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Aside from being in pain, I am actually in a fairly decent mood. I have been working on a bit of fanfiction since yesterday, I've been playing Hay Day, Clash of Clans, and Boom Beach, and I've been reading. I've been doing a LOT of reading, and it's making me so very happy.

Yesterday after I woke up from my codeine induced sleep, I started watching NCIS. I have been into this show off and on since the first time I ever watched Abby in action. She was just so awesome. But I've grown very fond of Gibbs, and other characters too. It was nice to get back to that show after so long. So I was up until about 1 or so watching the marathon that USA Network was airing.

I found out yesterday, by the way that I am not the only person in the world who fell in love with The Librarians TV show. My BN buddy, Jason is also into this show. Which is very much a relief for me. I'm really annoyed that we just haven't figured out if there is going to be a renewal. It had pretty hig ratings, so the chances of the renewal going by that is good. Yet, I saw on one of the message boards that TNT is under new "management" as it were, and they are wanting to make the channel a bit more dark. The Librarians is a bit campy, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy oriented, so it is possible it will not survive the change the channel is trying ot make for that reason. I am hoping that I am wrong. Given that tehy have started running Grimm on the channel, I think the chances for a renewal is good despite this change, too.

Lately, I've been really wanting to RPG. It's hard to do this on a tablet, though. I have a great many friends who have been so patient with me about typos in chat, but I can't imagine they'd really appreciate said typos in an RPG post, and even though I am very careful, I do have a tendency to miss a typo here and there. >.< I want to play Maya though, and I want to do this thing with Farkle and Riley, and I was supposed be doing this musebox thing with my friends and my Dystopian characters, but haven't done that yet, either. :( It's all coming down to the pain I've been in.

I'm going to regret this, honestly. This posting via the keyboard, but damn it does feel good to not be on a touch keyboard. I mean, I love my tablet. My 10.1 screen makes typing on it so much easier, and I don't have a lot of typos, but there are still a few of them here and there.

Okay, and now I've run out of things to say, but I just wanted to let you guys keep knowing that there have been some good things happen, despite everything that has happened that haven't been so good. I am cautiously counting the day before I get to visit Spencer, and see how things have been. I am just sad that it is happening *after* Mama Kat's passing. But it will be fun, regardless. I will have time with Marcia, I will have time with Paul, hopefully, and definitely with the Gadens. I can't wait.

Trivia: Christien and VIctoria are my oldest OTP.


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