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I don't like insomniac nights. I really don't like them when I have to be up and ready to go by 8:30am to go out with Mom for the day. >.>

I don't know what's keeping me awake. I hate when that happens most. Cause usually I can tell, and then I make said problem not a problem anymore.

It could just be me being excited about the possibility of all the sales I'm gonna make. Maybe I'm worried about not having enough product by September 19th for the Flea Market. That could be it, actually. Things keep happening that forbid me from making a profit. Last night and today it was about organizing my bands. I got whole big shipment in that included Marcia's present. So I spent time going through that, and trying to decide what I was going to invest my time in.

I've come up with a surefire plan to make sure I would have enough at least of Alpha bracelets and keychains.

3 items MINIMUM from the Alpha Loom a day. 4 if I'm feeling ambitious and don't have other outside of crafts things going on. The other things I make with Finger Loom, Rainbow Loom, and now the Monster Tail won't take that long.

I made a sale thanks to my mom. She bought one of my first Monster Tail bracelets for 10.00. I will show her how my PayPal app works tomorrow when I take her credit card information manually. The only thing I don't like about that is that I get a fee taken out every time I have to enter it manually. I should have my Credit Card reader by next week, though, so Mom's should be the last one I take manually.

Later today Mom and I are going to be in the area where Michael's is. Thta's good. I have to get some pink bands. Can you believe that after all that crap I ordered I never ordered pink? I need some though. I have no more. >.> And since I love my Pink lemonade pattern...hahahahhahahaha. But thankfully, bands only cost 2.00 at Michael's. Oh, and I need to get one more case because I want to be anal and sort my Tie-dyes out completely. >.>
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