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Sep. 21st, 2014 09:51 pm
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Today was a mixed bag of everything. Today was the day I went to see The Maze Runner. That was an amazing movie! The graphics were good, the Grievers scared the klunk out of me, and I was really impressed with the actors. The cast was the best thing about the movie, to be honest. There is more I will say, but let me do that in a different entry tomorrow.

Tonight ended on a mid to low note. First the good. Tonight, as I was getting ready to wrap up my night at Barnes and Noble when this Ansel Elgort look alike walks in. He glanced at me, smiled, then sat down at the table next to mine. I had a VERY hard time not staring. I bet he doesn't even KNOW he's walking around with Ansel's face!

This caused quite the scene when my friend Jason tried to get a picture of him for me so I could relay to my other Ansel loving friends my luck! Finally got it up where I want to put it. I couldn't put it on Facebook in case the guy actually has a Facebook, and thinks I'm crazy....or a stalker...but either way, couldn't put it on FB.

Then got home and decided to shut down my Divergent-themed PanFandom RPG. I did it over Facebook because this way Valerie cannot message me griping about me shutting it down so suddenly. AFter it was technically my RPG, and I had the final say. I'm sad about it, yes. But sometimes you have to do what yu ahve to. Basically I wasn't having fun, and therefore it wasn't fun anymore.

And besides, we had 4 players and only two of us were active. And Valerie had the other half of my Divergent cast that I needed for my plot to work. And she wouldn't shucking tag!! She also had other characters my friend Terry wanted to play with. And she didn't tag with THOSE either. So basically she ruined my RPG.

I can lay back and chill now, but I am still very upset about it. I was so proud of my plot and the work I did on it. I even ahd the journals set up properly. Its hard to set up an RPG, and I managed to do it. I just couldn't force people to tag if they didn't want to tag or whatever, especially since it was an non-activity check RPG. My next one is going to have a role call at least so that people can't sit on characters and stuff.

The other good thing that happened tonight was that I got offered a position at ChatAbout doing viral video hunts. I can't wait to get started tomorrow. It's going to be so much fun to look for videos and things. <3 They are offering me 100 points per post to start, and if they like my stuff we'll renegotiate my "rate".ChatAbout, for anyone who doesn't know, is a site that pays point for just commenting and various topics, answering and asking questions, taking a daily poll and writing up posts.

I do all of the above and get about 50 points a day. I could probably get more if I put more time in, and if I do this job well, I'll be able to do more trade ins more frequently. You can get Amazon.com, PayPal, GameStop and many other types of giftcards. <3 I love this site, and I'm glad I'm back on it, and I'm glad they're offering me this chance to do more!

Trivia: I am only 1 foot too tall to be considered a true "Hobbit". But my nickname from Daddy C has been The Hobbit since we met.
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First an explanation to those on Live Journal. I've been cross posting from Dreamwidth. The Dreamwidth site does this automatically when you have your LJ linked to it. A few weeks ago, I changed my password on LJ and forgot to update that on DW, so you guys missed the last few entries I wrote. I just got done copy/pasting those into my LJ directly so you could catch up if you so chose. I still have to go back and tag them, but at least the entries are there. Sorry about that!!

Okay, so I started watching Teen Wolf in hopes of getting some insight into Dylan O'Brien's action acting skills for The Maze Runner. No such luck, but I am in love with the show after only four episodes. And after episode 1, I already had a muse! Of course. My brain is always on overdrive.

So that leads me to topic number two. I have developed 3 muses in the last week. One has become a soul bond already. So. They are: Daniel "Day" Altan Wing from the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu, Isaac from The Fault in Our Stars (more on that later), and now I have Scott McCall from Teen Wolf. The soul bond that developed? Day Wing.

So with Isaac, I was a little surprised because the majority of muses and bonds have been from fantasy novels. I never thought I'd develop a muse from something so dramatic and realistic as The Fault in Our Stars. Moreover, if I was going to develop one, shouldn't it have been Augustus as much as I talked about him? No problem. I love Isaac as a character. Thought he was a great comic relief in the book, and Nat Woolf totally brought him to life in the movie and made me love him more. "Stop interrupting me, you interrupting asshole. You're supposed to be dead." << Isaac to Augustus during his eulogy reading at Augustus' pre-funeral. Anyway, yeah. So having an Isaac muse is kinda weird for me, but not.

Yesterday marked the release of The Maze Runner!! It is holding steady at number 1 at the box office, and I am excited!! Even though Fox has already bought the rights for The Scorch Trials, the better the movie does the more likely we are to get the entire series made. (I still have to read the book 3 and then the prequel novel, but I'm taking a break cause the end of The Scorch Trials totally irked me).

I should have written about the release, but I am waiting patiently for tomorrow so I can go see it!! I will probably be writing about the movie in every journal/blog site I have including Bubblews. <3 (I get paid 50.00 on that site every few weeks if I write religiously which I plan to start doing again this weeks.)

But yes, I am so excited to see how close to the book this movie was. My friend Jason thinks it will actually be better than the book. I think I disagree with him. I mean, the book was written in such a way that you got frustrated reading it, but that echoes in Thomas' frustration when no one would give him answers to his questions, or that they had no answers. So in a way, it was a brilliant way to handle it. I don't think Jason understand that from a literary stance. I could try and explain it, but I am no English professor, and I don't know how to really explain it to him.

Anyway, gonna go, and make fishcakes, and then probably lay down before I set to work watching Once Upon A Time and making my Glader merchandise for tomorrow. <3

Trivia: The Robas' middles names are as follows: Espa Lawrence Roba, Espa Jacob Roba, Christien Thomas Roba, Jonathan Scott Roba, and Andrew Lee Roba. (Andrew and Espa's names were actually swapped until I remembered about the actor Andrew Lawrence. LOL)
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Today was probably one of my worst days ever in a long time.

Woke up in a bad mood. My hair brush broke while I was trying to get my hair finished so I could leave with Mom on time to go to Barnes and Noble. Got to Barnes and Noble, all things were fine. Then I tried to buy something to eat. Left my stupid tablet and thereby my bank card, at home. So I got really lucky that my friend Jason worked at Chili's and was able to get me some food for free!
But still...

My time there wasn't bad. Talked to Carson a bit more. He works in the DVD/Music section. Today's topic of discussion was old school anime and manga because I explained that I was working Into the Lion's Den, and then explained in minor detail the Robas and the whole verse I created for them.

That wasn't the only thing I left, but the rest is sort of TMI. Suffice it to say that when I got home the first thing I did was get in the shower. Then I ate some Pizza even though I had planned to make my fish. I'll do that for lunch tomorrow, because I don't want the fish to go bad!!

Today on Into the Lion's Den, there was a close call where Victoria almost ran into Marcia Roba. Wyatt has stopped treating her really special (has taken away her tutor, and is forcing her to take classes with the rest of the students), and has really given her motivation by threatening to make sure that no school will take her if she leaves his school. What a jerk!

Not only that, Griffon has made it clear he disapproves of the Robas for Victoria, and he got really nasty with her at one point, but he assures her its really only an act to make Wyatt think he's on his side. In Chapter 15 (Yes, I am on Chapter 15 already, can you believe it?!) we will see the two of them become closer, and the Robas become a pleasant memory (thanks to Wyatt). Then we'll see that Christien, Espa, and Marik will figure out what's going on, start the process of extricating her.

I am starting to figure out where it is all going to end! Yay! I am thinking in Chapter 18 is when I will have Espa, Marcia, and Wyatt square off.

Trivia: The name Victoria has been my favorite name since I was 5 years old. My pen name as an author is Victoria Durm. That name is named after Victoria Ishtar. <3


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