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So yesterday I spent the day at Barnes and Noble, and read the entire thing of Into the Lion's Den from start to finish. I definitely need to add things from the time she went to the school. It was too quick, and even though in my head I knew what was going on, reading it as a reader, I couldn't even feel nervous or afraid. That tells me I still haven't done my job in telling the story. So I'm going to go back to the beginning of her time at the school, and start adding scenes and slowing things down there.

I went back and re-read a lot of the blurbs I wrote a few years ago, and found a few that I can actually see in this fic. So I want to see if I can sort of re-create those with my new writing style. And Those blurbs, by the way, still make me cringe when I read them. Not in the "OMG these are terrible" way. But in the, "OMG, where did that writing style go?" Or maybe it was the passion of the story. Not quite sure. Either way, I'm not satisfied with what I've done this far, So I'm going to fix it.

Spent all day sleeping. I don't know why. Well, I guess technically I do. I took my usual medications. But I wasn't expecting to be so tired. But since I hadn't slept well the night before, and then just couldn't' stay asleep last night despite the sleep aid, So I probably just really needed it.

Between Barnes and Noble and Staples, I've made a conclusion. Typing has taken over handwriting. I couldn't find a single notebook. They had legal pads and journals, but no plain notebooks. I talked to someone at Staples and they told me that they mainly stock the kind of notebook I was looking for in the school season now. I wonder in a few years if they will become totally obsolete. The point is, the handwritten language is dying. Kinda heart breaking, honestly, knowing that the majority of my notes for novels are handwritten. I don't do a lot of note taking online cause I prefer hard copies since I am paranoid about keeping notes anywhere on the computer. -sigh-
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Today was probably one of my worst days ever in a long time.

Woke up in a bad mood. My hair brush broke while I was trying to get my hair finished so I could leave with Mom on time to go to Barnes and Noble. Got to Barnes and Noble, all things were fine. Then I tried to buy something to eat. Left my stupid tablet and thereby my bank card, at home. So I got really lucky that my friend Jason worked at Chili's and was able to get me some food for free!
But still...

My time there wasn't bad. Talked to Carson a bit more. He works in the DVD/Music section. Today's topic of discussion was old school anime and manga because I explained that I was working Into the Lion's Den, and then explained in minor detail the Robas and the whole verse I created for them.

That wasn't the only thing I left, but the rest is sort of TMI. Suffice it to say that when I got home the first thing I did was get in the shower. Then I ate some Pizza even though I had planned to make my fish. I'll do that for lunch tomorrow, because I don't want the fish to go bad!!

Today on Into the Lion's Den, there was a close call where Victoria almost ran into Marcia Roba. Wyatt has stopped treating her really special (has taken away her tutor, and is forcing her to take classes with the rest of the students), and has really given her motivation by threatening to make sure that no school will take her if she leaves his school. What a jerk!

Not only that, Griffon has made it clear he disapproves of the Robas for Victoria, and he got really nasty with her at one point, but he assures her its really only an act to make Wyatt think he's on his side. In Chapter 15 (Yes, I am on Chapter 15 already, can you believe it?!) we will see the two of them become closer, and the Robas become a pleasant memory (thanks to Wyatt). Then we'll see that Christien, Espa, and Marik will figure out what's going on, start the process of extricating her.

I am starting to figure out where it is all going to end! Yay! I am thinking in Chapter 18 is when I will have Espa, Marcia, and Wyatt square off.

Trivia: The name Victoria has been my favorite name since I was 5 years old. My pen name as an author is Victoria Durm. That name is named after Victoria Ishtar. <3
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So today has had it's ups and downs. My biggest accomplishment today was finally, after SO MANY tries, getting the promise ring scene correct for Victoria and Christien. Originally, the promise ring was given to Victoria on one of Christien's visits to the school. This time, I had him give it to her BEFORE she entered the school.

Not only that, I had something happen that originally I don't think I thought of, and there is an irony to it. In the new scene, Victoria and Christien sort of re-enact her scenes with Jonathan as Raoul. LOL. The irony is that Christien and Tori have NEVER sang that song on stage. But I've always pictured it as their song because of Yami Marik, mostly.

It's just.... so beautiful. At last I think it is!

The other thing I did today was go with my friend Patrick to see Ghostbusters on the big screen! It was so much fun. But that, as they say, was bittersweet, for me.

I did really good, and then when the credits came up, and showed Harold Ramis... I kinda got really really sad. I imagine if I was to watch Good Will Hunting or Mrs. Doubtfire in theatres, and they showed a picture like that of Robin Williams, I'd probably be really bad right now. But I was not expecting that to happen over dear Harold since it had been so long. Will say this for the movie experience itself, I was really impressed with the seeing the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on the big screen!! That was the scene I waited for the whole movie. It was SO worth it!!

Tonight I had to help with my brother's damn resume, and things. With only one decently working PC in the house, we all were up in arms. He wanted to use my PC but see, my laptop is kinda on the fritz itself. Which of course caused an argument. Then he got mad casue he thought Mom and I saw these stupid ass pictures of him on his phone, which we didn't. I wasn't even worried about dam pictures cause I was trying to get his resume on there. FInally got it on my mom's. So... yeah, tonight's been kinda sour. :(
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With Into the Lion's Den being akin to a large play with a huge cast, I figured i needed to keep a record of who was playing who, and their roles on and off stage. So here we go!

Victoria Ishtar: Youngest sister of Marik, Rishid and Ishizu Ishtar. Adopted after Yami Marik brought her from he world where the people of Domino City were characters, not real people. She is the main character of the story. Becomes the unwilling pawn of Wyatt Munroe who plans to use her to bring down the entire Roba family. Plays Christine Daae on stage, and has played the role for close to 3 theatre seasons by the time this story takes place.

Christien Roba:Middle Roba brother. In the ESP Duelist episodes, he is the one who wears the headset. -points to icon- His speech at the end of the second episode of the set made me personally fall in love with this guy. In the story, Christien and Tori have been dating for 4 years, and are very serious. At 16, he is already thinking about whhat he wants to do with the rest of his life, and he wants Victoria be a part of it. His part in the story is sort of the "Raoul" character. He fights hard to get Victoria away from the school when things start to go south. In the prior productions of Phantom of the Opera, Christien held the role of "The Phantom" for three theatre seasons.

Espa Roba: The eldest Roba, and the legal guardian of his four brothers. Espa is in his 20s in the story, and the owner of Pryce's Carnival of Wonders in Sykesville, a small town accessible by train. His relationship with Victoria is one of healthy respect with reservations. The eldest Roba initially hired Tori to be an extra set of hands with his youngest brothers while he worked at the bookstore Bakura owned. He, like Marik, believes Christien and Victoria moved too fast in their relationship, but has since just decided to monitor it, knowing that saying anything will make it worse. In the story, he becomes the secondary guardian to Victoria when she enrolls in Wyatt's conservatory.

Jonathan Roba: He serves as the second in command of the Roba brood, but he is very close to Christien. In the story he's recently turned 18. Jonathan's often the foil for Victoria and Christien and their crazy schemes. His role here is that he becomes a mentor to Victoria when its discovered that Wyatt has ties to the carnival, and knows she's psychic. In the productions of Phantom of the Opera, he played Raoul/vicomte de Changy.

Griffon Baxter: Griffon was originally the understudy for Christien the last season they performed Phantom of the Opera. When Christien got sick towards the end of the run, he worked with Victoria for that last bit. They developed a good friendship, and remained in contact. He is the one who invites Victoria to join the school when she returns to the carnival for the summer to help Espa. Later it's revealed that he is the son of two casino owners, and he left to persue classical theatre and music. Wyatt considers him, and another boy, Teran Bishop his star pupils. In the school's production of Phantom of the Opera, he plays The Phantom to Victoria's Christine, prompting Christien to become a little jealous.

Teran Bishop: Teran was discovered by Wyatt when he understudied for Jonathan Roba in the first season that Phantom of the Opera was performed at the local theatre in Sykesville. He, along with Griffon Baxter became Wyatt's first pupils of his Conservatory. Teran is quiet, like Christien. He becomes really protective of Victoria when he sees that Wyatt is taking advantage of her naivety. It is eventually Teran working with Christien and Jonathan to get Victoria away from Wyatt and the school.

Wyatt Munroe: The headmaster of Conservatory for Classical Arts. Wyatt is in his 40s, and was a childhood friend of Julius Roba, the Robas' father. Throughout their childhood, carnie rivalries cropped up, but none so vicious as the one developed when Marcia came into the picture. While he watched Julius manipulate his way into Marcia's heart, he also saw her try and fight him off. When Julius and his growing family eventually were fired from the carnival, he started planning his revenge. Years later, Marcia found him in California and they were married. There is just one last thing he needs to do, and it will bring down the entire Roba clan.

(I can't wait to work on this more, now that I have things organized!! I had to re-adjust ages for both Victoria and the Robas. Cause originally I realized that Christien would've initially been younger that Tori during Entrapment, and I didn't like it. So I re-confiqured the time line for Into the Lion's Den)

Trivia: In my verse, All 5 of the Robas are psychic. All of them have ESP and telepathy., Christien's specialty is in telepathy and suggestion. Jonathan's is ESP and psychometry. Espa's is ESP and telepathy (he used to have telekinesis but after an incident where he overused it(Mystery at Thunderborough Park), lost the ability), Andrew's power is stifled do to a learning disability, but he can use suggestion to get what he wants. Ej is the only Roba with telekinesis. The episode where Espa and his brothers try to cheat Joey Wheeler was a ruse in itself to keep people from finding out they are actually psychic.


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