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So I haven't really talked publicly about this yet. A few of you guys know about the development with my left wrist. Some of you don't. So I'm going to explain what's actually going on. It seems as though I have not only got carpal tunnel syndrome; I also have cubital tunnel syndrome, which has something to do with the ulna. Basically, there is another tunnel on the other side that runs along the side where the funny bone is located near the elbow.

This is causing me a lot of pain, especially at night. It doesn't matter how much or how little typing I do, because if my elbow is bent, then the aggravation starts. My Mom is worried about it because we know that surgery probably won't fix the problem because of the tightness in my muscles due to the cerebral palsy. So of course now I have to add this to list of my never-ending issues. I'm basically living on an ice pack every twenty minutes.

What does this actually mean? It doesn't really effect my activities online unless it really flares up. On the days that it does it means less socializing online, less RPGing via journals, and less writing. I can live without the RPGing, and the socializing, but when it effects my writing... that's where I get really upset. Not that I don't love you awesome people. You're my family, and I need you guys around whether by IM, Plurk, or text if we have each other's numbers. But writing... if you've known me long enough...writing is my escape from the world, and if I can't do it...well, I'm really not a happy person.

It's also effecting my grip on things, so when I try to do things in the kitchen, or anything like that, I'm dropping things. I've been having trouble holding Bandit, too, which is really bad because he's supposed to be my support animal. And I'm supposed to be able to hold him and pet him. He comforts me like no other human being can. I don't really understand how that works. But when I'm with him, I feel like there is nothing wrong. So not being able to really cuddle him properly is upsetting, as well.

If things work out for March, I am going to have to buy myself an ice pack to take to New York with me because I know I will need it. I've been having to get up and ice my wrist in the middle of night for the last three nights, and it's really aggravating. I'm sure Lexi will understand this need. I'm just really excited to actually be going so I can visit my friends back in Spencer. I miss all of them. :(

I can't wait, too, to see my baby girl, and Licker. I miss them both so much. I mean, I loved Honey, Riku, and Mara, but Amu and Licker were my babies. It's going to be hard to leave Amu a second time, but I know she's being taken care of, Lexi tells me that on a regular basis. But I socialized all of these babies, and I miss them. I hope they remember me.... Lexi says Licker seems to remember me...when he hears me on the phone.

Anyway, that's what's been going on with me. My wrist has been bad for the last while, and it's worse now with the colder weather. But it still is annoying. I miss being able to sleep through the night. :(
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So I haven't been updating here a lot, and I apologize. I have been sucked into the world of Tumblr, and also in the world Pokemon Y, which I got from Lexi for Christmas. I love this game so much. It's interesting because I am not used to Pokemon games having such a hold on me.

I've been spending a lot of time with Bandit lately. When Sara and Lexi left, I started playing with him more, and letting him out of his cage while I was in the room. I'm trying to get used to having him around while I have drinks and food around because he needs to learn to co-exist with his mommy. Bandit, in turn, has become so snuggly and kissy. He always gives me kisses, but Bandit has gotten even more affectionate. I am chalking this up to the fact I'm letting him out more, and giving him more attention. He loves his Mommy, that's all I know, and that is really all that matters.

I've been re-energizing myself as a writer, by doing some reading. I want to work on my Dystopian again, and get a full draft finished. I refuse to give up on it, and the characters refuse to leave my head. >.> I wish I could find a way to make myself stick with a single manuscript even when I am getting frustrated with it. I didn't actually have this problem with The Borderling Chronicles books because I always had an ending in mind, so this is so frustrating. I'll probably go into more detail about this on my Tumblr. I am trying to be more author-centric there even through all my ferret postings and things. I really very desperately need to be posting on my Facebook page every day (My author page, not my personal page).

Well, that's all I've really got right now. Sorry this is so short. I'll talk to you guys in a few days if not sooner. You can also check out my Tumblr for many different things.

Trivia: Bandit's original name was Pantalaimon "Pan" Durm, named after Lyra Belacqua's daemon in His Dark Materials book trilogy.
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So last night I wrote about the gift I knew I was getting. This morning, I'd like to first and foremost wish everyone a Merry Christmas! This year is turning out to be not so bad after all. But first, lets talk about the things that happened after the presents.

Daniel went out. Yes, that's right. He went out on a night that is purely meant for the family. But! His car went up on his way home. Which means that he had to abandon it near his friend's house. He's okay though, which is good. He more than made up for the going out thing by actually inviting me to try a new show with him.

We watched two episodes of American Horror Story: Coven (which is Season 3 of the show). I am seriously hooked now. Thankfully I had enough sense to go to bed. Today is going to be fairly busy. But I couldn't get over it. Normally, he doesn't ask me to do anything with him, but last night... I was so happy. I mean, I guess I would've been even more ecstatic if he had put Bandit's cage together, but I'll take what I can get. I really enjoyed the quality time with him yesterday, to be honest.

This morning, we put the cage together right away, and Bandit seems to be enjoying the room he now has to run around. He does seem a bit freaked out by the large size! Haha. But I didn't notice how big my furbaby was getting!! He is LONG. He is definitely no longer a baby. He's going to be 2 in February, I think. (Why do all my pets end up with February birthidays...??) But I am going to be posting pictures of everything Christmas sometime this week. Belated, yes, but that's me! LOL.

Okay, I am off to listen to a Christmas present from my friend Kay. She sent me two Fall Out Boy CDs (for download) so now I don't have to listen to the same two songs of theirs over and over. LOL.
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This time last year was fairly quiet. But this year, it's kinda bittersweet. I know that my best friend Lexi will be without her mother, and even though I had stopped calling on Christmas morning because I never knew what they were doing at any one time.

Today, though, the family will be able to celebrate with the knowledge that the monster behind the tragedy is being held accountable for his actions. The sentencing isn't until March, but I am satisfied knowing that he will be on House arrest until then, and that he has a $5,000 bond, too. I'll take that. It's something.

Tonight the family is going to exchange gifts. We won't have much. In fact, Bandit actually got the gift instead of me. He is getting a large, 3-story ferret cage. I am glad he is getting this because he actually outgrew his other one last year, and I could not get 100.00 together in one sitting. :( So Mommy and Daddy C bought him one for me. I am so happy. I don't mind giving him my gift this year. He has earned it.

Daniel is actually awake, and spending time with people in the family today. This is also a great Christmas gift for me. <3 I'm excited that he is. I do know what he physically bought me, but I'm not upset about being spoiled. I won't reveal it here until I actually get it, but it is something I asked him for last year that I didn't get. But then again last year's Christmas was kinda sucky on all accounts, the family time notwithstanding.

This year is sure to be much better all around. Mom and Daddy C are pretty much out of the hole financially, and I was able to shop for everyone that I wanted to shop for. And plus, next Tuesday, Lexi and Sara will be here, and that makes me very happy! <3


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