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So the last few weeks have been...eventful. I've been dealing some family stuff. I've been dealing with my own stuff, and I've been making some changes in my life. So I'm going to discuss some of these things, but not all of them.

First and foremost: My brother Daniel is going to be a daddy. Yep, you read that correctly. My brother got his girlfriend pregnant. It's been horribly tense here, actually. No one has clued Cal in, and there is the vague possiblity of Daniel moving out because of this. So we're all on pins and needles. Well, the ones of us who know about it.

Daniel has been playing avoid the family lately. Mom had a cookout the other day and it was supposed to be a time for Ashley to get used to Mom more, and because April was going to be over, neither of them showed up. Well. Actually. Daniel came home from work, told Mom and Cal that he had ot get something out of his car, and then apparently, Ashley came to pick him up. I can't blame Ashley for this one. The thing of it is that Daniel pretty much decided for her that she wasn't going to go to the cookout. But he never told Mom that he wasn't going to be there himself. Mom had made extra food, and he never came in. April wasn't too thrilled either as she hasn't had the chance to really talk to him about everything, and she wants to see exactly how he is feeling about things without people being around and him being afraid of offending someone. You know? I mean, I love Daniel dearly, but that was a complete mess up on his part. >.>

I've seen him maybe five minutes out of the last week. Its crazy. Granted part of that time he's working at the pool place, but still. It's crazy how little I've seen him. Which begs the question, why will it maatter when he moves out? I won't see him much anyway, you know? But I Guess it's the idea of at least he comes home at night, and I know he's okay. Maybe it's got more to do with hte not knowing how he'll do that scares me. I've always been a sort of second maternal figure to him, and even he knows that. That is probably what the bigger issue is here. But enough about my issues on that.

I have a much bigger issue effecting me right now. I am battling with rotting teeth on the left lower side of my jaw right now. I have been trying as hard as I can to raise money even going as far as to set up a GoFundMe in hopes of raising some money to go towards my dental. But as it stands I've only got 63.00 because I guess they take a fee out or somthing? Anyway, I'm still working on it. I've been trying to remember to post the page link every day on Facebook and Twitter in hopes of getting RTs and Shares...or even donors. But the pain is ridiculous. I'm down to eating just soft foods. Anything I Don't think will hurt/get stuck in my teeth. A few nights ago, the pain was so bad, I couldn't lay on my left side. It was miserable. Also I am getting lots of random headaches and earaches. Not fun, and very annoying.

On the flip side... I am excited about at least one thing. I am doing a lifestyle change starting in June. I am going to be trying out Paleo for 30 days. Paleo is a high Protein Low Carb type of deal. Studies have shown that adjusting your diet as such can reduce anxiety and depression. If I can get this to work, I might be able ot get off at least some of my medicine. Some of it I use for my Cerebral Palsy and digestive issues. But wouldn't that be nice for me not to feel so tired, and weak all day long? I've really gotten tired of it, to be honest with you guys. I hate sleeping all day, I hate being awake late. (I mean, I don't mind the Golden Girls marathons and I'm even starting to like Frasier to a point, but come on...)

The reason I got into Paleo is because one of my friends was doing Whole30 this month, and she pointed me in that direction first. But Whole30 had a few too many restrictions that with my budget would've been too hard to accommodate. Then I started researching Paleo because I had heard of it before. But I was thinking of the wrong term. LOL. As it turns out, Paleo is a bit more forgiving, and it will work nicer with the limited budget that I have. My confidence was further boosted on a chance trip to the library where I discovered Elizabeth McGaw's book, Paleo On A Budget. I've pored over this book twice and a third time. I'm going to be purchasing a Nook copy for myself on Tuesday when I get paid. She also has a second book, and I will undoubtedly get that one, as well. With tools like this, her podcast, and her blog, I am sure to be able to succeed with this.

In other news, I started a Serial Blog. What is it? It means that I am writing and posting chapters of fanfic as often as possible. It's just another platform for my creativity, mainly. The fanfiction I am posting in there right now is Avengers related. I will probably start posting my recent Yu gi oh fanfic in there, too. Oddly, I got two new followers on my Yu gi oh fanfic for Victoria. It was kind of weird. This was on Fanfiction.net. I don't know if I will ever post my recent installments there. Part of me wants to, but it just kinda feels bittersweet at this point because I haven't posted anything there since my last Twilight Fanfic went up years ago. And then I took it down, like an idiot and lost some of my OTHER stuff, as well cause of all the crashes and inabilities to save and back up. So no, I don't think I can, with a sound mind, take it down. I have uncompleted fanfic up there still that I leave there because I consider it a part of my golden age. My friend Brie will know which fic I am talking about. I still have fond memories of this fic (and plotting it!).

Mom had a health scare earlier in the month. She was having heart palpatations, and peeing a lot, and it was terrible. She has since been put on an inhaler called BREO, and she's on Chantix to stop smoking. And this time, it is working. Thank goodness! We actually thought she had diabetes, but she didn't. I won't lie. I was a bit disappointed that she didn't. I mean, I don't *want* her to have diabetes, but I do think that if both SHE had it, and CAL had it, then maybe having to not have stuff in the house would have helped Cal a bit more. Maybe. Mom even said that, so I don't technically feel too bad for saying something like that.

I'm out of things to tell you guys. But I wanted you guys to know what's been going on because I know I haven't been around much and I thought you guys deserved an explanation for that. I'll be in and out as the summer progresses. (Especially with the pool and everything.)
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