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Total written for the day: 4,512
Total Overall: 139,227

OMG. The last two nights of writing have just been crazy. Some of you heard about last night's love fest. Tonight was the exact opposite. Victoria revealed to Espa that she had once thought about killing herself, and only her love for the Robas and the Ishtars had stopped her. This was apparently at some point during her recovery from being abducted by Wyatt. Thankfully, she was in the hospital and of course wouldn't have been able to carry it out anyway.

Christien had a big problem with her not ever telling him about that, and he exploded on her and told her that he wouldn't have a marriage with her full of secrets. This prompted Victoria to reveal that she'd been thinking about things back in her world, and whether or not her friends there even missed her. She was also missing Johanna, and the nightmares she had were scattered between the Shadow Realm, the stage (with Wyatt), various locations with Aaron, and Marcia on occasion.

He wondered what she'd been telling her therapist that all of these things were still bothering her. (Some of, not all). He then reveals that he is terrified to death of them being married and what that would bring. Apparently, bridal catalogs make him nervous! LOL.

Victoria tells him that they have a couple of years, and that she wanted to do it on their eighth anniversary of performing Christine and The Phantom. Since the wedding is going to be Phantom of hte Opera themed. Haha. I can just see Christien's face when he finds out that Meghan got her way. LOL.

Tomorrow, they leave for Vegas, Victoria is reunited with Teran, Spencer, and Cale. She gets to see Marcia though only briefly.

Back in the carnival side, Jonathan invites Kendra come stay for the summer because his girlfriend wants to learn a bit more about the carnival lifestyle, and is taking summer voice lessons at the Conservatory to improve her range. (She's taken quite well to the stage, after a few side parts, and taking on Carlotta in the final performance of Phantom of the Opera that she and Victoria did together).

Tomorrow, writing aside, is the premiere of The Hunger Games: MOckingjay Part 1. <3 I will be seeing it Sunday, and so have been avoiding any spoilers about the movie. Yes I have read the book, and I know who dies when. I just don't want to hear how the movie differs yet. I want to find that out on my own.

It also marks the return of Girl Meets World with new episodes! YES! I am considering watching a marathon my tablet tomorrow as I write. I have missed Farkle so much!!

Trivia: The parts in Phantom of the Opera are as follows:

The Phantom- Christien Roba (understudy Griffon Roba)
Christine Daae- Victoria Ishtar (understudy Miranda Wilson)
Raoul DeChangy- Jonathan Roba (understudy Teran Bishop)
Carlotta- Kendra Underwood (understudy Erica Stanley)
Piangi- NPC
Meg Giry -Meghan Raptor
Firmin- NPC
Madame Giry- Ella Ford (at the Conservatory)

Most of the extra cast members were never named because it wasn't necessary. Just the principle cast. <3
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Total written today: 7,989
Total over all: 80,011

Okay!! Hooboy! So I finished the second fic which I remember correctly I named "The Troubled Triplet". It ended with Victoria in the Domino City Psychiatric Clinic, and being order by her therapist to do a six month stint complete with individual and group therapy. Thankfully, Christien didn't beat the crap out of Aaron, but was not above using Suggestion to order Aaron to return the rings he had given Victoria so that he could return them to Victoria himself.

I don't want to say what happened with Aaron's girls because it's a tidbit for this upcoming story I'm writing now, and yeah. I want to save that for when I reveal it in the source material. Okay, well, I guess I can say now (as I've just revealed in my fic as I was finishing up for the night). Cale took them in and Aaron (wisely) signed away his right so that they wouldn't stay in the foster care system.

So I know roughly how Chapter One is going to end of this fic. It's going to end with Griffon announcing that he, and Teran, were returning to Conservatory, and that they'd really like to see if Victoria could come, with Christien and Jonathan. There is a reason why they can all go there even though it was technically a High School aged Conservatory. you'll see why!
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So when I started Into the Lion's Den back in September, I said it was my closure fic, and that I was compelled to write it because I was never able to really get it done, and out there. Well, here's the thing about that. I probably opened more doors than I closed.

As I was writing for Into the Lion's Den, and reacquainting myself with my own head canon, I discovered some interesting things had taken place in the verse while I was away getting involved in more "adult" things. First was the revelation that Griffon was the Robas' cousin. And second, that there was a STRONG STRONG possibility that Marcia had been manipulated into a relationship with Julius (which will be explored more in depth in a separate fic).

That being said, I now know I am probably going to be writing fanfiction for Yu gi oh for a long time now. Here is what's on deck next after "Into the Fire":

1. Marcia's Story (I have not come up with a title. Suggestions are welcomed!)

2. A story about how Victoria wound up becoming the standing babysitter for the Robas, and the development of her relationship with Espa in that respect.

3. Some story based on Julius and Marcia's time line that is more focused on his triplet brothers, Spencer, Aaron, and Cale.

And then some miscellaneous things I've already mentioned in passing but will seriously consider if this trend continues:

Christien and Victoria's wedding

A story based around Jonathan and Nikki (because I feel awful I haven't really explored that much since The Roba Diaries).

Some future time line exploring Espa teaching at a university, and his growing relationship with Nora (again cause I swear the others got shafted once the Victoria/Christien thing developed)

Jonathan, Christien, and Victoria's future adventures as co-owners of the carnival

Victoria's choice to go on to Juilliard despite the connotation it held for Wyatt when she was a teen.

And definitely some stories for Ej and Andrew. Though I haven't really thought much about where they were going to go in the future. I know it's already been stated that Victoria is no longer their standing sitter though she still seems to take that role whenever its called for. I personally think she will forever label herself as such until either Andrew or Ej say otherwise. As of now Ej and Andrew are starting to see her as an adoptive sister and less of a sitter.

Granted many of these particular stories can be written as blurbs or one-shots. But I am more prone to longer stories, so we'll see what happens there. And these are more like suggestions for stories I could write. I have enough knowledge of the Roba verse in my own headcanon that I don't need to watch the episodes anymore.

Oh. A note about that. In this current fic, it's going to be revealed that Victoria actually has no real memory of the ESP Duelist episodes. She's only seen it once when she was still living with her abusive father, and the psych ward the Johnsons put her in disallowed any association with the cartoon so she was never able to see it again. The only reason she knows about Jinzo and what Espa did is because of Jo. Wait'll Espa and the Robas hear that!!

So it seems I will be in the Fanfiction business for a while longer. I *had* to open that door, didn't I? LOL.

Trivia: Victoria only knows the Bikers from the Doom/Doma saga because Johanna told her about them. When she comes to the Yu gi oh-verse to live, she has only vague memories of certain characters after Battle City due to the fact she was basically forbidden to watch the show. The Ishtars are her strongest memory because of their prior assistance in getting her out of her "father"'s care. She is vaguely aware of Weevil and Rex due to Duelist Kingdom, and vaguely aware of Espa Roba and his brothers because of Jo.
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Epilogue is taking forever to write. I know I've got to wrap it up eventually. I'm just having trouble tying up the loose ends. I'm starting to think maybe this should be the start of Part 2. Hmm. But if it is, I need to stop working on it right now because I don't have the time to work on that. I need to work on NaNoWriMo.

The other night Mom and I discovered that I get MeTV! This is incredibly awesome because now I might get to try out Bionic Woman which my friend Daisy ( [personal profile] insaneladybug to most of you on LJ) thinks I would really like. That night that we discovered MeTV, we watched Columbo. I couldn't believe that it was Peter Faulkner. Sadly, I only knew him, until that night, as the Grandfather from The Princess Bride!! He was great in Columbo though. I was very amused.

Tonight was the premiere of Red Band Society, a show about a group of kids living with terminal illnesses in a pediatric ward of a hospital. The original show was in Spanish, and they were both based on the the auotbiography, The Yellow World: How Fighting for Me Life Taught Me How to Live by Albert Espinosa. I had seen the pilot already because they kept it up on Hulu for a long time. But seeing it live was amazing, too. I know it helped boost the ratings.

Lately I haven't been feeling social with anyone. I know that is because I am going through a transition on my medications and this kind of adjustment always makes me feel really off and anti-people because I often don't feel well. I'm specifically staying away from Valerie during the transition because my mood swings plus her mood swings equal really bad arguments. But i do talk to my friends Lissa and Adrian. They keep me smiling. That's always good.

Not to say that those of you guys who have this journal don't make me smile, because you definitely do. I just don't talk to all of you every day. I wish I did, though! We really should fix that sooner rather than later. But for tonight, I'm going to head to bed. I'll talk to you guys more tomorrow.

Trivia: Julius Roba has fraternal triplets for brothers: Spencer, Cale, and Aaron. Spencer is the father of Griffon from Into the Lion's Den.
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This post is going to sound whiny. Just a fair warning. Might also sound a bit insane, when you hear the rest of it. LOL

So My brother is ticking me off in new ways. He is dogging his boss from work. His boss is now calling my mother's phone just trying to take care of this. I don't think that's very professional of him. But I guess if he's really worried about Dan... anyway. That's irritating me because he needs to be getting his shit straight before Mom and Dad leave for Florida. I have no intention of going with them, but I can't carry the damn mortgage on 700.00 and I can't work outside the house. You see the problem, yes?

With all this stress, I am not surprised to find that my Fieyero muse showed up again. He's all, "You stopped following my advice?" and I had to admit that I had temporarily forgotten. So last night, I actually attempted to meditate, and get back to the Ozdust Ballroom. I failed, miserably. Fieyero.... was not amused. >.<

So today I decided to put "Dancing Through Life" on repeat. And a couple of times I was able to flicker in my mind to my version of the said ballroom. And my version of Fieyero. He closely resembles Adam Lambert's version of Fiyero. Though for some reason, his singing voice is of the original Fiyero, Norbert Leo Butz. Weird, yeah? Yeah. My Fieyero muse of course looks just as he does in my meditations.


I am on Chapter 16 of Into the Lion's Den, and things are about to really heat up. WIth Griffon having revealed his true identity, and pieces coming together, Wyatt has taken Victoria hostage, and now Teran will have to find a way to get her away from him long enough for the others to get to her in time.

(Spoiler: They don't. But no more spoilers from here on!)

Trivia: My first Original Character was cultivated with the help of my friend Jay. She was an OC for the fandom Charmed, and her name was Allison Elizabeth Carter (I swear I am seeing a pattern of the same names in my cahracters...Carter, Elizabeth... I think I used the name Madison for someone else before Victoria...)
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I haven't posted this online anywhere except my paid sites, but I have to post it here! I have finally managed to make my PC work! i took away all the viruses, all the adware, and now my PC is running like it's brand new! I still don't have LJ Login for some reason... it won't work. But I can use Chrome to RPG. That's not a big problem, especially now that things are So So much faster.

I am happy about this even more that I didn't have to give up my computer to anyone in order to fix the problem. People just have to understand how much I actually use this thing. If I'm not IMing, I'm writing. If I'm not writing, I'm working on a work site.

I cracked 32k words on Into the Lion's Den yesterday. I was really shocked and happy a the same time.I think I know what direction the Griffon ,character is going to go in now. He's basically in the process of hurting Victoria to protect her. It's complicated. But that's what he wants to do.

Trivia: Along with Victoria, I have 3 other OCs for Yu gi oh: Veronica Skylar-Kaiba, Elizabeth Bakura-Kaiba, and Martina Kaiba. Victoria is the only OC to have ties with several different characters in the series: She lives with the Ishtars, is best friends with Mokuba Kaiba, casual friends with Joey Wheeler (more than casual depending the time frame. They become closer later on), Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood (and many of their family members...) has crossed paths with Duke Devlin, and is the long time nanny for Andrew and Ej Roba, positioning her as part of the Roba family as well.
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So in a conversation the other day, my friend Valerie got a little bit upset because I hadn't been sharing any of my blurbs from Into the Lion's Den with her. Here is my answer to that, even though I will never tell her:

Into the Lion's Den is the culmination of months and months of RP. Even more writing of blurbs and a an entire manuscript lost.

As much fun as I am having writing this fan novel, it is making me severely miss that particular fandom in general. This fandom brought me some of my closest friends. Some I am still friends with to this day (you know who you are!) and others I haven't heard from in well over 10 years. So this is also opening a few flood gates to me.

To try and share it with anyone other than those who would understand and appreciate the work I've put into the story and the characters involved, including their back stories would be far too hard.Not only that, I just done have the patience to explain every single aspect so I just share what I can online, the parts that won't require much explanation.

It's so much more fun talking about this work when people understand the characters, the fandom, and where i am trying to go with it. Some could argue that I could discuss the aspects of The Phantom of the Opera with her. (SHe's a big Phantom of the Opera fan) . But I think there are more Yu gi oh references that she won't get to understand.

So what do you guys think? Do you share fandom works with people who you know aren't into the genre or fandom? She has made it clear that she is *not* into anime. Help?

Trivia: In the original draft of Into the Lion's Den, Christien believes that Victoria has finished with him and she and Teran start dating. In this version, Griffon develops strong feelings for Victoria while pretending to want to break her and Christien up. (Yes, confusing, I know, but you'll understand if and when I decide to post this anywhere)
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With Into the Lion's Den being akin to a large play with a huge cast, I figured i needed to keep a record of who was playing who, and their roles on and off stage. So here we go!

Victoria Ishtar: Youngest sister of Marik, Rishid and Ishizu Ishtar. Adopted after Yami Marik brought her from he world where the people of Domino City were characters, not real people. She is the main character of the story. Becomes the unwilling pawn of Wyatt Munroe who plans to use her to bring down the entire Roba family. Plays Christine Daae on stage, and has played the role for close to 3 theatre seasons by the time this story takes place.

Christien Roba:Middle Roba brother. In the ESP Duelist episodes, he is the one who wears the headset. -points to icon- His speech at the end of the second episode of the set made me personally fall in love with this guy. In the story, Christien and Tori have been dating for 4 years, and are very serious. At 16, he is already thinking about whhat he wants to do with the rest of his life, and he wants Victoria be a part of it. His part in the story is sort of the "Raoul" character. He fights hard to get Victoria away from the school when things start to go south. In the prior productions of Phantom of the Opera, Christien held the role of "The Phantom" for three theatre seasons.

Espa Roba: The eldest Roba, and the legal guardian of his four brothers. Espa is in his 20s in the story, and the owner of Pryce's Carnival of Wonders in Sykesville, a small town accessible by train. His relationship with Victoria is one of healthy respect with reservations. The eldest Roba initially hired Tori to be an extra set of hands with his youngest brothers while he worked at the bookstore Bakura owned. He, like Marik, believes Christien and Victoria moved too fast in their relationship, but has since just decided to monitor it, knowing that saying anything will make it worse. In the story, he becomes the secondary guardian to Victoria when she enrolls in Wyatt's conservatory.

Jonathan Roba: He serves as the second in command of the Roba brood, but he is very close to Christien. In the story he's recently turned 18. Jonathan's often the foil for Victoria and Christien and their crazy schemes. His role here is that he becomes a mentor to Victoria when its discovered that Wyatt has ties to the carnival, and knows she's psychic. In the productions of Phantom of the Opera, he played Raoul/vicomte de Changy.

Griffon Baxter: Griffon was originally the understudy for Christien the last season they performed Phantom of the Opera. When Christien got sick towards the end of the run, he worked with Victoria for that last bit. They developed a good friendship, and remained in contact. He is the one who invites Victoria to join the school when she returns to the carnival for the summer to help Espa. Later it's revealed that he is the son of two casino owners, and he left to persue classical theatre and music. Wyatt considers him, and another boy, Teran Bishop his star pupils. In the school's production of Phantom of the Opera, he plays The Phantom to Victoria's Christine, prompting Christien to become a little jealous.

Teran Bishop: Teran was discovered by Wyatt when he understudied for Jonathan Roba in the first season that Phantom of the Opera was performed at the local theatre in Sykesville. He, along with Griffon Baxter became Wyatt's first pupils of his Conservatory. Teran is quiet, like Christien. He becomes really protective of Victoria when he sees that Wyatt is taking advantage of her naivety. It is eventually Teran working with Christien and Jonathan to get Victoria away from Wyatt and the school.

Wyatt Munroe: The headmaster of Conservatory for Classical Arts. Wyatt is in his 40s, and was a childhood friend of Julius Roba, the Robas' father. Throughout their childhood, carnie rivalries cropped up, but none so vicious as the one developed when Marcia came into the picture. While he watched Julius manipulate his way into Marcia's heart, he also saw her try and fight him off. When Julius and his growing family eventually were fired from the carnival, he started planning his revenge. Years later, Marcia found him in California and they were married. There is just one last thing he needs to do, and it will bring down the entire Roba clan.

(I can't wait to work on this more, now that I have things organized!! I had to re-adjust ages for both Victoria and the Robas. Cause originally I realized that Christien would've initially been younger that Tori during Entrapment, and I didn't like it. So I re-confiqured the time line for Into the Lion's Den)

Trivia: In my verse, All 5 of the Robas are psychic. All of them have ESP and telepathy., Christien's specialty is in telepathy and suggestion. Jonathan's is ESP and psychometry. Espa's is ESP and telepathy (he used to have telekinesis but after an incident where he overused it(Mystery at Thunderborough Park), lost the ability), Andrew's power is stifled do to a learning disability, but he can use suggestion to get what he wants. Ej is the only Roba with telekinesis. The episode where Espa and his brothers try to cheat Joey Wheeler was a ruse in itself to keep people from finding out they are actually psychic.


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