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There my Hunger Games reference to celebrate the release of Mockingjay Part 1.

Now to the words: I wrote 5,622 for a complete total of 144,849. I was only 2k words shy of my goal of 7k for the day. My goal was originally to be at 7k before 8pm. That didn't happen because I forgot to calculate the two game shows I watch with Daddy C.

Yes, I actually got Daddy C into the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions! I was ecstatic. We battled it out for four days. It was a glorious, fun event for the two of us while Mom was in Mississippi. (Can you believe I had to spell that out loud?!) Anyway!

Then of course, Girl Meets World was back on with a new episode. And it was pretty good. Much better than the fanfic I was attempting to write. LOL. I was very upset that Minkus didn't make an appearance, cause I am sure having him, and Topanga warring with their children.... that would've been comical in that plot. As it was, Lucas and Riley becoming closer friends towards the end? And Farkle realizing how ridiculous he was being... that was great too. I swear, I hope COrey Fogelmanis doesn't get any acting gigs between now, and the end of the series. I want him pursue his dreams, but I want him to wait until *after* Girl Meets World is over because I don't want to lose Farkle. You cannot replace someone like Farkle. It wouldn't work.

That wasn't the only thing that kept me from being as productive as I could be. I struggled to keep my ass in the seat while I wrote. I was bouncy and all over the place despite sinus problems.

The other reason may be that in the mid afternoon, I started writing for Jendra (Jonathan x Kendra) which, I thought was going to be a piece of cake from Jonathan's point of view. After all, I had written for him before, and I had no problems. However, trying to do it without having Christien, Victoria, or anyone else there proved to be a bit awkward, and maybe that was good for the two of them, as their relationship is so new, and was so unexpected. The cutest thing to happen during that whole scene was the admission of "I love you"s.

Now I've switched back to Espa's point of view, so I may do better and will finally get back to Christoria tomorrow, and some of Victoria's issues with Marcia. I can't wait. (WHy do I enjoy writing her trauma so much? Seriously? I'm a monster!) . Anyway, I'm exhausted, so I'm gonna head to bed.

Trivia: Kendra was the goalie for Jonathan's team's biggest rivals when they were younger
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Today was very boring. I slept for about 4 hours today in the afternoon but other than that I did mostly writing on "Into the Fire", and I am happy to say... I am finished with it, mostly.

The interaction between Espa and Marcia was going to be a lot more epic than I made it, but I think Espa wanted to set an example for his brothers. So he behaved himself. Yay! He actually admitted that Victoria was, indeed, family to him and he would do anything to protect her just as she would go to ridiculous lengths to protect them. This time, that wasn't the case. Marcia just kinda broke into the room, and attempted to abduct her.

Thankfully, Griffon saved the day, and she is okay. The tournament is not going to happen for Victoria though because she was over exhausted. In the epilogue, though, I have it planned that Veronica and Victoria will get their duel when everyone returns to Domino City. The winner is a surprise. <3

The next couple of days, I am planning to take a rest from writing because I am exhausted creatively. Marcia's back story is going to be even more energy, and I am not sure I will be able to do it if I don't rest right now. This story has to be close 50k words so that I win, if that makes sense. That's the only thing that worries me about writing Fanfiction for NaNoWriMo. I've gotten close to 50k. Into the Lion's Den was close to 50k. Into the Fire was half-that. I'm hoping that "The Main Attraction" will be 50 or more.

Tomorrow I will probably be out with Mom all day, which means no tagging at Grande Latte until I get home... and I didn't do much of that today. -sadface- I don't know, I just really enjoy playing Farkle, so when I don't get tag, my Farkle gets antsy. LOL. I can be patient, I swear.

I am going to be buying my soda for NaNoWriMo tomorrow, too. Mountain Dew White Out and or Game Fuel! depending on whichever is available in a 12 oz can. Which me luck here!! I also need to buy some more Latte stuff for Keurig. Maybe.

Going to head to bed now. I love you guys, and I will see you all tomorrow!!

Trivia: Christien and Victoria have 2 songs that I associate with them. The first is "Just to See You Smile" by Tim McGraw, and the other is "All I Ask of You" from The Phantom of the Opera.
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I've been writing a lot of entries about fandoms, and fanfics, and RPs. But I think it's well overdue to let you guys know what's really going on in my head despite the fact I don't often let that stuff seep into my journals. (That's because I'm either fangirling to escape it, or ranting because people I hang with sometimes annoy the crap out of me).

So here's what's really going on in my head. I am feeling fairly lonely offline. I don't have a lot of social time because I can't get out and about like everyone else. I have to depend on transportation. I have to wait for people to be available. And most of all, my interests aren't waht they used to be. Maybe I'm just too old school or maybe I'm not old school enough. I'm honestly not sure which. Either way, I don't really get to spend time with my closest friends anymore becuase his job is ridiculous and he'd rather spend time with anime than his best friend.

It's too awkward spending time with Patrick because he doesn't know when to draw a damn line. He wears his emotions for me on his sleeve, and thinks I won't pick up on it. Truthfully, it makes things very uncomfortable for me, and despite my telling him that several times, he still wants to be around all the time.

I have so many muses that keep me company every day. But to be honest sometimes I wish I shared the power I gave to Veronica Skylar in "Broken Promises". She, while in Noa's virtual world, can make anything real just by thinking about it. Man, though. If I had that power, the Robas would tear my house to shreds. It's too small for all five of the hyper active boys. But would I want them, or would I insist upon Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments? Tough call!

Maybe instead, I would conjure up present day friends that didn't live so far away? These are days when I regret leaving New York the most. At least with Lexi, I had someone always who was around, and didn't care if my interests shifted at random. >.< Ugh, why isn't it January yet? Sara, Lexi and I are going to have so much fun!

I know that Lexi has some rough stuff happening in the coming months, so I just want to get better and take care of myself so I can help her when the time comes. Ah, why don't I play Riley? I am so much like her, wanting to fix everything and everyone. I can't even fix myself. LOL.

Farkle: You aren't broken. You're just depressed. You'll be okay.

You're too smart, Farkle. I don't deserve you.

Farkle: Hah! Everyone deserves a piece of this! Besides, what would my father say?

...I have no idea. YOur father is still not talking to me, except to taunt me that he "got his revenge". >.> Maybe he'd tell me I'm being irrational?

Yeah, see, I can't really deal with real life. I rely too much on my muses, and the fantasy world yet. >.<

Trivia: Even though it's been said that Jonathan has the same type of relationship with Victoria that Espa does, it is shown in later stories that he, indeed, has developed a close older brother/little sister relationship with her, and is very protective of Tori.

PS: from here on, Stuart Minkus= adult! Minkus from Girl Meets World. Minkus refers to him at Farkle's age. <3 I hope that clarifies. Also, in the case above, we're talking Adult Minkus.
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I should be asleep, but I am not, so I will update with what I did earlier in the day (as in yesterday, technically, but I don't feel like backdating)

Woke up feeling pretty good. No coughing or stuffy nose. I did the kitchen, cleaned out the fridge, and the vacuuming. We're having a Halloween party tonight so I wanted to help out as much as I could.

Then I spent the rest of the day tagging with my new friend, Kay, and Lexi over at this RPG, Grande Latte. I love it! I am as I have mentioned, playing just Farkle Minkus, and it really is fun!


The other half of the day I spent working on "Into the Fire" and this some of the stuff that's happened:

Spencer and Cale have convinced Espa to turn over training Victoria to them. They are certain that it is the fact that Espa and his brothers are too emotionally invested to really train her properly.

Victoria woke up in one of her "trance" states, and tried to go and find Wyatt who was supposedly calling her. When Griffon and Christien try and stop her, Espa gets involved, and ends up hurting her in the process.

Christien acknowledges taht while it's weird, Victoria being comforted by his elder brother Jonathan isn't uncommon and is actually a welcome change considering how clingy Tori had been to him before.


Now let me try and sleep. I doubt I will but I can try!

Trivia: I once performed as "Christine Daae" for a talent show, performing "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again". This happened around the time i was writing the first draft of "Into the Lion's Den".
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So its been said by me, and my family that when I really get into something, I go all out. That's the truth, and I completely embrace it. I used to think of it as something to be ashamed of. I would hide my fandoms and not talk about them with anyone except for those who I knew were the same way as me. I'd even avoid talking to people who I Knew didn't share the fandom because it's all I want to talk about.

I've come to a point in my life where I think avoiding others who are different or think differently about a fandom is a bad thing. I mean, not everyone will like the same things on the same level I do. That's okay. It's also okay that I go overboard because that's how my support comes across. If it annoys others, then they are perfectly alright say, "I don't want to talk about this anymore". And even though I might initially feel rejected, I will be okay. That is something I am trying to work on.

Case in point, I think already in just a week, people are tired of hearing about Farkle Minkus, Girl Meets World, and the actors that have and have not returned to the verse. But my real friends understand that this something I am really passionate about at the moment, and if I'm going to be passionate about it, then it's best to let it ride its way out. Of course, we're talking about Farkle Minkus, who just needs to be protected. (-smacks forehead-Way to make your point, dude.)

There's a good possiblity that Farkle has become a permanent member of my muse closet, which I am totally okay with as long as Dad Stuart Minkus doesn't join him. Well, maybe adult!Stuart Minkus can. He's very funny. <3

I have watched Girl Meets Maya's Mother a lot now, just because of Lee Norris' appearance. .I can't lie. I am going back to Youtube, too, and some of Minkus' moments on Boy Meets World, and let me tell you. There are MINKUS homages all over Farkle! From his hair and his genius, to his flirtatious side, he is all Minkus just in a new, more amicable formula. IF that makes sense.

Some of the other things I've done as a fan girl is spend hours on the Girl Meets World boards. These are board for the official Wikia, the Disney Channel, and various IMDB.com boards for both the actors of the show, the show itself, episodes, and the parent show, Boy Meets World. I have also entered Farkle into an RPG, which I mentioned in my last entry.

Now i am trying ot learn quotes from the little guy cause his quips are just as a good as Minkus' were back in the day. (Riley: You said they were all natural!! "SUGAAAAR!" ) and there was a whole thing with that... but I still don't remember it all by heart. Going to work on that! "Cash, Cabbage Chedduh Cheeze!" ....yeah, I am on another Farkle High. I shouldn't have watched "Girl Meets Crazy Hat" again. LOL.

I made Farkle post in the RPG tonight, and I'm hoping that he gets some tags. <3 Farkle is enjoying this RPG a bit too much. And maybe I am, too, since it with some old friends and some new ones. It's nice to be back with them, I tell you.

Fangirling can be a thankless job unless you get a chance to meet the people you admire. Its a rarity for most of us, I know. I can count on 1 hand how many times I have gotten to meet the people I admire be they authors or actors. But we loyal fangirls (and boys) tend do it because we believe that somehow our efforts will be recognized. The Internet has made the possibility of a fan's effort being recognized by Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media outlets more of a possibility. But I am not cocky enough to believe that mine will, but I have gotten lucky on occasion. I just don't ever think that way. It's more like, I do it because it's who I am and what makes me happy.

Farkle Fan Out!

Trivia: My biggest idol as a teenager was Johnny Yong Bosch who played Adam Park, the second Black Ranger. My dream of meeting him, and sharing my story of overcoming bullying via Power Rangers came true a few years ago when I was able to meet him at Otakon. It's a day I haven't forgotten.
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So yesterday I began something I never thought I would. I started RPing with my girl, Lexi! We haven't really been in an RPG together in a few years since I had gotten involved in INsane Journal RPGs. How did it happen? Well, I'll tell you!

I needed a place to play dear Farkle Minkus that Valerie wouldn't be involved in. I love Valerie, I do. But as an RPG partner she sucks at being reliable for tagging. She gets too overwhelmed by bringing in too many characters. She actually grated my nerves when I expressed my initial shock over Facebook for feeling close to Farkle after a 13 episode marathon on Saturday. I haven't mentioned having a Farkle muse where she can see it because she'll whine if I don't want to play with her Riley or Maya. It's not that, really. It's the unreliability of the tagging. I don't approve of people claiming characters in a game and then not playing them at all.

So now Farkle is in Grande Latte with Lexi and a few of our other friends. <3 SOme of them I am still getting to know, but so far I've found them all fun to be around, and they have really embraced Farkle and my obsession with him.

I ahve watched the episode where Minkus makes his appearance no more than 12 times now. I love it so much. Lee Norris' chemistry on screen with Corey Fogelmanis (how is that for an appropriate last name for the person playing a character with a name like Farkle Minkus?) was just...perfect. I don't know if that was on purpose or not. It would be nice to think that they really took out the time to try the kids of the famous parents (Topanga, Cory, and Minkus), but I really doubt it. The only one I can see them doing that for is Riley (Rowan Blanchard). The casting of Corey Fogelmanis as Minkus 2.0 had to be magic for him to play off of Lee Norris so well. Yes, we're talking about one episode so far. There has been no word on a second appearance from Lee. Would be nice if some more of the gang got together for the Christmas episode. I know that RIder Strong is set to appear as Shawn for Christmas. I could easily see Lee Norris showing up and the Matthews family having a Christmas gathering and him coming to that. (Though, and maybe its because he's really turned into a psuedo-Seto Kaiba to me for some reason, I can see the party being hosted at the Minkuses with Mrs. Minkus doing the cooking. )

Last night i started a Matthews vs. Minkus fanfic. I am still working Into the Fire, so I don't know how far I will get with this fic. But it is sure to be amusing as Minkus and Topanga become more involved in the election than their kids. Hilarity and nostalgia abound. Farkle is in top form in the fic. And I've already got ideas for other Farkle-centric fics. Yay!

That being said...I'm nervous about National Novel Writing Month. I haven't been able to focus on plotting NaNoWriMo at all. I have a vague idea for what I'm going to attempt, but I doubt I will do it well because my brain is just....on fanfic. Both what I'm working on, and what I've got planned.

I just don't know if I have it in me right now to work on original work. :( I am sure once November 1st hits, I'll be thinking differently. But right now, I just don't see original work happening. >.>
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Since I wasn't feeling up to writing in Into the Fire yesterday, I started watching some of the stuff on my DVR. Yesterday I chose Girl Meets World. I saw a lot of parallels between Girl Meets World and it's parent show, Boy Meets World. These aren't a bad thing. It was just interesting to see that some of things that Cory Matthews' family taught him carried over into his adult life with his own daughter, Riley.

For starters. Riley is just a hammy as Cory was back in the day. Why do I know this? Well after my 12 episode marathon of Girl Meets WOrld last night, I went in search of Boy Meets World episodes. I found the pilot, and watched it. It was like watching Riley 20 some years ago or something like that... and Ben Savage pulled it off just as easily back then as Rowan Blanchard is now. That speaks volumes about her casting, really. She could totally pass as Ben Savage's daughter, too. They have a lot of the same mannerisms.

Now let's talk about Maya. Maya is Riley's best friend. She is totally Shawn as a female. Well, not completely, but the home story is very similar, with Maya's mother having to work so much she can't really focus on being Maya's mother. Maya's father left them when Maya was younger, and so her mother had to take several jobs in order to keep a roof over their head. Without the lack of real supervision, Maya is often outspoken, out of control, and just over the line of being a delinquent. Unlike Shawn, though, she seems to have more of a conscience. Sometimes that conscience is named Riley.

Riley serves as the foil to most of Maya's nonsense, and often is the only one Maya has to turn to when things get bad, and she can't deal. Riley's parents, Cory and Topanga also view Maya as their daughter, and have often helped her out tough spots.

This mirrors how Cory's parents took Shawn in at some point during Boy Meets World to try and keep Shawn going on the straight and narrow.

The show keeps up the trend of mirroring characters with Farkle Minkus. Farkle is (if you haven't guessed already) the son of genius Stuart Minkus from Cory's school days. He is definitely his father's son without a doubt. There are some subltle differences between the two, though. For one, Minkus 2.0 (which is my loving nickname for Farkle) is a little more endearing to watch. I know a lot of people hated Stuart Minkus in Boy Meets World, which I didn't understand at all. I often thought Minkus was hilarious to watch, especially his rivalry with Topanga in later episodes. (More on THAT from the Girl Meets World side of things in a bit!) One thing they did with Farkle that they never did for Minkus (that I remember) is represent the harmful effects of bullying. In that particular episode, I was brought to tears by the Farkle (he refers to himself as this, I didn't make it up!!). I thought it was well done. And I had to wonder if Minkus ever had such an episode made. I have to find this out eventually.

Another marked difference between the two is how he is treated by the main characters Riley and Maya. Instead of downright shaming him, and being mean to him, Riley and Maya seem to embrace Farkle and accept him as part of the group. Even though the girls constantly rebuff his romantic advances, he seems to take it very good naturededly and make the best of what he's got, which is two loyal friends that happen to be female. I find this to be very refreshing, and not uncommon in the vein of Disney shows. (see Hannah Montana's Oliver Oaken, for reference). Even popular guy Lucas considers him a close friend. This never happens in your average sitcom anymore. Yet, Lucas isn't your average pretty face, either!

I definitely think that Farkle will exceed his father's popularity in this show, because of the differences, and how the similarities work with them, instead of against them. He's different enough to stand out away from Minkus, but similar enough that fans of Boy Meets World will recognize his Minkus-ness. (I know I do. And I can't be the only one, right? RIGHT?!)

No drabble about this verse would be complete without talking about the parents: COry and Topanga! When Boy Meets World wrapped years ago, I was satsified with them being married, and glad to see that at least for some High School Romance love can last through a lot of different things. Yet, the lives of these characters that I had watched for so many years continued to playout in the back of my mind. I imagined Shawn living either with or near Cory and Topanga, married to Angela. Eric taking over his father's store, and Minkus becoming rich and laughing at those who had been so mean to him.

Well. Everyhing besides Cory, Topanga, and Minkus is still up in the air and a mystery. Cory and Topanga are happily married, and the parents of two children, Riley and Auggie.

Cory as we learn is a 7th grade History teacher. And not only that, he is Riley's teacher. How awkward that must be for the two of them. Yet, Cory often uses it to his advantage to teach the class, and his daughter history and life lessons, often at the same time. I liken Cory's teaching style to be a gentler version of Finney's. He can be strict, but he's also a bit more laid back about it. He is a great father to Riley because he gets it. We find out that all of the things Finney ever taught him, he is now diligently, if not subtly, passing on to his own roomful of often reluctant students.

At home as Riley's father, he tries hard to navigate parenting a pre-teen who is finding her first crush, working on self-image, and so much like him, it scares him. Yet, its because of his own experiences that he recognizes his own past experiences in his daughter's life. Maya's situation being one of many. I think it is for that reason that Riley and Cory are the most ideal father/daughter pair.

Topanga....Oh my gosh. I dont' really remember much about her direction towards the end of Boy Meets World to be honest. And that really kinda upsets me because I should know the MOST about her since she was my favorite character. But I guess i can only go off what I do remember.

Topanga is a high powered attorney at a large firm. She has become a successful lawyer, wife, and mother. Yet she maintains her strict morals as we see in the episode where she gets a visit from PastHippie!Topanga. As a mother, Topanga seems to have learned from her mother, and Amy Matthews, Cory's mother. She is lighthearted with both of her children, and finds her own way to teach lessons. We don't see nearly as much of her yet as we see Cory, so it's hard to really make any real comparisons.

I mentioned earlier that there was more to the rivalry between Minkus and Topanga. Well, it's true. In the episode, "Girl Meet Maya's Mother", Stuart Minkus makes a guest appearance at Career Day. We find out that Minkus really lived up to his threats of becoming rich and famous. (But I want to know why Farkle isn't in private school, if that is the case!) He and Topanga pick up right where they left off at their graduation, comparing As. Now; however, they stoop to using their children's grades in their totals. It was SO funny! When I was watching that episode, I was drinking a soda, and my poor keyboard got sprayed. (A side note, Lee Norris is still VERY Minkus, even years later. I heard he's played some guy named Mouth in One Tree Hill, but after The Torklesons and Boy Meets World, I can't see him in a drama... that's terrible, right?!)

Okay, so this got a bit out of a hand, this essay. But they tend to do that when I'm really focused. LOL. Now I need to go back and make a dent in my Fanfic!

Trivia: We find out in "Into The Fire" that Andrew has finally developed his telepathy. Because she was the first one to be on the receiving end of it, Victoria keeps it a secret as she feels special that Andrew told her first.


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