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So the last couple of days have been decent, minus a few hiccups in communication, but that was mostly minor. I don't really want to talk about it now though because it was resolved. Instead, I'm going to talk about gaming! Yes. Gaming. <3

For Christmas, Sara and Lexi have been fueling me for what I hope is an awesome gaming year. First with Pokemon Y, and then with Sara helping me buy Vanellope and Wreck It Ralph combo pack for my new game obsession, Disney Infinity!

Okay, first. Disney Infinity for the 3DS plays a LOT differently from the other versions. I don't know why, and I don't want to dwell on what it doesn't have. But I will say that i like it a hell of a lot more than I liked Mario Party. I hated that game, although I can't pin point one exact reason why. Lets just say, this game is a lot more fun, and I feel more comfortable with the characters. Though really that's a moot point because I was familiar with the characters in the one Mario Party game I ever played. I don't know why, but I got seriously confused playing it, and it turned me off of party games. But Disney Infinity....it's different, and I love it so much. <3

I also got Pokemon Y from Lexi. Everyone...well, most people, may know my reputation with Pokemon. This game may be changing all of that. I am in love with it. I beat my first Gym Leader EVER . And despite some navigational issues, I am still finding it much more enjoyable than I did previous games. I'm not sure why. But yay! <3

Wednesday we're going to the big mall, Arundel Mills. This mall is huge and has a lot of awesome stores. But we're mainly going for Dave and Busters and (for me) the Disney store. Not sure what else will be there.

Oh, and I also bought a Build-A-Bear. It's birthday tradition now. This one is rainbow colored, and I named her Lisa Frank Riley. I will try and post a picture of her so that you guys can see her! She's soft, and cuddly. Lexi got a Hello Kitty and named her Kathy after her late mother. I had a mini-breakdown over things regarding that. I'm not sure why, exactly because Lexi held it together better than I did. >.> THE HELL, self?

Also, in vein of writing for the Robas so much lately, I had a BAAAAD craving for Cotton Candy, and there happened to be a fresh cotton candy vendor at Towson Mall yesterday so I got some. My Tori muse was a bit indignant, and I explained that while she has a lot of my characteristics, I am not immune to a sweet tooth, and come on, Tori, really? Don't tell me you've never nibbled Andrew's cotton candy. I happen to know better!

Speaking of the Robas... strugglign to focus on the final fic now that Sara and Lexi are here. I will try and finish that after they go home. If I can tear myself away from my 3DS long enough, LOL. I'm kinda really involved in my gaming right now, which is amazing! And I'm not complaining about that! Lexi tends to bring it out of me. >.>

Trivia: While Tori works at the carnival, she actually does not prefer that type of food. The summer before Espa went to college, they finally pooled resources and got a chicken cart and now she is working on even more healthier options for those who want them. (PS: Sometimes she nips off of Andrew's cotton candy just to take the edge off her sweet tooth)
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So today is the first day of December, and that means National Novel Writing Month has officially come to an end. I have mixed emotions about it, but I'll start with the good stuff. Like my stats for the month.

This year's NaNowriMo marks the first time I have ever gone over 60k words. My total for the entire month of November was 168,051 words. This is an amazing feat that I am not sure I will ever repeat. I may have to give myself a new goal next year. We shall see.

I finally defeated TJ. TJ is someone I have been fighting to leapfrog and surpass for the last 3 years of NaNoWriMo, as he and I appear to be the top writers in Maryland (that I have added and can see stats for). TJ's count was 10k less than mine at midnight. I want to thank CURLING for that. TJ loves writing, but he admitted to me last month that curling is his true love, and so he was gone an entire weekend, and I took full advantage of it. I was 10-11k words ahead of him the rest of the month.

Other stats: 3 and 3/4 Fanfics written. All of them leading up to the end of the Wyatt saga, and I'm so thankful. Wyatt Munroe is possibly one of the most ANNOYING villains I have ever created. He's twisted, and just downright cruel. I hate getting into his head because I KNOW what he's thinking, and I know why, and just like with Aaron Roba, it's for the wrong reasons!

Some good things that have come out of everything for Victoria though:

1. She's engaged and will become a permanent part of the Roba family (although Espa, Jon, and Christien argue that she was already a permanent fixture once she was full time taking care of Andrew and Ej)

2. She has a steady job, and an up and coming vocal career either on stage or in a recording studio (that last bit hasn't been revealed yet in the fic-verse.)

3. She'll finally be able to make peace with her past, and be able to let go of a lot of the bad stuff that's happened. And can now focus on her future life with Christien.

4. She's also learned to branch out and trust others outside of her normal circle of friends. She's befriended Griffon (who she didn't know was a Roba at the time of their meeting so I'm counting it), Teran Bishop, the older Robas, Cale and Spencer (even though her relationship with them had a setback because of their triplet brother Aaron), she's accepted Weevil and Rex as friends although she keeps them at arm's length. Her greatest suprise as a friend though has been Wade Munroe, Wyatt's twin.

All in all this year of NaNoWriMo has been a great comfort to me. It was nice to return to something so familiar to me in the wake of all the loss, and changes that have happened in the last few years. Its nice to know that no matter how much I lose, or how many things change, my Robas and Victoria will be there to make things right again.

I would also like to say that there were times in the fanfic that I really had fic imitating life. Having Marcia be let out of the hospital followed by the reaction from the family (Victoria in particular) was potent, and it was therapeutic for me considering all things going on this month.

NaNoWriMo 2014 Winner Badge!
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So.....I thought it might be time to do a full time line. Becuase I can imagine poeple are so confused about ages, and I'm a bit confused, too! So let me try this:

"Snake in the Grass"- Victoria was 5.

"Return to Me"- She was 12 about to turn 13. (Her birthday is October 3rd)

"Entrapment"- She as 14. (This is also where she started performing on stage with Phantom of the Opera with Christien)

"Into the Lion's Den- She's about to turn 15 when school starts. (though Christien mistakenly claims she is 15 already)

"Into the Fire" Takes place about a year later, making VIctoria sixteen.

"The Troubled Triplet" Victoria was seventeen. (So she was 17 when she got engaged)

"Her Fading Voice" She's still seventeen because it doesn't take place quite a year later yet.

"Down Once More" She has recently turned eighteen. And now is officially the age of consent.

I need to make something else kinda clear. Even though Victoria is legally an adult, she is still childlike at times due to her psychosis. Christien and the other Robas do the best they can take care of her.
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Total written for the day: 4,512
Total Overall: 139,227

OMG. The last two nights of writing have just been crazy. Some of you heard about last night's love fest. Tonight was the exact opposite. Victoria revealed to Espa that she had once thought about killing herself, and only her love for the Robas and the Ishtars had stopped her. This was apparently at some point during her recovery from being abducted by Wyatt. Thankfully, she was in the hospital and of course wouldn't have been able to carry it out anyway.

Christien had a big problem with her not ever telling him about that, and he exploded on her and told her that he wouldn't have a marriage with her full of secrets. This prompted Victoria to reveal that she'd been thinking about things back in her world, and whether or not her friends there even missed her. She was also missing Johanna, and the nightmares she had were scattered between the Shadow Realm, the stage (with Wyatt), various locations with Aaron, and Marcia on occasion.

He wondered what she'd been telling her therapist that all of these things were still bothering her. (Some of, not all). He then reveals that he is terrified to death of them being married and what that would bring. Apparently, bridal catalogs make him nervous! LOL.

Victoria tells him that they have a couple of years, and that she wanted to do it on their eighth anniversary of performing Christine and The Phantom. Since the wedding is going to be Phantom of hte Opera themed. Haha. I can just see Christien's face when he finds out that Meghan got her way. LOL.

Tomorrow, they leave for Vegas, Victoria is reunited with Teran, Spencer, and Cale. She gets to see Marcia though only briefly.

Back in the carnival side, Jonathan invites Kendra come stay for the summer because his girlfriend wants to learn a bit more about the carnival lifestyle, and is taking summer voice lessons at the Conservatory to improve her range. (She's taken quite well to the stage, after a few side parts, and taking on Carlotta in the final performance of Phantom of the Opera that she and Victoria did together).

Tomorrow, writing aside, is the premiere of The Hunger Games: MOckingjay Part 1. <3 I will be seeing it Sunday, and so have been avoiding any spoilers about the movie. Yes I have read the book, and I know who dies when. I just don't want to hear how the movie differs yet. I want to find that out on my own.

It also marks the return of Girl Meets World with new episodes! YES! I am considering watching a marathon my tablet tomorrow as I write. I have missed Farkle so much!!

Trivia: The parts in Phantom of the Opera are as follows:

The Phantom- Christien Roba (understudy Griffon Roba)
Christine Daae- Victoria Ishtar (understudy Miranda Wilson)
Raoul DeChangy- Jonathan Roba (understudy Teran Bishop)
Carlotta- Kendra Underwood (understudy Erica Stanley)
Piangi- NPC
Meg Giry -Meghan Raptor
Firmin- NPC
Madame Giry- Ella Ford (at the Conservatory)

Most of the extra cast members were never named because it wasn't necessary. Just the principle cast. <3
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Okay! So I really should take a day or two off, right? I am close to finishing up another fic. I'm excited, but really tired, too! I'm ecstatic that I'm able to get these fics off so good, but I'm not sure I'll be able to keep at it for another two weeks!

Today I wrote 7,176 words
My total is now 128,346

So my next fic will be taking place between the carnival and the Conservatory. It will be a direct sequel to the one I wrote just now. I will also have a heavy suplot between Jonathan and Kendra who wants to join the Conservatory instead of abiding Weevil's wishes to take community college courses. I really want to explore that relationship a bit since now Espa and Christien had gotten engaged. Oh, don't worry. Jon and Kendra haven't gone out long enough, but it would be neat to see some more of it.

It will also deal with Jonathan's taking over the duties Espa handled, and seeing just how much work his elder brother did. Which will be comical and stressful at the same time. I can't wiat to get into Jonathan's head so much. I've only written from his point of view a few times, but being as he is now the eldest there, it makes more sense for me use him as a POV.

In the midst of midterm exams, Victoria is going back and forth to Domino to confer with Meghan and Kendra about wedding plans. Haha. This should be fun! Weevil and Rex will probably face-palming a lot, while Kaiba starts doing the numbers. ROFL. Me and Kay have this ongoing thing about Kaiba writing blank checks, and just handing them out to the Robas/Victoria. ROFL. It would not surprise me bit if he ends up paying for SOME if not ALL of the wedding expenses. But if I know the Ishtars as well as I think I do, they're already setting money aside in Egypt for the occasion. There's no doubt in my mind that they will make a surprise appearance at the wedding. (I am still trying to figure out who Victoria would most want to give her away. I am leaning towards Marik, big time). If it isn't Marik, it'd be Espa. But I'm just on the fence about it. I've seen weddings where two or three people gave the bride away. In the case it would definitely be Rishid, Marik, and Espa. Hee... okay, I'm getting a headache trying to plan this out now. And as it is officially half past midnight... (and I know it says 11 something, but that's just when I started.

Trivia: Kendra Underwood's original incarnation had her dealing with Cerebral Palsy which I had. I subsequently decided that I didn't want to write a fictional version of the disability, so in the following fics that included her, there was no other mention of it.
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So tonight I got into writing the scenes where Victoria and co. were preparing for Wade's big Open House Showcase. She agreed to come to the school on the contingency that if she found she couldn't handle it psychologically, she could leave at any time. Wade didn't have a trial period available, and he didn't want her to miss out on the important classes that were filling up. So there's that.

During a piano run of "The Phantom of the Opera" to try and pin point exactly where her voice cut off so that Wade could inform the conductor/musical director later, which she performed with Christien, she found it was too much to deal with, not having her full range of vocals. In the end, she fled the school, and Sykesville all together.

She went to Dominio City to get away from everything, which is funny because she used to run to the Robas to get away from everything in Domino. Heh. She wound up at Joey's who in turn enlisted Rex and Weevil to help try and talk some sense into her. A fter a quick call to Espa to let him know that she was safe, it was decided that she would stay with Rex, who just happened to have been needing a sitter the next morning.

Tomorrow will probably have Espa and Christien going into the city to get her back. Or at least attempting to. I wouldn't doubt if Victoria went to visit Yami Bakura, either, just because or if Kaiba ends up being the one to say things Victoria doesn't want to hear. Kaiba's really good at that, actually.
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I am writing this because honestly, I believe being able to keep up with the 5 differing personalities of the Robas takes talent and there is definitely an art to it. I have had to be in their heads so much this month, I started to have problems with this very concept. So I figured I'd take some time out and sort things out. This is my headcanon which only borrows slightly from the tidbits we get in The ESP Duelist episodes.

Espa Roba

In his episodes of origin, Espa comes off as somewhat cocky and sneaky. Indeed, he is found to be cheating at the duel, using his little brothers to do the job. This just about put him on my "KILL KILL KILL" list right up there with Rex and Weevil. He was going up against Joey! And in those days, Joey was the it man for me. Needless to say that my attitude towards Espa and his brothers have changed, or we wouldn't be here to discuss it!

In my head canon, Espa made good on his word for the Robas never to cheat it again. It kinda became a family code. And it extends far past dueling. And why? Because The Robas are all psychic in my mind. The code of the Roba Family is to never ever use their psychic gifts to hurt another person, or each other. This means, of course, no ESP on each other. Though Espa's is somewhat heightened and he always has that instinct when something is wrong, he tries his best to not intervene when at all possible where his brothers are concerned.

Speaking of his brothers... because of the way things went down with his mother, Espa has a very active hand in his brothers' lives, even if they get increasingly annoyed by it as they get older. The young man has spent his entire life protecting his family, and so it's very hard for him to step away and have his own life apart from them. Which is where his (now) fiancee Nora Lancaster comes in.

Nora was a childhood friend, and the only person left at the carnival from Espa's days there. They started up a relationship shortly after Espa signed the papers to the carnival, and they've been slowly progressing. While with Nora, Espa does his best to turn off the older brother switch, and Nora is all too happy to help him do that. She has been instrumental in helping Espa see that he wanted to be more than the caregiver for his family. So now he's going to finally go to school and do something else.

Espa's personality is...somewhere between closed off and downright cold. Or so it would seem. Because of his early risse into adulthood at the age of 13, Espa has had to make a lot of sacrifices for the sake of his four brothers. Not one does he regret. He is always acutely aware of the fact he missed out. Early on he decided he wasn't going to accept any help from anyone. This changed later, but he still is reluctant, even with Kaiba being a main benefactor.

When it comes to making friends, he can come off as standoffish, but that's because he holds people at arms length. If you're lucky to get into Espa's good graces, don't ever do anything that would make him regret it. This is a lesson Victoria learns quickly. And it also is the main reason why she has been trying harder to be more sensitive to Espa's wishes.

Jonathan Roba

Jonathan Roba. Ah... he is his brother's brother. Almost a hair taller than Espa, he carries himself in about the same manner. But it didn't start that way! When he was younger, he was all too happy to help Espa with Christien, Andrew, and Ej, but he, himself, always managed to get sucked into their varying schemes, often resulting in Espa being disappointed in him. His favorite thing to do was to go on crazy adventures with Mokuba Kaiba, and then come home and tell them all about it. (Granted these adventures were mostly consistently of sneaking past security at Kaiba Corp on the days Seto was extra busy, and going ot Kaibaland sometimes after dark, so nothing too big...or dangerous. Just annoying for the elder Roba to get calls about).

As he got older, he started to take more of a serious role in the family, often acting as Espa's second in command when his eldest brother had to work late. He is no expert at the child care game, though. It is mostly for that reason he is thankful when Victoria Ishtar comes into the picture to try and straighten them out. He's at first, like Espa, very wary of her, given her past transgression of following Espa home just for a look at them. But soon warms up to her, seeing that she brings out a somewhat adventurous side in his younger brother, Christien.

His personality on a whole is a lot softer than Espa's. He, too, is protective of his entire family, but mostly of his three younger brothers. He doesn't really do the dueling thing but has always held a fascination with it as a spectator. He keeps people at arms length too, but often he relents to letting them in. Mokuba is a good example of this. Because he and Mokuba can relate to having protective older brothers, they hit it off almost immediately after Battle City (where Mokuba busted the four younger brothers cheating on Espa's behalf).

Jonathan is also much easier at starting up relationships. Unlike his elder brother and his youger brother, he has had two romantic relationships. The first was with a girl named Nikki who was in the KaibaCorp dueling league with him when he was still dueling. That relationship lasted a year until Nikki left Domino pursue a professional dueling career. The second is with Kendra Underwood.

Kendra and Jonathan started out as friendly rivals on opposing soccer teams. That friendship suddenly got serious a few years later when the Robas and Victoria traveled to Las Vegas to have Victoria finally be able to compete in a dueling tournament against Veronica Skylar, another girl who was brought into that world from an alternate one where the Robas and company were fictional. Jonathan asked Kendra out, and much to Weevil's dismay, the youngest Underwood agreed.

At the age of 20, Jonathan has become a sort of Espa lite, as he has taken on the responsibility of the carnival, and the care of his brothers, though Christien is legally an adult. He runs a very effective routine, and with Victoria at his side as second in command caregiver wise, the carnival is set to run for a long time.

Christien Roba

Eee! (-clears throat-Ahem. Fan girl moment). It is not a big secret that Christien Roba is my favorite Roba to write for. He is quiet, and thoughtful, and at times, seems to have a somewhat mischevious side early in life. He is the middle Roba, and that sometimes has adverse effects. Sometimes he doesn't feel like he gets the same amount of attention from Espa that Jonathan started to get as he got older, or that the littles got because they were younger.

He also has problems letting people in, but that mostly extends to female friends, becuase he has Mommy Issues (a tidbit revealed more recently, but I had to add it as it was important!) . When we first see Christien, he is a little over 9 (so I'm assuming, but I'm not entirely sure that's accurate. Sometimes I really hate that the Robas got so shafted and were only given those two episodes!!) because of that, he is happy to tag along with Jonathan and Mokuba on their varying adventures.

Like Jonathan, Christien takes special interest in his younger brothers. He has very close relationship with Andrew, and usually if he's getting into a fight its because someone's picking on him. But it would take a lot to get Christien riled up because he is very much a quiet boy. Until Victoria.

When Christien met Victoria, it was almost love at first sight though neither he or she was aware of it. He found himself increasingly intrigued with her as she introduced the Robas to her strange obsession with Ancient Egyptian culture and rituals. But it wasn't until she became the Robas' standing sitter, and he saw her in a completely different environment that he became smitten. It became his mission from that point on to court her.

He and Victoria have had a roller coaster of a relationship, but most of it has been good. He finds himself consistently protecting her from people and things, and sometimes herself. She has been good for him, too, though. Due to some coaxing, and downright bribery, he wound up auditioning with her for a community production of The Phantom of the Opera. That audition would lead the pair to become the longest running Phantom and Christine in history of the theatre. Because of their continued involvement with 'Phantom', Christien used their signature song, "All I Ask Of You" to give her both a promise ring, and her engagement ring.

Personality wise, Christien is very quiet and thoughtful. He likes to help people, and he tries to do so at every opportunity. He is the main runner of the midway at the carnival, and he really enjoys it. When it comes to meeting new people, he is like his elder brothers, and is very cautious. He doesn't even like to have Victoria meet new people when he's not present. He is often able to make quick decisions because of always being on the listen for advice, and dangers.

Andrew and Ej Roba

As the babies of hte family, one would think I wouldn't really spend much time on them. Boy are you wrong. Of all of the Robas, these two got a Lot of development. Andrew was betwen 4 and 5 in the ESP Duelist episodes, and Ej, of course, was a baby. But I am thinking now he might've been abou 1. In one fic, I had him being 2. Hmm. Anyway! The littlest Robas aren't any less fun to write for than their older brothers.

Andrew is so adorable. His relationship with Victoria is one that I can completely relate to. That relationship was modeled after my early relationship with Daniel. He likes sweets, but they often make him bounce off the walls, so Victoria started monitoring that. Now he's into more healthy foods, like apples and bananas. He often likes to act like he's older than he is and that leads Tori to call him her second in command. He is always good at finding lost shoes in the daily Great Shoe Hunt.

Now that he's ten, he has finally joined the carnival with his own act with Jonathan. It is a long and complicated Juggling act that he is very proud of. He doesn't like Victoria constantly being on his case anymore, but he never says it outright, knowing what the teen has done for him. Being older also means he takes on more responsibility which in this case means that he takes care of Ej now. And Victoria is okay with that, most days. Besides, Andrew likes to point out, Victoria needs some time to rest now that they're older!

Ej (which stand for Esp Jacob) is the youngest of the Roba brood. When he first meets Victoria, it's adoration at firsit sight. The baby of the family became really attached quick, and even demanded on more than on occasion that she stay the night just so she can put him to bed with her songs.

As he got older, he grew more attached to Tori. So much so that when Victoria gets abducted twice, he freaks out, thinking she's left. He doesn't remember his mother, so Victoria's all he got in that respect.

Ej has developed a little personality as he's gotten older. He's very self-reliant, or he tries to be. Is it really his fault that his shoes end up in the plant in Espa's room on a regular basis? Someone should tell the shoe monster to stop taking them! He takes pride in being able ot help his former babysitter soon to be sister-in-law with more grown up things now.

He doesn't really go to people outside the family at all. He is very closed off to newer people, and if it's Espa and his brothers, or Victoria introducing them, it still takes time for him to adjust. He prefers things to stay on routine. Differences upset him greatly, like Tori going off to the Conservatory. He hadn't liked that at all!

Wrapping up:

As you can see... it can get pretty hairy in any given Roba fic without Victoria's presence. But when I throw that girl into things, it makes it easier for me to determine their personalities because the relationship she has with Espa is vastly different from the one she has with any of his other brothers.

In these last few fics, I have tried to give Espa more of a voice because somehow he got lost in the shuffle of Christoria (Christien x Victoria) and Jendra (Jonthan x Kendra), as well as some of their actual antics and things. Espa, I feel, gets the least amount of attention from the group, so I wanted to remedy that, and introduced a new concept: Espa in a real, romantic relationship. I thnk I really loved writing his scenes at the prom because it was unusual for me to get to show that gentler side of Espa, and that reluctant-to-give-in side, too. Nora brings it out of him though, and it's sweet. Also, that ship name is Espora.

Trivia: Nora's last name is taken from Hazel Grace Lancaster from The Fault in Our Stars.
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So many feels!! She got cleared for carnival work on light duty. Wade invited her, Christien, Jonathan, and Griffon to perform at an Open House showcase for the fall semester of his school. Christien flipped out and forced Suggesiton on Victoria to keep her safe from Wade, Jonathan went in and erased that memory, and saved Christien's rear... it's been a good night! Oh, and...Espa is engaged! And also...The Ishtars are moving to Egypt.

This prompted a mild mild tantrum on Victoria's part, which Christien, of course managed to pacify. (She didn't throw this tantrum in the Ishtars' presence, of course.)

yeah, that's what happened in 9k words today. I can't believe I've written this much, and I'm still quite eager to write more, but I had to come in here and write, because holy crap on a cracker. The biggest shocker of the night was that proposal. And the way he did it, too, was awesome!

He reached up and touched her cheek gently. “I have to do this, though. I want to make a really good life for us...”

“Us?” Nora asked. She raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean? Or should I ask, what did you see?”

Espa led her over to his bed, and sat on the edge of it, pulling her close. “Well. I'm not really as good with this stuff as Jonathan and Christien seem to be....but I guess there's no stopping now, is there?” He asked. The eldest Roba reached under his matress, and produced a ring box. “We're going to be together for a long time, I think. So.. someone once said if you like it, you put a ring on it. They're wrong. When you love it, you should put a ring on it, and make it yours...” He shook his head. “That... didn't come out right, I'm sorry... let me...”

“Just be quiet. So I can say yes.” Nora's eyes danced with tears of happiness as Espa put the ring on her finger. “I...I wasn't even expecting...”

Just OMG. Where did I learn to write this stuff? I have NO experience in that department. Not in the same way some of my other friends do. But yet, I seem to be able to crank out the romance at the drop of a hat!! Maybe I should be writing Romance Novels! Fantasy sure isn't cutting it.

Anway that scene right there was the highlight of my night. I am just so giggly right now!

Trivia: Carlton Pryce is the last Pryce to own the carnival. The Robas have kept the name as it is in his family's memory.
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Over the last couple of weeks, I've been talking to my friend Kay about the psychology behind all of my various fics. First with Marcia and then with Victoria. We talked about how things could really take a long time for both of them to heal.

Tori's long terms effects could become more obvious if they're not monitored completely. She sees "phantom" Aarons and Wyatts where they would have no business going. Indeed, in "The Troubled Triplet" she dared imaginary versions of Wyatt and Marcia to come and stop her from taking Christien's engagement ring.

When she finally meets Wade Munroe in person, she has a lot of issues to overcome, even though she does let him help her with an issue that Espa and his uncles cannot. But she had quite a few false starts before she would let him. Going home was even harder cause there are certain, every day actions, that have become traumatizing for her, such as opening a van door, reclining her seat for her... things that normal people just don't cringe about. There is no doubt in my mind it is going to take a very long time before she is completely healed.

One thing I have loved about her recovery is the way that everyone is on board with it. All the way down to the littlest Robas. Andrew recently just asked her if he could help her somehow. One of my favorite scenes is in the van with Spencer and Cale when Griffon reminds her that Aaron's abduction wasn't the only thing that happened the night of her prom. He casually reminded her that the Robas had gained a family member when Christien proposed to her. I thought that was probably cutest thing ever.

Victoria's recovery is going to happen slowly, if Espa has anything to say about it. He's not rushing her to the carnival, and he's not letting her overextend herself despite how "stir crazy" she claims she's going in the house alone. Which is another great reason for Griffon to be there, even if he will be at school. (Which also makes sense for when she decides to go back, though Christien himself is probably going to go (but for his own reasons).

Christien's psychology is turning a bit ugly, too, though. He's become even more possessive and protective. He wants to control Victoria's decisions because he feels she's not together enough to make sound decisions on her own. >.< I get it, Christien, but lets not go down that road, okay? Okay. I think Spencer said it best: " He's a young man whose deeply in love with his best friend and is watching her slowly slip away from him. Or at least that what he thinks in his head. He knows consciously that you are doing the best you can.” Spencer said.

I've really been thinking about this because I really want to portray her PTSD (and his progression towards possessiveness) in a realistic light. And being as I have been diagnosed with PTSD, I feel like I can kinda figure out how to write it out.

Trivia:The full names of the Triplet Uncles are as Follows: Aaron Lucas Roba, Spencer Thomas Roba, and Cale Elias Roba.
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Total written today: 7,989
Total over all: 80,011

Okay!! Hooboy! So I finished the second fic which I remember correctly I named "The Troubled Triplet". It ended with Victoria in the Domino City Psychiatric Clinic, and being order by her therapist to do a six month stint complete with individual and group therapy. Thankfully, Christien didn't beat the crap out of Aaron, but was not above using Suggestion to order Aaron to return the rings he had given Victoria so that he could return them to Victoria himself.

I don't want to say what happened with Aaron's girls because it's a tidbit for this upcoming story I'm writing now, and yeah. I want to save that for when I reveal it in the source material. Okay, well, I guess I can say now (as I've just revealed in my fic as I was finishing up for the night). Cale took them in and Aaron (wisely) signed away his right so that they wouldn't stay in the foster care system.

So I know roughly how Chapter One is going to end of this fic. It's going to end with Griffon announcing that he, and Teran, were returning to Conservatory, and that they'd really like to see if Victoria could come, with Christien and Jonathan. There is a reason why they can all go there even though it was technically a High School aged Conservatory. you'll see why!
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HOLY SHIT. Today was a HUGE writing day for me. And a lot of stuff happened!! First though for the totals:

Words written:10,019
Overall total: 72,023

So very much happened today in the fanfic, it's ridiculous. Last night I mentioned that I planned to write the prom/engagement/ and abduction scenes. Check, Check, and Check! The engagement went off well, and of course Victoria said yes! It was funny. Mom was watching my face as I wrote that scene, and she got worried cause I was crying. LOL. But I was crying happy tears! I mean, for crying out loud, the pairing was 10 years old!! It's like watching your kids grow up in a way, you know.

Then of course came the abduction scene. OMG. But the actual kidnapping wasn't nearly as dramatic as the aftermath. Christien got really violently angry. He punched the crap out of a mirror busting up his knuckles pretty bad. He's got murder on his mind, still. I really hope that once he sees that Victoria is technically unharmed he calms down... I made the mistake once with my first draft of Into the Lion's Den 2 letting him "Kill" Wyatt. I'm not going to let that happen.

Two very amusing moments happened during the police's visit to the Robas' house, though. One came from Rex. The other came from Weevil describing that Victoria wouldn't have gone quietly because she makes a big noise about anytihng she doesn't want to do including several of his Biology projects. LOL. I have to say though, like Espa, I found it very amusing and endearing to hear them jumping on Tori's defense. I hope someone tells Tori about Rex standing up for her because if there is one more person Tori needs to be better friends with Rex. They're about in the same place that Espa and Tori were in for a while. A healthy respect for each other.

Then we get to where Aaron actually took Victoria. To his cabin retreat in the mountains out of psychic "earshot" of everyone. And he's trying the same tactics that his father forced on Marcia that partially caused her mental breakdown in the first place. After realizing he's hurt her pretty bad (he snapped her wrist by accident when he psychically knocked her out of a chair), he ices it, and then explains why he's doing what he's doing. After thinking she's melted him, she asks him to go easier on her, but he doesn't.

I discovered tonight that I am infatuated with the word "placate". It is the triplet Robas' favorite word to describe the Robas' treatment of Victoria and giving her her way when she doesn't want to practice using her barrier more. I even think I used the word "placation"? Wow, self. LOL.

Trivia for tonight: Marcia and Victoria share a love of aerial acrobatics. While Marcia was a star trapeze and high wire performer, Victoria is the carnival's current high wire choreographer. She is set to debut her first high wire act after graduation.
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So I didn't write last night. I wish I had cause I Really don't remember what happened yesterday. I think I had the triplets take Victoria to carnival grounds to see just how potent the psychometry was. And it had some mixed results.

Mostly it made the triplets wary that they weren't going to get any work done on her because Espa kept interfering. Then Aaron started to use forceful Suggestion on her, and Espa blew up at all three of them and told them in no certain terms that he alone was responsible for Victoria, and that they had no right to demand complete control of her. Poor guy was even having issues with calling Marik to tell him what was going on with his sister. (I think he's afraid Marik will assume that he can't handle it. But seriously, with all of Victoria's various issues, who can, really? POor girl...)

In the end, Cale and Spencer agreed to help Espa learn some of their techniques, while Aaron continued work on Tori. Yet, Aaron's plotting....

Today, we have the teens preparing for their "prom". Meghan and Kenny are going with Griffon and Jonathan Roba respectively. Of course, Christien is taking Victoria. Jonathan, Christien, and Tori pooled their resources and got Espa a ticket to go as Nora's date since he'd had to drop out of school to take care of his brothers and thereby missed out on his own prom. Heck, they even went as far to rent his tuxedo so he'd have no excuse not to go.

Meanwhile, we find out that Espa helped Christien out with an engagement ring for Victoria which he is planning to give her at the prom. Espa reveals that he's known for a while about Christien and Victoria's engagement, right down to the fact that he knew Christien wanted to do it in a big way. So he'd started saving money to help his brother out.

Some non-NaNo stuff, but completely related. While I was writing the romantic cuteness stuff for Christien and Victoria earlier, I made a plurk about how Christien and Victoria had been my Yu gi oh OTP since 2000 something. This garnered 48 replies while at least 3 other people tried to figure out exactly when I'd fallen in love with the Robas. And it took me all the way to FF.net so that I looked up both "Return to Me" (Christien and Tori's first meeting) and "Entrapment" (when they became a "thing").

We figured out that the ESP Duelist episodes aired on January 25, 2003 and February 2, 2003. There is a very slim possibility I saw them on their original air date cause Joey was involved. LOL. I'm not sure, because I know there were times I couldn't watch the new episodes as they aired. That changed later when Marik's back story aired cause I Refused to miss it.. (Side note: Why, as much as I love Joey, didn't I write more fics for him?!) "Return to Me" was published in 2003, and "Entrapment" was published in 2004. So technically, I missed what would've been Christien and Tori's 10th anniversary last April. (I think I posted the first chapter of ENtrapment on Espa's b-day... I got really good at doing that, I think).

But yeah. I'm so excited to have figured this out. I can't believe I've had an OTP that long! I didn't really even categorize them as that, honestly. I just knew I really enjoyed writing for them. But yeah, they're my OTP, and I'm glad to be re-discovering them!

Trivia: My first Victoria Ishtar fic was a birthday present to my friend [personal profile] insaneladybug who had helped me develop the character more through RP. It was called "Snake in the Grass". This was also the first appearance of Johanna Watson, Yami Bakura's self-appointed "apprentice". Both girls were said to have the yamis as "imaginary" friends. (Oh if only the adults had known....)

Trivia Bonus: Both Victoria and Johanna are fluent in Arabic and reading heiroglyphics.
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For the last two days I haven't done a crap load of writing. Wednesday and Thursday just drained me because I was out and about with Mom and Daddy C. But I can't complain to be honest. Both occasions were nice. Daddy C and I are very close so I've actually really missed the time with him.

Some things were discussed that I haven't really talked about with anyone yet. Like where I am going to go when Mom and Daddy C move to Florida. Originally the plan was for me to live with Daniel here at the house, but that is a very slim possibility at this point because Dan is struggling so hard to find and keep a job. One minute he has one the next he doesn't. It's ridiculous.

My plan is to try and find a friend who would be willing to take me in with all of my limitations, and would be able ot take care of me. (Get me to the doctors, get me out of hte house sometimes, things like that!) Patrick was Cal's first option, but given our history, and his still "pining" for me, that is never going to happen. The boy wears his heart on his sleeve, too. Then we thought about Fred. Well, that's not going ot hapepn cause the boy doesn't know how to save up for an apartment. Ugh. I'm very upset about that.

My ideal solution would be to move back in with Lexi, to be honest. I had a lot of friends up there, and I know that Lexi and I would be okay. We've talked about me coming to visit many times. But given the current situation right now, I'm not sure I'm ready to go up and visit. My plan is to try and visit later in the New Year before Otakon. I want to see everyone. I am missing Liam growing up, and I just...yeah. I am still regretting having never gone back up there before Mama Kat died. -sigh- I know Lexi doesn't blame me, but I still feel bad that I never made it to the funeral, either. I wish I could do so much more for them than I have.

So. Today. I wrote a little over 5k words. I finished "The Main Attraction" and tomorrow I will begin working on the full length sequel to "Into the Fire". I am excited to see another of Victoria's psychic abilities develop. And to see her really have it out with Marcia when she goes to visit the woman in the psych ward after one of her many visions. (Don't worry, she doesn't go alone. The triplets take her so that she's supervised).

Perhaps the one thing I am most excited about are the prom scene, and interlaced story of Tori returning to the stage after taking a year off performing to focus on the carnival and finishing school.

There is also a subplot where she's continued being treated by the triplets, which is even more important with the emergence of the psychometry which they first experienced with Marcia. Whoo! So many plans. I just need to get to bed so I can execute them properly, yeah! Good night all!

Trivia: Marcia states in a later fic that the triplets are her best friends. (In a special deleted scenes edition of Into the Fire, the triplets go to Wyatt and Marcia and plead for them to reconsider. Aaron, espeically takes their refusal hard because he had the closest relationship with Marcia his trapeze partner for years) .
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Marcia is struggling to try and remember who she was at the carnival now. She had become super adjusted before Julius unwisely ripped away all the manipulation and thus, her memories of everything she'd done. It's like she's woken up from a very elaborate trance.

Since she knows she can't be the daughter her mother expects her to be, she is now trying to make things work at the carnival. It seems the only feelings she's finding to be natural are the ones she has for Julius.

Before anyone asks, those are the only true feeling Julius ever showed her outside of the control and manipulation. Sometime between the first time he ever tried to control her, and his father's nearly wearing her to death, he discovered that he no longer wanted to manipulate her, and instead decided he was going to fight to free her one way or another.

Of course it's probably too late to fix her completely. As we're aware already, Marcia's done for sanity wise. I STILL think that she left the boys to try and find Wyatt and Wade to try and figure out what hapepend, and how she ended up with five boys. I'm curious, though, why Spencer, Cale and Aaron didn't keep in better touch with Julius and company afterwards. I know why Aaron didn't, pretty much. He left to train with a more skilled psychic, and vowed he'd never return to the carnival. (Spoiler alert: For Victoria, he makes "house calls" to make sure that she's staying in practice.) Spencer starts coming around again after the fiasco at the school, and stays in touch with Espa more. Cale follows suit with his twin girls. He's become a parapsychologist and a famous author of parapsychological books. His twin girls are said to be very spoiled, and so during the summer that follows the events in Vegas, they are forced to come work at the carnival under Victoria's watch. (Giving Cale an excuse to join his brothers in keeping an eye on Victoria)

But seriously, I have no idea how I am wrapping this story up. It went far beyond any expectations I had for it! Maybe I Should wrap it up in the same way that I wrapped up "The Dueling Phantoms". I should write an act for Julius and Marcia for the high wire. But since I am not really sure of the time frame for this fic, I can't use Phantom of the Opera. We have had them mention.....hmm... I have an idea! Since they both love The Sound of Music, I could have them do a routine to "Sixteen going on Seventeen". Even though Marcia's not quite old enough yet. She was about to be fourteen as I recall. Hmm... damn. This is just going to get really complicated. I think that idea, though, would be really cute. I always did like Leisel and Rolf. I mean, Christien is certain not in his 30s playing The Phantom to Victoria's Christine! So his parents don't have to be the exact age, either!

Also not sure what story I will be telling next. I have other ones planned for the triplets alone. I just don't know which ones to tell yet. I am still working toward 100k. Since I will likely hit the coveted 50k by Sunday, I need to keep working, just to see how many words I can get. I'm still trying or figure out if there are going to be more stories for Marcia and Julius after this.

Okay, so while I was just writing that last sentence, it occured to me that I should end the fic with Julius giving Marcia the Promise Ring in the fun house. Like I originally said happened. It could be in the epilogue when Marcia's 15 and Julius is 16, just like it happened with Christien and Tori. I need that parallel there! Though now I am considering it might happen on the high wire instead. -nodnod- That seems appropriate. The first time Julius ever shows his affectionate side for her is when they're on the wire together. (Do you know I actually don't remember when Christien first told Tori he loved her? I know that they became an "item" during the events of Entrapment... but that's it).

Final count for the day: 5,078 words written
Total: 43,117
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So! Things got even more twisted, terrible, and sad. My fanfic is taking on some interesting events, and I'm surprisingly okay with this. So let me get to yhe nuts and bolts first.

Words written: 4,797
Total: 38,039

TJ's total at time of entry: 39k.

So I did the whoel big thing with Wayne basically draining Marcia's power to the point of unconsciousness. Madame Leota saving her from worse fate, and then Julius agreeing to let the Munroe twins take her into hiding so that his father couldn't hurt her anymore.

I didn't write a lot during that time, so I have to go back tomorrow and write more words there because I can really see Wyatt and Wade taking advantage of the situation, and at least Wyatt trying to impose his feelings for her on the poor girl. I meant to do it, but the muses went in another direction. Which brings me to this:

Julius' father died. Since I haven't figured out exactly how or if he just died or if Julius killed him, I had Julius say it was a freak accident. Lucy, as it turns out, is not like Marcia. She stayed to take care of her boys. Good girl, Luce. Good girl. (I had thought that Lucy was being held there by power only, and nothing more. .I'm glad that she was not!)

After his demise, Julius came to the twins and set Marcia free of all the manipulation and hypnosis that his father had used behind his back. He made her go home even though she didn't even remember that place.

Later she showed up back at the carnival, distraught. She couldn't remember her home life at all, or the girl she was before Julius had abducted her. Her only memory was of Julius. And that she had to stay there.

Now Julius is being forced to live with his treacherous deeds and take care of Marcia. She is basically needing to be cared for as if she's forgotten exactly how to take care of herself. This, as it will turn out, is the same thing that happened to Cecily, who had been mentioned earlier as having to end up in a psych ward.

I am thinking that eventually Aaron or Spencer will do something that will fix it so that she doesn't have to go to an institution. Probably more likely it will be Aaron as it is proven later that he is the most power of the triplets, psychically speaking. (Victoria really doesn't like him that much...lol).

I am pretty much stuck now as to where to go with it next. I still have roughly 11k more words before I hit 50k. I am determined that this fanfic will hit that amount. I have never written one quite that long even though "Into the Lion's Den" came very close! This is my personal challenge to myself. Write a 50k word fanfic. LOL. But everyone thinks I will end up writing 100k because of my challenge to TJ. I don't think so. This story isn't anywhere near 100k. If anything I'm really stretching it out at this point. We'll find out. Ugh. I hate that I have NO idea where I am going from here. Not good, self. Not good.

Trivia: Tonight discovered that Marcia's favorite of her own sons is Espa. The reasoning is that she developed a really close relationship with Spencer Roba, and Espa has a lot of his same traits. <3

Day 4!

Nov. 4th, 2014 08:55 pm
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Wrote 6k some words today, and got in some really good scenes, and I am closer and closer to and end. I need to keep it going, though, and reach 50k before I officially finish it. Trying to think of some more outlandish things that can happen. I keep going back to the fact that I made it known that Julius and Marcia's romantic relationship was fast paced, like Christien and Tori's, and I am hoping to have LOTS more romantic moments in there.

But first Wayne tormenting Marcia again, and Lyle Pryce making things up to Julius for nearly killing him when he tried to rescue Marcia from the Munroe twins earlier.

Marcia and Aaron are developing a friendship as Aaron reveals that he is quite accomplished on the trapeze. And we're seeing that Marcia's love of musicals (as stated in The Roba Diaries Reloaded when the kids are performing The Sound of Music) is true. She and Julius perform a fun version of Doe Re Mi, before which Julius reveals that in town, people call his family the VonTrapps lite.

Marcia also reveals that before her parents got tied up in divorce they had pushed for Marcia to become famous in entertainment which is why she knows a copious amount of Broadway musicals. Her favorite, she states is The Sound of Music though she is fond of Annie, as well. Julius reveals that he knows a lot of THe SOund of Music songs because their mother Lucy used to sing them to sleep when he and the triplets were younger.

So I mentioned that there was some romance! Yep! Marcia and Julius have finally kissed! (Of course Wyatt got to her first, but we're going to pretend that didn't happen!) . Basically, Julius wanted to give Marcia something else to think about so he went ahead and revealed that he had a thing for her, and then kissed her, deeply. He is shocked when Marcia returns the gesture on her own free will. Heh.

Trivia: The triplets in order of birth: Spencer, Cale, Aaron. Spencer and Cale are two minutes a part, and the two of them are five minutes older than Aaron. This positions Spencer as the sort of alpha triplet, which makes the other two follow him by nature (except for later when Aaron takes control of Victoria's psychic training. But that's mostly because he became super strong later in life).
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SO yesterday I was upset with the NaNoWriMo site for having bugs I forgot to come here once I was able to update and tell everyone the totals, and the things that have happened! So here goes:

Yesterday, I wrote 9,967 words. The total for the Fanfic is now 26,757. As of last night, I was ahead of my rival, TJ. But I haven't checked things out this morning yet.

Last night's plot twist threw me for a loop. The Munroe twins are holding Marcia captive supposedly to help her see sense. (I think it's mainly to piss Julius off, but we'll see later today what comes of that!) I really don't like Julius' father. I like him even less than I like Julius to be honest with you guys. :( Julius is turning out to be just as much a victim, so we'll see what happpens.

NaNoWriMo isn't all consuming, despite my totals. Before I went to bed, I watched Boy Meets World. Since my tablet was 60% I could only watch one episode without having to get back out of bed to grab the plug. Sadly, I still wouldn't have been able to watch more than one episode. Ever since the main plug broke, the tablet doesn't run while its plugged in. Isn't that stupid?

My dreams last night were so weird, too. I started out at a convention for Jim Henson (yes,That Jim Henson) where I met the voices of the Fraggles from Fraggle Rock. Mostly it was the guy who voiced Gobo and the lady that voiced Red (I think?). I don't even remember the names! But there were all these muppets everywhere, and sketch artists drawing cartoon versions of all my favorites. I think the most surreal part of the dream was the Steve Whitmere and I got into a really deep character discussion about Kermit the Frog. >.> SERIOUSLY?! I have no idea where any of this came from.

Then, after I moved out to the living room like I do sometimes in the morning, I had another, completely different dream about these...lego? people? It was weird. They were miniatre dolls, but they all thought they were real people. I don't remember the boy doll's name, but I remember the girl's name being Ava. That name probably comes from Ava Morgen Stern, from Girl Meets World. Even for a doll, she looked a lot like her. Just a little older. I remember all the dolls being in a lecture hall, after being "weeded out" by this older looking man. He reminded me of President Snow from The Hunger Games, but he could've also been Dr. Barnes from The Testing, but anyway! The male doll was freaked out, and didn't want Ava to leave him. Ava, apparently, was considered a flaw, and wasn't even supposed to be in the room, and she was "sucked up" by some huge vacuum device. Again, CREEPY.

-shudders- I am going to have to reemember that dream for later. It sounds like it would make a really epic story, doesn't it? Anyway, I'm off to write for the day now. See you guys later!!!

Also, (even though I don't think people on LJ can see it) Lexi found or made me some other Roba icons! This is Espa! My boy, and in bonding terms, he's becoming one of my best friends, especially when I'm not fangirling him all over the place. LOL.

Trivia: Along with Julius and his brothers, "The Main Attraction" makes references to other people that Espa talks about throughout time: Madame Leota, Boris Sr, and more notably, Lyle Pryce, who is Julius' age at the time of the story. Espa would later mirror his father's friendship with Lyle by befriending and becoming best friends with Carlton, Lyle's son.
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I am kinda glad that either Espa doesn't know what really went on between his parents or has chosen to forget/or not tell his youngest brothers. The more I delve into the story behind Marcia and Julius Roba the more freaked out I am getting.

First and foremost, Wyatt *was* partially correct about Julius. But what he doesn't tell Victoria is that it started with his father. Julius and his father together facilitated Marcia's abduction to the carnival. Originally, I didn't know she was technically abducted. In my original draft of that scene, it was merely Julius' power of Suggestion (similar to when Christien did it to Victoria in "No Vacancy". By the way, I am really surprised Wyatt never brought that up. Victoria tends to forget about that moment) . But no. In this version Everything is premeditated, right down to the installation of Wayne Roba's former babysitter into Marcia's household so that the Robas could keep an eye on Marcia's developing abilities.

As bad as Wyatt was towards Victoria, Julius is 1000 times worse towards Marcia. He manipulates her, controls her, and at one point gets physical with her when she doesn't seem to be obeying him. Marcia's only saving grace? His triplet brothers. Spencer takes special interest in her well-being, to his annoyance. (I may be changing the ages cause of gthe relationship that's developing...it's kind awkward!) Perhaps Julius' biggest crime is that he doesn't treat Marcia like a person. To him, she's his protege, his property. Someone he must groom to his expectations.

In this story, Wyatt it is actually good guy! Can you imagine him being the good guy? Because Victoria (in my head) is a little weirded out by him being nice. LOL. THere is definitely a romance (light as it is) developing between Marcia and Wyatt. She is attracted to his kindness as oppposed to Julius' rougher exterior.

Of course everyone who's familiar with my Yu gi oh (more specfically my Roba fics) know where this is headed. But I'm still trying to figure out the in-between stuff. But seriously, some really psychotic stuff is going on!! I'm lucky I haven't had nightmares myself. I feel for Marcia. I truly do. And I've never felt bad for her before. I've been right along with Victoria with despising her for the position she put the Roba brothers in. But I genuinely want to hug her and tell her things get better, and that she does escape. Of course it won't be for years yet. After Julius has died... but...oh yeah! That's what I wanted to tell you guys!

In No Vacancy, she told the Robas she went to California to get help. That was a true statement. But it wasn't because she was sick. Marcia went to find the Munroe twins so that they could explain how she ended up with five kids. She had no conscious memory of consenting to marriage, or...and get this, reproducing anyone. >.< Damn, Julius. But I'm still not sure if that is his doing, or if Wayne Roba eventually got to her when Julius started to fail. We'll find out, I'm sure.

-shudders- I am rightly creeped out along with Victoria! I'm sure my Robas (Espa and company, not Julius and his brothers) are too.

Trivia: Even though he was only eleven at the time of meeting, Spencer developed a very protective side when it came to Marcia. That is why he took it so hard when he heard how damaged Marcia became later in life. :( (As a side note, that is also why the triplets, as adults, are so hard on Victoria about stabilizing her own psychic gifts and being sure no one can use Suggestion on her. They see a LOT of Marcia in her, and it scares them)
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So after a little scare where my stomach was flipping out because it was empty and full of caffeine at the same time, and my head was driving me crazy because it hurt so badly, I am here and doing fine!

The trick or treaters are slowly pittering out which is amazing, and the best timing ever. Now I am watching Last Man Standing, waiting for Cristela to come on. Yes, I have somehow become addicted to my Friday block again. Yay! And of course my Friday block on ABC is only on until November 21st when (hopefully), Girl Meets World comes back on. Everything else will be recorded, but when November 21st hits, I will be watching. >.> Yes.

Oh and Wednesday nights. Cause Hell's Kitchen, and Red Band Society are finally back on with the World Series finally over. I have no problem with sports, but when it randomly interrupts my TV shows, my claws come out! Though I may record Hell's Kitchen and Redband Society anyway. I usually do record my stuff during NaNoWriMo!

I caught up on tags tonight, and am on track to just sit down and write when that clocks strikes midnight. I can't wait. I've got a LOT of caffeine in my system at this point, but no Mountain Dew yet. Its in the fridge, getting all cold, and ready for me to drink!

I'm almost finished with my quasi-blurb. Espa's just returning to the carnival after being gone for six months. And he's finding out what Jonathan and Victoria have done to change the carnival a bit. (And Victoria finally got her chicken cart. LOL. ) And there is an amazing act to be shown at the very end of the fic. Yay!
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2 Days from NaNoWriMo! I am so excited. For the first time in a long time I am actually more excited to see if the magic of reaching that 50k goal stand even when faced with doing things differently than I have in the past.

But first a bit of griping. So tonight my friend Valerie leaves me a message on my Facebook Wall: Do you still want the box?

I know what she's talking about. She ahs been gathering things to send to me for months. These things include an autographed copy of Icon by Margret Stohl, a set of Parabatai necklaces (because they're the equivalent of best friend charms in the Mortal Instruments world) , Jamie Campbell Bower's autograph and I think something else, but I'm not sure.

She's asking me because, once again, I went off the grid and supposedly didn't tell her. Which I have back up stating I did tell her, and I told everyone. I need to be in this place right now where I am not Role Playing the same things. I need to give myself time to get Yu gi oh out of my system, or let it sink back in, whichever the case may be. I can't focus on The Mortal Instruments or any fandoms right now because these other ones are just overpowering. This equals NOT being able to talk to a lot of people. I know that sounds awful, and maybe shallow, but that's just how it is for me. It's hard to talk to people who aren't familiar with the fandom when all you want to talk about is that particular fandom.

Anyway, apparently me going off the grid equates to me not wanting to be her friend anymore. Uh. No. It means just what I said it means. I need my space, stop harassing me. Finally.

This nearly caused a nasty blow up on my public Facebook wall, and Lexi stepped in to fix things. (Thank you, dawling!) -sigh-

But back to NaNoWriMo and my prep for this awesome hoiday! I wrote the last bit of Into the FIre today. It took me the entire morning and most of the afternoon. Part of that was my fault as I stopped and got a Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks when I went out with Mom to get her hair cut. I will be following suit next week, and getting my hair cut to chin length and getting my bangs back! >.<

Into the Fire ended interestingly enough with Espa taking on full guardianship of Victoria in order to get her the help she needs to stabilize her psychic gifts. Marik and Espa don't tell her that Espa has been given this guardianship officially. Instead, they let her believe it is her idea to move in so that Espa can get on with his own aspirations of getting his GED and going to college. In the meantime, she will be continuing school at Domino Academy via the internet. It was hinted at that Jonathan and the others are planning something in lieu of her missing her prom, but that was never written out. (Yep, another possible short story/ blurb. Cause you gotta have Christien and Victoria go to the prom, come on!)

My next fic is completely Roba-centric which is exactly how I like them. I have been in love with the five Robas for so long, sometimes I forget that before I got a hold of them, only Espa had a name. Haha. This fic will deal with Marcia and Julius Roba. How they met, their connections to Wyatt, and a few other things that needed to be written out and explained. I can't wait to sink my teeth into it. The question I have to have an answer to is this: Is Julius really the manipulative jerk that Wyatt claims that Christien took after? I don't really know the answer to that one. It's one of those things I won't know until I actually try and write for him again. I don't count the two previously written chapters because according to Spencer Roba, that's not how it went down. (Yes, I have Spencer Roba muse now. he went from being a side character to being a main character in Into the Fire, along with his two other brothers, Cale and Aaron.)

He will be a main character in "The Main Attraction" as well, since he is Julius' brother. I can't wait to write it all out!! EEE! Can't wait!

Trivia: Jonathan and Christien are both home schooled. The littler ones go to a private daycare where they are being prepared for home schooling. This is all funded by KaibaCorp because Seto Kaiba didn't want to see the brothers taken away from Espa for any other reasons.


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