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Hello, lovlies! I am so sorry I haven't updated in a few days. There have been quite a few reasons why this is. The first is the most annoying of all. For whatever reason I've had to reset my Dreamwidth password four times in the last week because 1)My tablet locked me out of my account because it refused to type my password correctly 2) When I was finally able to get on here, my account was locked out again because it refused to log me in with the NEW password. 3) And THEN I had to reset it again tonight because THAT password refused to work. It's like, really? What The Hell?

Anyway. My elbow/cubital tunnel syndrome shit hit a new painful level yesterday. It was terrible. I was on ice and codeine Tylenol Which made me sleep randomly. Yet, I did have a good time with Patrick. Yes, *that* Patrick. He and I are slowly starting to be able to be friends without him getting too touchy feely. That is definitely progress.

He showed me this web series called Adult Wednesday Addams. It's on Youtube. It is freakin' hilarious. It basically has Wednesday dealing with various every day things in her true Addams fashion. Fans of the show The Addamns Family will chuckle at some of the subtle jokes from the series, and those who aren't familiar with it will undoubtedly chuckle about the sadistic way Wednesday chooses to handle things. All I can say is that is completely awesome.

This coming Saturday I am traveling by train to see my friends in Spencer, NY. I am so excited because some of these people I haven't seen since I moved back home. I know that my girl Marcia is super excited for us to do things together. I am excited to do things with her, too! I am most anxious to see Guy and my kitties though. And to meet my adoptive nephew, Liam. <3 <3 I really want to snuggle this little bug, and give him kisses!

Of course the main reason I am going up there is to be there for the sentencing of that asshole that caused us to lose Mama Kat. But I am counting that as just a piece of my reasoning. This visit to New York is overdue. I am just hoping that it goes well, and that I Can make it a yearly thing. Next year, I want to go with Lexi to ConBust. I miss ConBust. :( ConBust was such a lot of fun for me as a writer and a fan girl, really.

Anyway, I will be gone for a week, and therefore have been working to delete my DVR so that all my shows will be able to be recorded while I'm gone. There is always the chance I won't watch anything while I'm with Lexi and Marcia. They have a way of drag me away from the TV. LOL. (I'm just kidding guys. I love nyou for it, you know. Besides I am going up there to see you guys. My TV obligations can wait!)

So I am getting off here now because before I go to NY, I am going to visit my buddy Jason at BN tomorrow. See you guys in a couple of days if I feel like getting on.



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