Mar. 14th, 2015

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So I am on a train for the first time by myself. It's been nice and quiet so far. I had a hiccup early on where my walker wouldn't fit down the train aisle so I could go and get food from the cafe car, but some of the nicer passengers that were sitting a few seats behind me kindly went and got me something! That was so sweet.

I am currently in NYC at their train station, Penn Station. We depart in 3 minutes to continue my journey. This is basically a trial run for me to see if I can efficiently take a train somewhere without Mom or anyone else. I want to take a bigger trip in September to Wisconsin. I have friend who is really wanting to meet me. <3

This week is sure to be a lot fun. How could it not be? I'll be with Lexi, I'll see my babies that I had to leave in NY, I'll get to meet my adopted nephew Liam... it will just be...amazeballs. I can't wait. Soon! Very soon!

Now I am in NYC at their Penn Station, waiting to depart on the longer leg of my trip to Syracuse/ Spencer. I can't wait to see all of my friends and family again. This is my f


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