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Epilogue is taking forever to write. I know I've got to wrap it up eventually. I'm just having trouble tying up the loose ends. I'm starting to think maybe this should be the start of Part 2. Hmm. But if it is, I need to stop working on it right now because I don't have the time to work on that. I need to work on NaNoWriMo.

The other night Mom and I discovered that I get MeTV! This is incredibly awesome because now I might get to try out Bionic Woman which my friend Daisy ( [personal profile] insaneladybug to most of you on LJ) thinks I would really like. That night that we discovered MeTV, we watched Columbo. I couldn't believe that it was Peter Faulkner. Sadly, I only knew him, until that night, as the Grandfather from The Princess Bride!! He was great in Columbo though. I was very amused.

Tonight was the premiere of Red Band Society, a show about a group of kids living with terminal illnesses in a pediatric ward of a hospital. The original show was in Spanish, and they were both based on the the auotbiography, The Yellow World: How Fighting for Me Life Taught Me How to Live by Albert Espinosa. I had seen the pilot already because they kept it up on Hulu for a long time. But seeing it live was amazing, too. I know it helped boost the ratings.

Lately I haven't been feeling social with anyone. I know that is because I am going through a transition on my medications and this kind of adjustment always makes me feel really off and anti-people because I often don't feel well. I'm specifically staying away from Valerie during the transition because my mood swings plus her mood swings equal really bad arguments. But i do talk to my friends Lissa and Adrian. They keep me smiling. That's always good.

Not to say that those of you guys who have this journal don't make me smile, because you definitely do. I just don't talk to all of you every day. I wish I did, though! We really should fix that sooner rather than later. But for tonight, I'm going to head to bed. I'll talk to you guys more tomorrow.

Trivia: Julius Roba has fraternal triplets for brothers: Spencer, Cale, and Aaron. Spencer is the father of Griffon from Into the Lion's Den.

An Update

Sep. 11th, 2014 09:27 pm
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So today I went to the doctor and was told that my blood pressure was high, I was overweight by ten pounds, and that I had to get back on all of my medications with no exceptions. -sigh- I wish i hadn't gone to the doctor now, but I knew I needed to because....

A. I am not sleeping at night, no matter WHAT the hell I take.

B. My digestive system is irregular again, and making things worse.

C. If I am going to be irrational about being friends with people, then I need something to help me cope!! (Not that she isn't LOVELY when she's rational and taking HER medication the right way... but you know, that happens rarely these days)

So you see, this trip was warranted, and loathed at the same time. I was already feeling pretty low on self-confidence in the weight department after yesterday's jeans try on fiasco. If you know me, you know I HATE trying on jeans of any kind. Yesterday was especially more frustrating. :( Every pair I liked was either too big, or too small on me.


In other news, I am on the last "chapter" of Into the Lion's Den. And I really thought I might be at the end of the story. But now I'm thinking. I haven't quite wrapped up Marcia's part in this story, and I need to do that. So there will be a part 2, and that is where it will officially be wrapped up.

No, I am not going back to the stupid temple/cult idea. I have decided I hated that idea, and now the story will be moved to Vegas, as I originally planned. But this time I have a valid way of getting Victoria there. It should be fun! So Part 2.

I am thinking I will be working on my Powers story for NaNoWRiMo, starting it from scratch, again. I don't have the energy to work on a whole new novel. I want to get my dystopian off the ground.

Trivia: My favorite episode of Supernatural is Season 1's, "Hell House". That was the episode that I officially developed my Sam Winchester soul bond. I miss him.
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This post is going to sound whiny. Just a fair warning. Might also sound a bit insane, when you hear the rest of it. LOL

So My brother is ticking me off in new ways. He is dogging his boss from work. His boss is now calling my mother's phone just trying to take care of this. I don't think that's very professional of him. But I guess if he's really worried about Dan... anyway. That's irritating me because he needs to be getting his shit straight before Mom and Dad leave for Florida. I have no intention of going with them, but I can't carry the damn mortgage on 700.00 and I can't work outside the house. You see the problem, yes?

With all this stress, I am not surprised to find that my Fieyero muse showed up again. He's all, "You stopped following my advice?" and I had to admit that I had temporarily forgotten. So last night, I actually attempted to meditate, and get back to the Ozdust Ballroom. I failed, miserably. Fieyero.... was not amused. >.<

So today I decided to put "Dancing Through Life" on repeat. And a couple of times I was able to flicker in my mind to my version of the said ballroom. And my version of Fieyero. He closely resembles Adam Lambert's version of Fiyero. Though for some reason, his singing voice is of the original Fiyero, Norbert Leo Butz. Weird, yeah? Yeah. My Fieyero muse of course looks just as he does in my meditations.


I am on Chapter 16 of Into the Lion's Den, and things are about to really heat up. WIth Griffon having revealed his true identity, and pieces coming together, Wyatt has taken Victoria hostage, and now Teran will have to find a way to get her away from him long enough for the others to get to her in time.

(Spoiler: They don't. But no more spoilers from here on!)

Trivia: My first Original Character was cultivated with the help of my friend Jay. She was an OC for the fandom Charmed, and her name was Allison Elizabeth Carter (I swear I am seeing a pattern of the same names in my cahracters...Carter, Elizabeth... I think I used the name Madison for someone else before Victoria...)
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Okay, I'm not really sure when I started on my re-vamp of Into the Lion's Den, so I can't give a time frame, but I know since the time I started it that I've been craving carnie food. Mostly it's because the majority of the story has taken place at Pryce's Carnival of Wonders, the Robas' home, and livelihood. Tori has mentioned funnel cake so much!

My starting of Into the Lion's Den happened to coincide with the start of the Maryland State Fair. So I've been harassing my mom to get me a real funnel cake and a sausage and peppers sandwich. She was there for a couple of days working with her company, CellularSales through Verizon. So she was there plenty of times.

Tonight, I finally got some! It was so so so good. My Victoria muse and I are very happy people. But that wasnt' the only carnie thing that happened. Mom bought corn dogs the other day, and holy crap when you're craving a specific type of food.... lol!

Trivia: Victoria has had several last names. In Snake in the Grass her full name is Victoria Madison Carter. In Return to Me, she has the full name of Victoria Madison Johnson. Entrapment finds her officially adopted by the Ishtars, making her official name: Victoria Madison Ishtar, even though Duke Devlin allegedly had papers stating that she had a named changed Victoria Devlin. (In an unpublished blurb, Victoria has a vision where she sees her name in the paper as Victoria Roba, indicating that Christien and Tori eventually DO tie the knot).


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