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So when I started Into the Lion's Den back in September, I said it was my closure fic, and that I was compelled to write it because I was never able to really get it done, and out there. Well, here's the thing about that. I probably opened more doors than I closed.

As I was writing for Into the Lion's Den, and reacquainting myself with my own head canon, I discovered some interesting things had taken place in the verse while I was away getting involved in more "adult" things. First was the revelation that Griffon was the Robas' cousin. And second, that there was a STRONG STRONG possibility that Marcia had been manipulated into a relationship with Julius (which will be explored more in depth in a separate fic).

That being said, I now know I am probably going to be writing fanfiction for Yu gi oh for a long time now. Here is what's on deck next after "Into the Fire":

1. Marcia's Story (I have not come up with a title. Suggestions are welcomed!)

2. A story about how Victoria wound up becoming the standing babysitter for the Robas, and the development of her relationship with Espa in that respect.

3. Some story based on Julius and Marcia's time line that is more focused on his triplet brothers, Spencer, Aaron, and Cale.

And then some miscellaneous things I've already mentioned in passing but will seriously consider if this trend continues:

Christien and Victoria's wedding

A story based around Jonathan and Nikki (because I feel awful I haven't really explored that much since The Roba Diaries).

Some future time line exploring Espa teaching at a university, and his growing relationship with Nora (again cause I swear the others got shafted once the Victoria/Christien thing developed)

Jonathan, Christien, and Victoria's future adventures as co-owners of the carnival

Victoria's choice to go on to Juilliard despite the connotation it held for Wyatt when she was a teen.

And definitely some stories for Ej and Andrew. Though I haven't really thought much about where they were going to go in the future. I know it's already been stated that Victoria is no longer their standing sitter though she still seems to take that role whenever its called for. I personally think she will forever label herself as such until either Andrew or Ej say otherwise. As of now Ej and Andrew are starting to see her as an adoptive sister and less of a sitter.

Granted many of these particular stories can be written as blurbs or one-shots. But I am more prone to longer stories, so we'll see what happens there. And these are more like suggestions for stories I could write. I have enough knowledge of the Roba verse in my own headcanon that I don't need to watch the episodes anymore.

Oh. A note about that. In this current fic, it's going to be revealed that Victoria actually has no real memory of the ESP Duelist episodes. She's only seen it once when she was still living with her abusive father, and the psych ward the Johnsons put her in disallowed any association with the cartoon so she was never able to see it again. The only reason she knows about Jinzo and what Espa did is because of Jo. Wait'll Espa and the Robas hear that!!

So it seems I will be in the Fanfiction business for a while longer. I *had* to open that door, didn't I? LOL.

Trivia: Victoria only knows the Bikers from the Doom/Doma saga because Johanna told her about them. When she comes to the Yu gi oh-verse to live, she has only vague memories of certain characters after Battle City due to the fact she was basically forbidden to watch the show. The Ishtars are her strongest memory because of their prior assistance in getting her out of her "father"'s care. She is vaguely aware of Weevil and Rex due to Duelist Kingdom, and vaguely aware of Espa Roba and his brothers because of Jo.
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So I decided to do something different this year. Instead of bitching and moaning about the fact I will never have a series that is the Next Hunger Games or Divergent, I'm going to pretend those novels don't exist (partially cause Mockingjay part 1 comes out RIGHT in the middle of NaNoWriMo). Instead I am going to look to those authors (and a few of my other favorites) for their inspiration. This first letter is a Pep Talk from Marie Lu, author of the New York Times best-selling Legend trilogy. Others will follow and be LJ-cut so as not to clog up people's Friends' Lists.

Veronica Roth's Pep Talk from 2014

Marie Lu's Pep Talk from 2013

Holly Black's Pep Talk from 2010

John Green's Pep Talk from 2010


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