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There my Hunger Games reference to celebrate the release of Mockingjay Part 1.

Now to the words: I wrote 5,622 for a complete total of 144,849. I was only 2k words shy of my goal of 7k for the day. My goal was originally to be at 7k before 8pm. That didn't happen because I forgot to calculate the two game shows I watch with Daddy C.

Yes, I actually got Daddy C into the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions! I was ecstatic. We battled it out for four days. It was a glorious, fun event for the two of us while Mom was in Mississippi. (Can you believe I had to spell that out loud?!) Anyway!

Then of course, Girl Meets World was back on with a new episode. And it was pretty good. Much better than the fanfic I was attempting to write. LOL. I was very upset that Minkus didn't make an appearance, cause I am sure having him, and Topanga warring with their children.... that would've been comical in that plot. As it was, Lucas and Riley becoming closer friends towards the end? And Farkle realizing how ridiculous he was being... that was great too. I swear, I hope COrey Fogelmanis doesn't get any acting gigs between now, and the end of the series. I want him pursue his dreams, but I want him to wait until *after* Girl Meets World is over because I don't want to lose Farkle. You cannot replace someone like Farkle. It wouldn't work.

That wasn't the only thing that kept me from being as productive as I could be. I struggled to keep my ass in the seat while I wrote. I was bouncy and all over the place despite sinus problems.

The other reason may be that in the mid afternoon, I started writing for Jendra (Jonathan x Kendra) which, I thought was going to be a piece of cake from Jonathan's point of view. After all, I had written for him before, and I had no problems. However, trying to do it without having Christien, Victoria, or anyone else there proved to be a bit awkward, and maybe that was good for the two of them, as their relationship is so new, and was so unexpected. The cutest thing to happen during that whole scene was the admission of "I love you"s.

Now I've switched back to Espa's point of view, so I may do better and will finally get back to Christoria tomorrow, and some of Victoria's issues with Marcia. I can't wait. (WHy do I enjoy writing her trauma so much? Seriously? I'm a monster!) . Anyway, I'm exhausted, so I'm gonna head to bed.

Trivia: Kendra was the goalie for Jonathan's team's biggest rivals when they were younger
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Total written for the day: 4,512
Total Overall: 139,227

OMG. The last two nights of writing have just been crazy. Some of you heard about last night's love fest. Tonight was the exact opposite. Victoria revealed to Espa that she had once thought about killing herself, and only her love for the Robas and the Ishtars had stopped her. This was apparently at some point during her recovery from being abducted by Wyatt. Thankfully, she was in the hospital and of course wouldn't have been able to carry it out anyway.

Christien had a big problem with her not ever telling him about that, and he exploded on her and told her that he wouldn't have a marriage with her full of secrets. This prompted Victoria to reveal that she'd been thinking about things back in her world, and whether or not her friends there even missed her. She was also missing Johanna, and the nightmares she had were scattered between the Shadow Realm, the stage (with Wyatt), various locations with Aaron, and Marcia on occasion.

He wondered what she'd been telling her therapist that all of these things were still bothering her. (Some of, not all). He then reveals that he is terrified to death of them being married and what that would bring. Apparently, bridal catalogs make him nervous! LOL.

Victoria tells him that they have a couple of years, and that she wanted to do it on their eighth anniversary of performing Christine and The Phantom. Since the wedding is going to be Phantom of hte Opera themed. Haha. I can just see Christien's face when he finds out that Meghan got her way. LOL.

Tomorrow, they leave for Vegas, Victoria is reunited with Teran, Spencer, and Cale. She gets to see Marcia though only briefly.

Back in the carnival side, Jonathan invites Kendra come stay for the summer because his girlfriend wants to learn a bit more about the carnival lifestyle, and is taking summer voice lessons at the Conservatory to improve her range. (She's taken quite well to the stage, after a few side parts, and taking on Carlotta in the final performance of Phantom of the Opera that she and Victoria did together).

Tomorrow, writing aside, is the premiere of The Hunger Games: MOckingjay Part 1. <3 I will be seeing it Sunday, and so have been avoiding any spoilers about the movie. Yes I have read the book, and I know who dies when. I just don't want to hear how the movie differs yet. I want to find that out on my own.

It also marks the return of Girl Meets World with new episodes! YES! I am considering watching a marathon my tablet tomorrow as I write. I have missed Farkle so much!!

Trivia: The parts in Phantom of the Opera are as follows:

The Phantom- Christien Roba (understudy Griffon Roba)
Christine Daae- Victoria Ishtar (understudy Miranda Wilson)
Raoul DeChangy- Jonathan Roba (understudy Teran Bishop)
Carlotta- Kendra Underwood (understudy Erica Stanley)
Piangi- NPC
Meg Giry -Meghan Raptor
Firmin- NPC
Madame Giry- Ella Ford (at the Conservatory)

Most of the extra cast members were never named because it wasn't necessary. Just the principle cast. <3
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Okay! So I really should take a day or two off, right? I am close to finishing up another fic. I'm excited, but really tired, too! I'm ecstatic that I'm able to get these fics off so good, but I'm not sure I'll be able to keep at it for another two weeks!

Today I wrote 7,176 words
My total is now 128,346

So my next fic will be taking place between the carnival and the Conservatory. It will be a direct sequel to the one I wrote just now. I will also have a heavy suplot between Jonathan and Kendra who wants to join the Conservatory instead of abiding Weevil's wishes to take community college courses. I really want to explore that relationship a bit since now Espa and Christien had gotten engaged. Oh, don't worry. Jon and Kendra haven't gone out long enough, but it would be neat to see some more of it.

It will also deal with Jonathan's taking over the duties Espa handled, and seeing just how much work his elder brother did. Which will be comical and stressful at the same time. I can't wiat to get into Jonathan's head so much. I've only written from his point of view a few times, but being as he is now the eldest there, it makes more sense for me use him as a POV.

In the midst of midterm exams, Victoria is going back and forth to Domino to confer with Meghan and Kendra about wedding plans. Haha. This should be fun! Weevil and Rex will probably face-palming a lot, while Kaiba starts doing the numbers. ROFL. Me and Kay have this ongoing thing about Kaiba writing blank checks, and just handing them out to the Robas/Victoria. ROFL. It would not surprise me bit if he ends up paying for SOME if not ALL of the wedding expenses. But if I know the Ishtars as well as I think I do, they're already setting money aside in Egypt for the occasion. There's no doubt in my mind that they will make a surprise appearance at the wedding. (I am still trying to figure out who Victoria would most want to give her away. I am leaning towards Marik, big time). If it isn't Marik, it'd be Espa. But I'm just on the fence about it. I've seen weddings where two or three people gave the bride away. In the case it would definitely be Rishid, Marik, and Espa. Hee... okay, I'm getting a headache trying to plan this out now. And as it is officially half past midnight... (and I know it says 11 something, but that's just when I started.

Trivia: Kendra Underwood's original incarnation had her dealing with Cerebral Palsy which I had. I subsequently decided that I didn't want to write a fictional version of the disability, so in the following fics that included her, there was no other mention of it.


Oct. 25th, 2014 01:14 pm
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So I woke up in a pretty good mood despite the lack of sleep. WOke up with "Girl Meets Crazy Hat" episode stuck in my head, and Farkle's diabolical, "SUGAR!" pronouncement ringing in my ears. LOL. I love that little guy a bit too much.

Did some cleaning early on, and now I am devoting the rest of the day to writing and working on "Into the Fire". Victoria's about to start training with the triplet uncles, and its not going to be pleasant, and may even cause problems with Espa and his uncles.

I really need to get as much of it done as possible today because the next week is going to go by so fast, it will be ridiculous! Saturday is The Day. That's right, NaNo is coming, and I'm not going to lie. I'm scared to death I am going to fail this year. Not because I won't write, but because of WHAT I will write.

It's just a fun challenge. I keep trying to tell myself that. But anyone who's known me at least one full year knows that I take National Novel Writing Month very seriously. It's a no holds barred writing marathon that allows me to stay up all hours of the night, pouring my heart and soul into whatever the current project is, and it gives me back my social life if even only for a month.

But this year things are different. Something happened between Otakon and September, and I really just don't feel any connection to my original work anymore. This is a bad thing, guys, beecuase I really need to get more work done on my dystopian.

I was supposed to be done with Fanfiction, you know. This wasn't supposed to be a long drawn out thing. But my Robas, and now Farkle, and yeah.... just everoyne is demanding my attention except for my own novels. >.< What should I do?

Before anyone asks: Yes. The fanfics are amazing, and I'm having SO much fun with them, and plotting for the others, but I'm also aware of how they're overtaking my life again. Here are some of things I haven't really talked about much in any of my fanfics.

Most of the cast from the series that are adults now have jobs, such as:

Rex: Social Services

Weevil: Biology teacher (both regular and AP)

Espa: First as a bookstore employee, now he owns Pryce's Carnival of Wonders

Bakura: Page Turner Book store down the street from Duke's Dice Emporium

Ishizu: curator of the Ancient Egyptian exhibits at the museum/Egyptologist

Rishid and Marik: Own a mechanic shop specializing in Motorcycles and scooters
Joey: Is currently in school for psychology

Meghan and Kendra work behind the scenes and as understudies in community theatre during the spring and summer months

Mokuba spends his free time helping over at KaibaCorp (often more than Seto would like because he wants his little brother to be a kid)

Victoria and the younger Robas help Espa at the carnival at every spare opportunity. They also do community theatre there in Skyesville, and ahve done so for 3 seasons (as of Into the Lion's Den) (PS: TOri's favorite carnival job is cleaning up)

Victoria's other, unofficial title is "Neighborhood babysitter", as she often can be found watching over Monica Raptor and Joey's cousin, Lacey when she's in Domino, and she is the unofficial standing sitter for Andrew and Ej Roba at the carnival. She can often be found running a playgroup when the Robas are in Domino for special events.

No trivia today. I just wanted to get some things out! See you guys next entry!


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