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Total written for the day: 4,512
Total Overall: 139,227

OMG. The last two nights of writing have just been crazy. Some of you heard about last night's love fest. Tonight was the exact opposite. Victoria revealed to Espa that she had once thought about killing herself, and only her love for the Robas and the Ishtars had stopped her. This was apparently at some point during her recovery from being abducted by Wyatt. Thankfully, she was in the hospital and of course wouldn't have been able to carry it out anyway.

Christien had a big problem with her not ever telling him about that, and he exploded on her and told her that he wouldn't have a marriage with her full of secrets. This prompted Victoria to reveal that she'd been thinking about things back in her world, and whether or not her friends there even missed her. She was also missing Johanna, and the nightmares she had were scattered between the Shadow Realm, the stage (with Wyatt), various locations with Aaron, and Marcia on occasion.

He wondered what she'd been telling her therapist that all of these things were still bothering her. (Some of, not all). He then reveals that he is terrified to death of them being married and what that would bring. Apparently, bridal catalogs make him nervous! LOL.

Victoria tells him that they have a couple of years, and that she wanted to do it on their eighth anniversary of performing Christine and The Phantom. Since the wedding is going to be Phantom of hte Opera themed. Haha. I can just see Christien's face when he finds out that Meghan got her way. LOL.

Tomorrow, they leave for Vegas, Victoria is reunited with Teran, Spencer, and Cale. She gets to see Marcia though only briefly.

Back in the carnival side, Jonathan invites Kendra come stay for the summer because his girlfriend wants to learn a bit more about the carnival lifestyle, and is taking summer voice lessons at the Conservatory to improve her range. (She's taken quite well to the stage, after a few side parts, and taking on Carlotta in the final performance of Phantom of the Opera that she and Victoria did together).

Tomorrow, writing aside, is the premiere of The Hunger Games: MOckingjay Part 1. <3 I will be seeing it Sunday, and so have been avoiding any spoilers about the movie. Yes I have read the book, and I know who dies when. I just don't want to hear how the movie differs yet. I want to find that out on my own.

It also marks the return of Girl Meets World with new episodes! YES! I am considering watching a marathon my tablet tomorrow as I write. I have missed Farkle so much!!

Trivia: The parts in Phantom of the Opera are as follows:

The Phantom- Christien Roba (understudy Griffon Roba)
Christine Daae- Victoria Ishtar (understudy Miranda Wilson)
Raoul DeChangy- Jonathan Roba (understudy Teran Bishop)
Carlotta- Kendra Underwood (understudy Erica Stanley)
Piangi- NPC
Meg Giry -Meghan Raptor
Firmin- NPC
Madame Giry- Ella Ford (at the Conservatory)

Most of the extra cast members were never named because it wasn't necessary. Just the principle cast. <3
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Marcia is struggling to try and remember who she was at the carnival now. She had become super adjusted before Julius unwisely ripped away all the manipulation and thus, her memories of everything she'd done. It's like she's woken up from a very elaborate trance.

Since she knows she can't be the daughter her mother expects her to be, she is now trying to make things work at the carnival. It seems the only feelings she's finding to be natural are the ones she has for Julius.

Before anyone asks, those are the only true feeling Julius ever showed her outside of the control and manipulation. Sometime between the first time he ever tried to control her, and his father's nearly wearing her to death, he discovered that he no longer wanted to manipulate her, and instead decided he was going to fight to free her one way or another.

Of course it's probably too late to fix her completely. As we're aware already, Marcia's done for sanity wise. I STILL think that she left the boys to try and find Wyatt and Wade to try and figure out what hapepend, and how she ended up with five boys. I'm curious, though, why Spencer, Cale and Aaron didn't keep in better touch with Julius and company afterwards. I know why Aaron didn't, pretty much. He left to train with a more skilled psychic, and vowed he'd never return to the carnival. (Spoiler alert: For Victoria, he makes "house calls" to make sure that she's staying in practice.) Spencer starts coming around again after the fiasco at the school, and stays in touch with Espa more. Cale follows suit with his twin girls. He's become a parapsychologist and a famous author of parapsychological books. His twin girls are said to be very spoiled, and so during the summer that follows the events in Vegas, they are forced to come work at the carnival under Victoria's watch. (Giving Cale an excuse to join his brothers in keeping an eye on Victoria)

But seriously, I have no idea how I am wrapping this story up. It went far beyond any expectations I had for it! Maybe I Should wrap it up in the same way that I wrapped up "The Dueling Phantoms". I should write an act for Julius and Marcia for the high wire. But since I am not really sure of the time frame for this fic, I can't use Phantom of the Opera. We have had them mention.....hmm... I have an idea! Since they both love The Sound of Music, I could have them do a routine to "Sixteen going on Seventeen". Even though Marcia's not quite old enough yet. She was about to be fourteen as I recall. Hmm... damn. This is just going to get really complicated. I think that idea, though, would be really cute. I always did like Leisel and Rolf. I mean, Christien is certain not in his 30s playing The Phantom to Victoria's Christine! So his parents don't have to be the exact age, either!

Also not sure what story I will be telling next. I have other ones planned for the triplets alone. I just don't know which ones to tell yet. I am still working toward 100k. Since I will likely hit the coveted 50k by Sunday, I need to keep working, just to see how many words I can get. I'm still trying or figure out if there are going to be more stories for Marcia and Julius after this.

Okay, so while I was just writing that last sentence, it occured to me that I should end the fic with Julius giving Marcia the Promise Ring in the fun house. Like I originally said happened. It could be in the epilogue when Marcia's 15 and Julius is 16, just like it happened with Christien and Tori. I need that parallel there! Though now I am considering it might happen on the high wire instead. -nodnod- That seems appropriate. The first time Julius ever shows his affectionate side for her is when they're on the wire together. (Do you know I actually don't remember when Christien first told Tori he loved her? I know that they became an "item" during the events of Entrapment... but that's it).

Final count for the day: 5,078 words written
Total: 43,117

Day 4!

Nov. 4th, 2014 08:55 pm
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Wrote 6k some words today, and got in some really good scenes, and I am closer and closer to and end. I need to keep it going, though, and reach 50k before I officially finish it. Trying to think of some more outlandish things that can happen. I keep going back to the fact that I made it known that Julius and Marcia's romantic relationship was fast paced, like Christien and Tori's, and I am hoping to have LOTS more romantic moments in there.

But first Wayne tormenting Marcia again, and Lyle Pryce making things up to Julius for nearly killing him when he tried to rescue Marcia from the Munroe twins earlier.

Marcia and Aaron are developing a friendship as Aaron reveals that he is quite accomplished on the trapeze. And we're seeing that Marcia's love of musicals (as stated in The Roba Diaries Reloaded when the kids are performing The Sound of Music) is true. She and Julius perform a fun version of Doe Re Mi, before which Julius reveals that in town, people call his family the VonTrapps lite.

Marcia also reveals that before her parents got tied up in divorce they had pushed for Marcia to become famous in entertainment which is why she knows a copious amount of Broadway musicals. Her favorite, she states is The Sound of Music though she is fond of Annie, as well. Julius reveals that he knows a lot of THe SOund of Music songs because their mother Lucy used to sing them to sleep when he and the triplets were younger.

So I mentioned that there was some romance! Yep! Marcia and Julius have finally kissed! (Of course Wyatt got to her first, but we're going to pretend that didn't happen!) . Basically, Julius wanted to give Marcia something else to think about so he went ahead and revealed that he had a thing for her, and then kissed her, deeply. He is shocked when Marcia returns the gesture on her own free will. Heh.

Trivia: The triplets in order of birth: Spencer, Cale, Aaron. Spencer and Cale are two minutes a part, and the two of them are five minutes older than Aaron. This positions Spencer as the sort of alpha triplet, which makes the other two follow him by nature (except for later when Aaron takes control of Victoria's psychic training. But that's mostly because he became super strong later in life).
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Marcia Bullock: Is the main protagonist in the story. She is thirteen, going on fourteen at hte beginning of the story. Born into a family of rich people, she is fascinated by the carnival life. One day while at the carnival against her parents' wishes, she attracts the attention of Julius Roba, a prodigy psychic whom she has admired from afar for years.

Julius Roba: Julius Roba is the prodigy psychic of the carnival. He lives there with his family which includes fraternal triplet brothers, and an older sister who's recently moved away to pursue music. He's fourteen at the beginning of the story, and he is on the prowl for a new protege. Marcia Bullock has intrigued him from the first time he laid eyes on her when they were both young both because of her sudden appearance, and the fact that she seems unaware of her own special powers.

Cale Roba: One of three of Julius' triplet brothers. He is proficient with his psychic gifts too, and because of that, Julius enlists him and his other two brothers to help train Marcia to her gifts. Cale is 11 at the beginning of the story.

Spencer Roba: One of three of Julius' triplet brothers. Spencer is Julius' best friend, and second in command. Like his other brothers, Spencer is proficient in his psychic gifts that he can teach others. He prefers to keep his gifts under wraps so he and Julius tend to clash over those ideals.

Aaron Roba: One of three of Julius' triplet brothers. Aaron is the quietest of the triplets. He is also seemingly the least proficient with his gifts ( a fact later disproved). He tends to follow the other three around rather than express what he really is thinking until the time is right, and it is usually Aaron who keeps them all out of trouble.

Wyatt Munroe: One of a set of twins. He is Julius' main competition for audience at the carnival as his powers match Julius' perfectly. When they're not on stage, they can be seen to be friends on occasion. Yet, when Marcia enters the picture a whole new contest begins as they fight for her affection. His specialty is in Suggestion and hypnosis. He is fifteen at the time of the story.

Wade Munroe: One of a set of twins. Wade is not as psychically inclined as his brother though he does have ESP and telepathy. He is the most sane of three older psychics, and is often seen shielding hte younger ones from his brother and Julius' tactics. He becomes extremely protective of Marcia despite her constant refusal of his protection. He is fifteen at the time of the story.

Other Notes

There are going to be references to some of the present day characters from the carnival, such as Lyle Pryce, Madame Leota, and possibly Boris. Julius' family is the second generation of Robas to live at the carnival. Wyatt and Wade Munroe were not born into the carnival like Julius. They wandered in.

Julius and Marcia's relationship have many parallels to Christien and Victorias:

1. They''re all young when they start going out

2. Julius and Christien share the ability of Suggestion, and it is often stated that both use those gifts to keep their girls in check. (In Christien's case, it is speculated by both Marcia and Wyatt. Though it is proven untrue).

3. Both romances move fast.

4. Christien and Julius both give their girls promise rings at the carnival. Julius gives Marcia hers in the fun house, and Christien gives Victoria hers on top of the Ferris Wheel

5. Both Marcia and Victoria have to be taught their psychic gifts.

6. And perhaps the biggest parallel which I just realized is that Marcia and Victoria both come from broken homes. Marcia's family is in the middle of a divorce when she succumbs to Julius' suggestion to move to the carnival. Victoria was brought to Christien's world by force and later finds out her family is dead. (aside from the fact they were never as proper on the inside as the Johnsons' claimed to be.)
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So since "Into the Fire" is being wrapped up by tomorrow, I have a whole day (Halloween) to plan for "The Main Attraction". I'm not buying it. I need to brain storm here before I forget some of the things I need to make sure are clear.

The first thing is how Marcia and Julius Roba come in contact with each other. Skyesville is country area, so I imagine it will have some larger housing areas to, in and around the carnival area. The carnival is kinda the "gathering" place for most except the extremely rich, like Marcia's family.

I can imagine that Marcia was brought there once by her nanny as a little girl, and has a had growing fascination with it, and in particular, the main attraction, Julius Roba, the carnival's psychic.

I wrote a draft of their first official meeting once, and after re-reading it earlier this week, I have decided I didn't like the initial meeting. Given the history Wyatt Munroe states as true about Julius, I can picture him being a bit more aggressive with Marcia than what I originally wrote. Just subtly so.

I can't forget that there is also Wyatt and Wade Munroe as teens to consider. There was always this constant struggle between Wyatt and Julius over Marcia's well-being, which translates when it comes to Victoria and Christien. (Of course in later years, Wyatt has gone a bit power hungry and has lost his real purpose for being that was, so the well-being thing is non-existent where Tori is concerned. he's a bit delusional there) . Wade was an innocent bystander most of the time, trying ot keep the peace. He remains good friends with the triplet Robas, however

I have to remember to write out my character sheets for "The Main Attraction" tomorrow because there is a whole new cast of characters that are going to be introduced. I am excited about this. I've been wanting to tell Marcia's story for many years and I'm sure this time it will come out perfectly. Let's just hope it's 50k worth!

Trivia: Aaron, Cale, and Spencer, and their sister, Tracie each have a similar trait to Espa's brothers. Spencer, like Jonathan, was always Julius' second in command. Aaron was the serious one, like Christien, and is also an accomplished master of Suggestion. Cale is considered the most playful of the triplets, like Andrew. Their sister was like Ej will be, an accomplished master of telekinesis.
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Epilogue is taking forever to write. I know I've got to wrap it up eventually. I'm just having trouble tying up the loose ends. I'm starting to think maybe this should be the start of Part 2. Hmm. But if it is, I need to stop working on it right now because I don't have the time to work on that. I need to work on NaNoWriMo.

The other night Mom and I discovered that I get MeTV! This is incredibly awesome because now I might get to try out Bionic Woman which my friend Daisy ( [personal profile] insaneladybug to most of you on LJ) thinks I would really like. That night that we discovered MeTV, we watched Columbo. I couldn't believe that it was Peter Faulkner. Sadly, I only knew him, until that night, as the Grandfather from The Princess Bride!! He was great in Columbo though. I was very amused.

Tonight was the premiere of Red Band Society, a show about a group of kids living with terminal illnesses in a pediatric ward of a hospital. The original show was in Spanish, and they were both based on the the auotbiography, The Yellow World: How Fighting for Me Life Taught Me How to Live by Albert Espinosa. I had seen the pilot already because they kept it up on Hulu for a long time. But seeing it live was amazing, too. I know it helped boost the ratings.

Lately I haven't been feeling social with anyone. I know that is because I am going through a transition on my medications and this kind of adjustment always makes me feel really off and anti-people because I often don't feel well. I'm specifically staying away from Valerie during the transition because my mood swings plus her mood swings equal really bad arguments. But i do talk to my friends Lissa and Adrian. They keep me smiling. That's always good.

Not to say that those of you guys who have this journal don't make me smile, because you definitely do. I just don't talk to all of you every day. I wish I did, though! We really should fix that sooner rather than later. But for tonight, I'm going to head to bed. I'll talk to you guys more tomorrow.

Trivia: Julius Roba has fraternal triplets for brothers: Spencer, Cale, and Aaron. Spencer is the father of Griffon from Into the Lion's Den.


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