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Aside from being in pain, I am actually in a fairly decent mood. I have been working on a bit of fanfiction since yesterday, I've been playing Hay Day, Clash of Clans, and Boom Beach, and I've been reading. I've been doing a LOT of reading, and it's making me so very happy.

Yesterday after I woke up from my codeine induced sleep, I started watching NCIS. I have been into this show off and on since the first time I ever watched Abby in action. She was just so awesome. But I've grown very fond of Gibbs, and other characters too. It was nice to get back to that show after so long. So I was up until about 1 or so watching the marathon that USA Network was airing.

I found out yesterday, by the way that I am not the only person in the world who fell in love with The Librarians TV show. My BN buddy, Jason is also into this show. Which is very much a relief for me. I'm really annoyed that we just haven't figured out if there is going to be a renewal. It had pretty hig ratings, so the chances of the renewal going by that is good. Yet, I saw on one of the message boards that TNT is under new "management" as it were, and they are wanting to make the channel a bit more dark. The Librarians is a bit campy, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy oriented, so it is possible it will not survive the change the channel is trying ot make for that reason. I am hoping that I am wrong. Given that tehy have started running Grimm on the channel, I think the chances for a renewal is good despite this change, too.

Lately, I've been really wanting to RPG. It's hard to do this on a tablet, though. I have a great many friends who have been so patient with me about typos in chat, but I can't imagine they'd really appreciate said typos in an RPG post, and even though I am very careful, I do have a tendency to miss a typo here and there. >.< I want to play Maya though, and I want to do this thing with Farkle and Riley, and I was supposed be doing this musebox thing with my friends and my Dystopian characters, but haven't done that yet, either. :( It's all coming down to the pain I've been in.

I'm going to regret this, honestly. This posting via the keyboard, but damn it does feel good to not be on a touch keyboard. I mean, I love my tablet. My 10.1 screen makes typing on it so much easier, and I don't have a lot of typos, but there are still a few of them here and there.

Okay, and now I've run out of things to say, but I just wanted to let you guys keep knowing that there have been some good things happen, despite everything that has happened that haven't been so good. I am cautiously counting the day before I get to visit Spencer, and see how things have been. I am just sad that it is happening *after* Mama Kat's passing. But it will be fun, regardless. I will have time with Marcia, I will have time with Paul, hopefully, and definitely with the Gadens. I can't wait.

Trivia: Christien and VIctoria are my oldest OTP.
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There my Hunger Games reference to celebrate the release of Mockingjay Part 1.

Now to the words: I wrote 5,622 for a complete total of 144,849. I was only 2k words shy of my goal of 7k for the day. My goal was originally to be at 7k before 8pm. That didn't happen because I forgot to calculate the two game shows I watch with Daddy C.

Yes, I actually got Daddy C into the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions! I was ecstatic. We battled it out for four days. It was a glorious, fun event for the two of us while Mom was in Mississippi. (Can you believe I had to spell that out loud?!) Anyway!

Then of course, Girl Meets World was back on with a new episode. And it was pretty good. Much better than the fanfic I was attempting to write. LOL. I was very upset that Minkus didn't make an appearance, cause I am sure having him, and Topanga warring with their children.... that would've been comical in that plot. As it was, Lucas and Riley becoming closer friends towards the end? And Farkle realizing how ridiculous he was being... that was great too. I swear, I hope COrey Fogelmanis doesn't get any acting gigs between now, and the end of the series. I want him pursue his dreams, but I want him to wait until *after* Girl Meets World is over because I don't want to lose Farkle. You cannot replace someone like Farkle. It wouldn't work.

That wasn't the only thing that kept me from being as productive as I could be. I struggled to keep my ass in the seat while I wrote. I was bouncy and all over the place despite sinus problems.

The other reason may be that in the mid afternoon, I started writing for Jendra (Jonathan x Kendra) which, I thought was going to be a piece of cake from Jonathan's point of view. After all, I had written for him before, and I had no problems. However, trying to do it without having Christien, Victoria, or anyone else there proved to be a bit awkward, and maybe that was good for the two of them, as their relationship is so new, and was so unexpected. The cutest thing to happen during that whole scene was the admission of "I love you"s.

Now I've switched back to Espa's point of view, so I may do better and will finally get back to Christoria tomorrow, and some of Victoria's issues with Marcia. I can't wait. (WHy do I enjoy writing her trauma so much? Seriously? I'm a monster!) . Anyway, I'm exhausted, so I'm gonna head to bed.

Trivia: Kendra was the goalie for Jonathan's team's biggest rivals when they were younger
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So I am not cross-posting this entry because someone who I know is very conservative will see it, and may possibly never read another one of my fanfics again. So. Tonight I started the fourth fic of NaNoWriMo. This fic will include some much needed closure for Victoria with Marcia Roba.

What I wasn't counting on it including was Victoria and Christien finally doing this full on make out session that got pretty damn hot and heavy. It bordered on soft porn, I would believe. O_O

I don't write scenes like this! Well, okay, no I did write one scene like that in the original draft of The Powers book #1, but this one actually went beyond even that!

But I did stick to my principles, and I probably will. Steamy make outs, yes. Sex before marriage? No. But I've held that belief for as long as i can remember. It had nothing to do with religious beliefs cause screw letting some old guy in a robe tell me what to believe in... but. (No offense to anyone on my list who are very religious. That's just how I feel).

I just really loved "watching" Christien and Victoria go that next step, and how careful and conscience of her Christien was. He was even hesitant to remove her bra after she said it was okay to do so. It was so sweet, and kind, and sensual...that's just really how their relationship is when it comes to the romance of it, though. On the surface, they're two best friends that fell completely in love with each other. But alone, there's this amazing passion between them, and it was incredible to finally bring that out. I've always wanted to, and never found a great opportunity to do so. Now I have, and it was random, but the Robas are KNOWN for being random.... this is just a more "mature" random, I guess.

Sensual Sweetness )

I am excited to see what happens next! This was just So much fun!

Trivia: Nora was named after Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
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So I didn't write last night. I wish I had cause I Really don't remember what happened yesterday. I think I had the triplets take Victoria to carnival grounds to see just how potent the psychometry was. And it had some mixed results.

Mostly it made the triplets wary that they weren't going to get any work done on her because Espa kept interfering. Then Aaron started to use forceful Suggestion on her, and Espa blew up at all three of them and told them in no certain terms that he alone was responsible for Victoria, and that they had no right to demand complete control of her. Poor guy was even having issues with calling Marik to tell him what was going on with his sister. (I think he's afraid Marik will assume that he can't handle it. But seriously, with all of Victoria's various issues, who can, really? POor girl...)

In the end, Cale and Spencer agreed to help Espa learn some of their techniques, while Aaron continued work on Tori. Yet, Aaron's plotting....

Today, we have the teens preparing for their "prom". Meghan and Kenny are going with Griffon and Jonathan Roba respectively. Of course, Christien is taking Victoria. Jonathan, Christien, and Tori pooled their resources and got Espa a ticket to go as Nora's date since he'd had to drop out of school to take care of his brothers and thereby missed out on his own prom. Heck, they even went as far to rent his tuxedo so he'd have no excuse not to go.

Meanwhile, we find out that Espa helped Christien out with an engagement ring for Victoria which he is planning to give her at the prom. Espa reveals that he's known for a while about Christien and Victoria's engagement, right down to the fact that he knew Christien wanted to do it in a big way. So he'd started saving money to help his brother out.

Some non-NaNo stuff, but completely related. While I was writing the romantic cuteness stuff for Christien and Victoria earlier, I made a plurk about how Christien and Victoria had been my Yu gi oh OTP since 2000 something. This garnered 48 replies while at least 3 other people tried to figure out exactly when I'd fallen in love with the Robas. And it took me all the way to FF.net so that I looked up both "Return to Me" (Christien and Tori's first meeting) and "Entrapment" (when they became a "thing").

We figured out that the ESP Duelist episodes aired on January 25, 2003 and February 2, 2003. There is a very slim possibility I saw them on their original air date cause Joey was involved. LOL. I'm not sure, because I know there were times I couldn't watch the new episodes as they aired. That changed later when Marik's back story aired cause I Refused to miss it.. (Side note: Why, as much as I love Joey, didn't I write more fics for him?!) "Return to Me" was published in 2003, and "Entrapment" was published in 2004. So technically, I missed what would've been Christien and Tori's 10th anniversary last April. (I think I posted the first chapter of ENtrapment on Espa's b-day... I got really good at doing that, I think).

But yeah. I'm so excited to have figured this out. I can't believe I've had an OTP that long! I didn't really even categorize them as that, honestly. I just knew I really enjoyed writing for them. But yeah, they're my OTP, and I'm glad to be re-discovering them!

Trivia: My first Victoria Ishtar fic was a birthday present to my friend [personal profile] insaneladybug who had helped me develop the character more through RP. It was called "Snake in the Grass". This was also the first appearance of Johanna Watson, Yami Bakura's self-appointed "apprentice". Both girls were said to have the yamis as "imaginary" friends. (Oh if only the adults had known....)

Trivia Bonus: Both Victoria and Johanna are fluent in Arabic and reading heiroglyphics.
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Marcia is struggling to try and remember who she was at the carnival now. She had become super adjusted before Julius unwisely ripped away all the manipulation and thus, her memories of everything she'd done. It's like she's woken up from a very elaborate trance.

Since she knows she can't be the daughter her mother expects her to be, she is now trying to make things work at the carnival. It seems the only feelings she's finding to be natural are the ones she has for Julius.

Before anyone asks, those are the only true feeling Julius ever showed her outside of the control and manipulation. Sometime between the first time he ever tried to control her, and his father's nearly wearing her to death, he discovered that he no longer wanted to manipulate her, and instead decided he was going to fight to free her one way or another.

Of course it's probably too late to fix her completely. As we're aware already, Marcia's done for sanity wise. I STILL think that she left the boys to try and find Wyatt and Wade to try and figure out what hapepend, and how she ended up with five boys. I'm curious, though, why Spencer, Cale and Aaron didn't keep in better touch with Julius and company afterwards. I know why Aaron didn't, pretty much. He left to train with a more skilled psychic, and vowed he'd never return to the carnival. (Spoiler alert: For Victoria, he makes "house calls" to make sure that she's staying in practice.) Spencer starts coming around again after the fiasco at the school, and stays in touch with Espa more. Cale follows suit with his twin girls. He's become a parapsychologist and a famous author of parapsychological books. His twin girls are said to be very spoiled, and so during the summer that follows the events in Vegas, they are forced to come work at the carnival under Victoria's watch. (Giving Cale an excuse to join his brothers in keeping an eye on Victoria)

But seriously, I have no idea how I am wrapping this story up. It went far beyond any expectations I had for it! Maybe I Should wrap it up in the same way that I wrapped up "The Dueling Phantoms". I should write an act for Julius and Marcia for the high wire. But since I am not really sure of the time frame for this fic, I can't use Phantom of the Opera. We have had them mention.....hmm... I have an idea! Since they both love The Sound of Music, I could have them do a routine to "Sixteen going on Seventeen". Even though Marcia's not quite old enough yet. She was about to be fourteen as I recall. Hmm... damn. This is just going to get really complicated. I think that idea, though, would be really cute. I always did like Leisel and Rolf. I mean, Christien is certain not in his 30s playing The Phantom to Victoria's Christine! So his parents don't have to be the exact age, either!

Also not sure what story I will be telling next. I have other ones planned for the triplets alone. I just don't know which ones to tell yet. I am still working toward 100k. Since I will likely hit the coveted 50k by Sunday, I need to keep working, just to see how many words I can get. I'm still trying or figure out if there are going to be more stories for Marcia and Julius after this.

Okay, so while I was just writing that last sentence, it occured to me that I should end the fic with Julius giving Marcia the Promise Ring in the fun house. Like I originally said happened. It could be in the epilogue when Marcia's 15 and Julius is 16, just like it happened with Christien and Tori. I need that parallel there! Though now I am considering it might happen on the high wire instead. -nodnod- That seems appropriate. The first time Julius ever shows his affectionate side for her is when they're on the wire together. (Do you know I actually don't remember when Christien first told Tori he loved her? I know that they became an "item" during the events of Entrapment... but that's it).

Final count for the day: 5,078 words written
Total: 43,117
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Hi everyone! Finally feeling better, and I am back on the planning wagon for NaNoWriMo. The official website is down still, and has not been reset for official prep, but that's okay! I've got plenty of places I can write planning things down in.

But before I forget!! I want to wish my dear friend, [personal profile] insaneladybug A very happy birthday!! I'm sending you lots of love and hugs, my dear friend.

I got some planning advice from Joelle Charbonneau, author of the New York Times Best Selling series, The Testing trilogy. Originally I had always thought that world building in a dystopian was the most important thing. She listened (read) what I had going on in my novel, and told me 1) scale back my world building and 2) to just let the story tell itself. Let the characters guide me. Don't worry so much about the world building aspect and let it happen naturally. She said that she started with just Cia and her family, and then went from there. Maybe I need to start with just Atlas and Essex, and let Journey and Bridget come in naturally. (I also think I may be aging Bridget up a bit. It is VERY hard to write consistently for a five-year-old with the intensity I need this to have. Unless she's suddenly extremely intelligent like Angel from James Patterson's Maximum Ride series... which I refuse to let happen. I'm borrowing from enough series as it is.

But while I'm planning a LOT for NaNoWriMo, in the background the plotting for Into the Lion's Den's sequel is beginning, too, and that's even more intense now that I've gotten the Royal Albert Hall recording of The Phantom of the Opera and the Bluray. <3 I am so excited to have this, as it is the first live performance I ever saw, and as much as I will always love Sarah and Michael, Ramin and Sierra have won me over completely in their roles of Christine and the Phantom respectively. Do I wish they'd kept the lyrics for the original? Yes. But I do understand that lyrics get changed for varying productions for various reasons. So as I am listening to this soundtrack in full without watching the production, I feel like I am listening to a live production as they did not edit out the applause. I love that. Its magical for me. But it's also giving me Tori and Christien feels. LOL. Even though by the end of Into the Lion's Den part 1, Victoria has admitted to Griffon that he's a VERY good Phantom.... ROFL. Christien would have to be having a pretty bad day because she has chosen him every time.

Took Mom to see Dolphin Tale 2 today. She and I both love the stories of Winter the dolphin with the prosthetic fin, and this story was just as heartwarming as the first one was. I loved it. I especially liked that the main credits at the end showed actual footage of the new dolphin, Hope. And a few of the other animals that Clearwater Marine Aquarium have rescued, rehabbed and released. I know that some of hte proceeds for the movie tickets go to the aquarium so I am happy to be able to give to that cause.

Tonight I am working on braclets for the series, The Testing. My friend Joelle (yes the same as above) agreed that there needed to be merchandise. She thinks if there is ever a movie made of The Testing, that could happen. I want to make something to hold me and a few other loyalists over until that time, if it ever happens. I think Dystopians are pittering out now though, and that's really sad for me. But I'll hope they keep going. With the first part of Mockingjay being released for The Hunger Games next month, and Insurgent released in March for Divergent trilogy,we're running out of dystopian movies! Thank goodness The Maze Runner trilogy got picked up officially. (Technically there's four, but I don't think the last book, which is a prequel, will be a movie).

Trivia: The first Dystopian series I ever read was The Hunger Games trilogy after quite a few false starts. Now I can pick out the Mockingjay tune in a crowded mall.
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So in a conversation the other day, my friend Valerie got a little bit upset because I hadn't been sharing any of my blurbs from Into the Lion's Den with her. Here is my answer to that, even though I will never tell her:

Into the Lion's Den is the culmination of months and months of RP. Even more writing of blurbs and a an entire manuscript lost.

As much fun as I am having writing this fan novel, it is making me severely miss that particular fandom in general. This fandom brought me some of my closest friends. Some I am still friends with to this day (you know who you are!) and others I haven't heard from in well over 10 years. So this is also opening a few flood gates to me.

To try and share it with anyone other than those who would understand and appreciate the work I've put into the story and the characters involved, including their back stories would be far too hard.Not only that, I just done have the patience to explain every single aspect so I just share what I can online, the parts that won't require much explanation.

It's so much more fun talking about this work when people understand the characters, the fandom, and where i am trying to go with it. Some could argue that I could discuss the aspects of The Phantom of the Opera with her. (SHe's a big Phantom of the Opera fan) . But I think there are more Yu gi oh references that she won't get to understand.

So what do you guys think? Do you share fandom works with people who you know aren't into the genre or fandom? She has made it clear that she is *not* into anime. Help?

Trivia: In the original draft of Into the Lion's Den, Christien believes that Victoria has finished with him and she and Teran start dating. In this version, Griffon develops strong feelings for Victoria while pretending to want to break her and Christien up. (Yes, confusing, I know, but you'll understand if and when I decide to post this anywhere)
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So today has had it's ups and downs. My biggest accomplishment today was finally, after SO MANY tries, getting the promise ring scene correct for Victoria and Christien. Originally, the promise ring was given to Victoria on one of Christien's visits to the school. This time, I had him give it to her BEFORE she entered the school.

Not only that, I had something happen that originally I don't think I thought of, and there is an irony to it. In the new scene, Victoria and Christien sort of re-enact her scenes with Jonathan as Raoul. LOL. The irony is that Christien and Tori have NEVER sang that song on stage. But I've always pictured it as their song because of Yami Marik, mostly.

It's just.... so beautiful. At last I think it is!

The other thing I did today was go with my friend Patrick to see Ghostbusters on the big screen! It was so much fun. But that, as they say, was bittersweet, for me.

I did really good, and then when the credits came up, and showed Harold Ramis... I kinda got really really sad. I imagine if I was to watch Good Will Hunting or Mrs. Doubtfire in theatres, and they showed a picture like that of Robin Williams, I'd probably be really bad right now. But I was not expecting that to happen over dear Harold since it had been so long. Will say this for the movie experience itself, I was really impressed with the seeing the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on the big screen!! That was the scene I waited for the whole movie. It was SO worth it!!

Tonight I had to help with my brother's damn resume, and things. With only one decently working PC in the house, we all were up in arms. He wanted to use my PC but see, my laptop is kinda on the fritz itself. Which of course caused an argument. Then he got mad casue he thought Mom and I saw these stupid ass pictures of him on his phone, which we didn't. I wasn't even worried about dam pictures cause I was trying to get his resume on there. FInally got it on my mom's. So... yeah, tonight's been kinda sour. :(
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With Into the Lion's Den being akin to a large play with a huge cast, I figured i needed to keep a record of who was playing who, and their roles on and off stage. So here we go!

Victoria Ishtar: Youngest sister of Marik, Rishid and Ishizu Ishtar. Adopted after Yami Marik brought her from he world where the people of Domino City were characters, not real people. She is the main character of the story. Becomes the unwilling pawn of Wyatt Munroe who plans to use her to bring down the entire Roba family. Plays Christine Daae on stage, and has played the role for close to 3 theatre seasons by the time this story takes place.

Christien Roba:Middle Roba brother. In the ESP Duelist episodes, he is the one who wears the headset. -points to icon- His speech at the end of the second episode of the set made me personally fall in love with this guy. In the story, Christien and Tori have been dating for 4 years, and are very serious. At 16, he is already thinking about whhat he wants to do with the rest of his life, and he wants Victoria be a part of it. His part in the story is sort of the "Raoul" character. He fights hard to get Victoria away from the school when things start to go south. In the prior productions of Phantom of the Opera, Christien held the role of "The Phantom" for three theatre seasons.

Espa Roba: The eldest Roba, and the legal guardian of his four brothers. Espa is in his 20s in the story, and the owner of Pryce's Carnival of Wonders in Sykesville, a small town accessible by train. His relationship with Victoria is one of healthy respect with reservations. The eldest Roba initially hired Tori to be an extra set of hands with his youngest brothers while he worked at the bookstore Bakura owned. He, like Marik, believes Christien and Victoria moved too fast in their relationship, but has since just decided to monitor it, knowing that saying anything will make it worse. In the story, he becomes the secondary guardian to Victoria when she enrolls in Wyatt's conservatory.

Jonathan Roba: He serves as the second in command of the Roba brood, but he is very close to Christien. In the story he's recently turned 18. Jonathan's often the foil for Victoria and Christien and their crazy schemes. His role here is that he becomes a mentor to Victoria when its discovered that Wyatt has ties to the carnival, and knows she's psychic. In the productions of Phantom of the Opera, he played Raoul/vicomte de Changy.

Griffon Baxter: Griffon was originally the understudy for Christien the last season they performed Phantom of the Opera. When Christien got sick towards the end of the run, he worked with Victoria for that last bit. They developed a good friendship, and remained in contact. He is the one who invites Victoria to join the school when she returns to the carnival for the summer to help Espa. Later it's revealed that he is the son of two casino owners, and he left to persue classical theatre and music. Wyatt considers him, and another boy, Teran Bishop his star pupils. In the school's production of Phantom of the Opera, he plays The Phantom to Victoria's Christine, prompting Christien to become a little jealous.

Teran Bishop: Teran was discovered by Wyatt when he understudied for Jonathan Roba in the first season that Phantom of the Opera was performed at the local theatre in Sykesville. He, along with Griffon Baxter became Wyatt's first pupils of his Conservatory. Teran is quiet, like Christien. He becomes really protective of Victoria when he sees that Wyatt is taking advantage of her naivety. It is eventually Teran working with Christien and Jonathan to get Victoria away from Wyatt and the school.

Wyatt Munroe: The headmaster of Conservatory for Classical Arts. Wyatt is in his 40s, and was a childhood friend of Julius Roba, the Robas' father. Throughout their childhood, carnie rivalries cropped up, but none so vicious as the one developed when Marcia came into the picture. While he watched Julius manipulate his way into Marcia's heart, he also saw her try and fight him off. When Julius and his growing family eventually were fired from the carnival, he started planning his revenge. Years later, Marcia found him in California and they were married. There is just one last thing he needs to do, and it will bring down the entire Roba clan.

(I can't wait to work on this more, now that I have things organized!! I had to re-adjust ages for both Victoria and the Robas. Cause originally I realized that Christien would've initially been younger that Tori during Entrapment, and I didn't like it. So I re-confiqured the time line for Into the Lion's Den)

Trivia: In my verse, All 5 of the Robas are psychic. All of them have ESP and telepathy., Christien's specialty is in telepathy and suggestion. Jonathan's is ESP and psychometry. Espa's is ESP and telepathy (he used to have telekinesis but after an incident where he overused it(Mystery at Thunderborough Park), lost the ability), Andrew's power is stifled do to a learning disability, but he can use suggestion to get what he wants. Ej is the only Roba with telekinesis. The episode where Espa and his brothers try to cheat Joey Wheeler was a ruse in itself to keep people from finding out they are actually psychic.
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Okay, so check this out guys! I have a new soul bond!! I couldn't believe until I woke up this morning, and there they were, standing over me, and looking incredibly shocked, themselves. Have you guessed it yet? Well, if you haven't, you obviously haven't been paying attention to my latest entries. (Of course, you might not have if you're just on Dreamwidth. I've been doing the majority of my journaling over at LJ until recently) So let me back up just a bit!!

After Otakon this year, I had the sudden yearning to watch Yu gi oh again. And not just any Yu gi oh. The ESP Duelist episodes that introduced Espa Roba and his brothers, and my love of the seafoam color in general! (That is not a joke, by the way. You can ask Lexi.)

With that came the urge to finally sit down and re-write the long overdue closure fic for Yu gi oh fanfic for me, Into the Lion's Den, my final Victoria Ishtar fanfic. The Robas featured in this story prominently though it was mostly to be a foil for my bad guy, Wyatt Munroe. But still! So I've been working on it, and it's so far has come to 23 pages and 10k words. I'm on Chapter 5.

Speaking of the Robas... see this guy up in my icon? This is Christien Roba, the middle brother of Espa's 'brood'. He's also Victoria's love interest, and they will (spoiler alert!) end up taking over the Carnival with his second eldest brother Jonathan as Espa leaves to finally pursue a PhD in Parapsychology.

How do I know that? Well. That goes back to my original entrance to the entry. The new bonds I ended up with were Espa and his brothers!! Espa is in his 20s now, and his brothers are all older. And he told me that Victoria and Christien have been engaged for over 3 years, and they are just waiting to make the money for the wedding they want to do. Tori apparently wants to have the wedding be Phantom of the Opera themed, so it's going to take some doing. O_O She, Chris, and Jon have taken over the carnival, and the littles, Andrew, and Ej, are both heading towards the end of middle school. It was a SHOCK to me. Cause Andrew and Ej were so little whne I had them as muses!! Now they're like, teens! -dies- But yes, I have Espa Roba!! It's So awesome!! Okay, I'm leaving now. Must spend time with Patrick! <3

Lizzie Fan Verse Trivia: In my Twilight verse, a girl named Amy is Collin's imprint.


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